Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Favorite Late Night Talk Show of 2013

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon is SWN's Favorite Late Night Talk Show of 2013.  Since 2009 Jimmy Fallon has been entertaining us and making us laugh with his well written funny skits and celebrity interviews.  Fallon brings a perfect blend of his SNL days to his late night talk show that makes you tune in every night just to see what he is going to do or say next.

Here is one of our favorite moments when Justin Timberlake visits and the two do a duet of old school songs:

And when Jimmy and The Roots joined Robin Thicke performing Blurred Lines

Christel Khalil & Daniel Goddard Favorite Onscreen TV or Movie Couple of 2013

Christel Khalil and Daniel Goddard are SWN's Favorite Onscreen TV or Movie Couple of 2013.  The two have been heating up the "Young and the Restless" set ever since 2009 when the two were first paired together.  The onscreen chemistry between their characters Lilly Winters and Cane Ashby is electric and yet gentle and beautiful at the same time.  The two actors just mesh well together and are surely one of today's Super Soap Couples.  No matter what Cane and Lilly always find their way back to each other:


Young and the Restless Favorite Soap Opera of 2013

Young and the Restless is SWN's Favorite Soap Opera of 2013.  Even with all the changes with the cast and behind the scenes staff, Y&R has held on to their Favorite Soap title with us for the 2nd year in the row.  The storylines have continued to keep us tuning in daily and the stellar cast makes us feel like we are right there in Genoa City.  Y&R never disappoints with all the drama, romance, scandal, secrets, danger, illness and etc. that the Newman family and Abbot family face on a day to day bases.

This year we lost a soap legend, Mrs. Jeanne Cooper.  Although Y&R has continued on without her, it surely will never be the same.  We miss you Jeanne and we will never forget you.

Billy Miller Favorite Soap Actor of 2013

Billy Miller is SWN's Favorite Soap Actor of 2013.  Miller joined the cast of Y&R in 2008 to take over the role of Billy Abbott.  He took the role and made it his own.  When the character, Billy Abbott returned he was transitioning into manhood in which Billy Miller helped bring the character out of those rough years and artistically guided the character into a strong independent man with still some unresolved childhood issues. 

In 2013, Billy Abbott hit some life hurdles which caused him to fall off the wagon and start gambling again, it took sometime but he was able to make things right with wife Victoria.  Just as the dust was settling and Billy was getting back into the family life, his 7 year old daughter Delia was hit by a car and killed.  Billy left his daughter in the car so he could run in the store and get some ice cream. When he returned he searched for Delia and found her badly injured on the side of road.  The emotional anguish that Billy Miller has been portraying since the loss of his character's little girl is most definitely an award winning performance.

We are so sad to see Billy Miller leave Y&R. He will me missed.

Elizabeth Hendrickson Favorite Soap Actress of 2013

Elizabeth Hendrickson is SWN's Favorite Soap Actress of 2013. As Chloe Mitchell Fisher on the Young and the Restless, Elizabeth Hendrickson has brought a special upbeat quirky cool vibe to the show.  Chloe takes no prisoners and has no problem telling you like it is or telling the biggest lie to cover up the truth.  Since the death of Chloe's daughter Delia who was killed by a hit and run driver, Chloe has been dark, gloomy, depressed, angry, very mean with words and more -- allowing Hendrickson to showcase her abilities of playing a diverse version of the character Chloe of which before we had no clue it existed.  Chloe was always a one note character until the writers decided to write her a shocking/explosive storyline which killed her only child.

Kudos to Hendrickson for pulling off such emotional scenes that had us teary eyed every moment.

Sweetie Pie's Favorite Reality Show of 2013

Welcome to Sweetie Pie's is SWN's  Favorite Reality Show of 2013.  Not only does the food look so delicious it makes you wanna jump into your TV screen, Miss Robbie's family dynamics and chemistry is what makes this reality worth watching.  As Miss Robbie runs her famous soul food restaurants in St. Louis, we get to know each of the family members and what's happening in their lives outside of the restaurant and how it affects the business on OWN's #1 hit reality show.

We are so excited that Oprah Winfrey's OWN gave this reality show life.  My Saturday nights are much more entertaining now that Miss Robbie is on the tube.

Charles Crenchaw Favorite Reality Star of 2013

Charles Crenchaw is SWN's Favorite Reality Star of 2013.  Sweetie Pie's Lil' Charles is so entertaining to watch.  The young aspiring actor has been struggling to find himself and still wants to party all night which has caused conflict with him having a job with his Aunt, Miss Robbie at Sweetie Pie's.  He has been fired too many times to count but some how finds his way back in working at the family business.  Charles is such a sweet, charming fellow that regardless of his personal troubles you just find yourself rooting for him and even wanting to take him under your wing and give him good advice and guidance. 

At the end of Season 3 of Sweetie Pie's, Charles seemed eager to start acting like an adult and work on getting himself together.  He was last seen managing the delivery service for the restaurant and taking acting classes.  I guess we will have to wait and see what's happening with Charles when Sweetie Pie's returns for season 4 on OWN.

Chrissy & Jim Jones Favorite Reality Star Couple of 2013

Chrissy Lampkin and Jim Jones are SWN's Favorite Reality Star Couple of 2013.  Watching this Hip-Hop couple on their hit VH1 reality show, "Chrissy and Mr. Jones" is so sweet and inspiring.  Their chemistry and love for each other is so strong that it makes you yearn for that kind of love and relationship in your own life (if you don't have it already).  Jim Jones has such a tough rapper image that to see him in such a loving and caring light is great.  It proves that tough guys fall in love too and want to have a meaningful relationship.  We just adore Chrissy and Jim Jones love-- looking forward to the big wedding day.

Bethenny Frankel Favorite New Talk Show Host of 2013

Bethenny Frankel is SWN's Favorite New Talk Show Host of 2013.  Bethenny has taken the daytime world by storm her way.  Frankel who is a best selling author and outstanding entrepreneur knows what she wants and has no problem putting a guest in their place.  We love how  she always stands by what she says--never backing down.  But than their is the sweeter side of Frankel that is compassionate towards her everyday guest and their problems.  With a warm heart and giving spirit Frankel adds a shining light of inspiration every morning.

Watch Bethenny at her best: Putting Omarosa in her place and then being an inspiration and supportive to a struggling mother who started her own business when she found herself unable to feed her kids:

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Best Man Holiday Favorite Movie of 2013

Best Man Holiday is SWN's Favorite Movie of 2013.  The entire "Best Man" cast:Monica Calhoun, Morris Chestnut, Melissa De SousaTaye Diggs, Regina HallTerrence HowardSanaa LathanNia Long, Harold Perrineau reunited for the sequel, "Best Man Holiday".  With Director Malcolm D. Lee at the helm the college friends reunited for the holidays and lets just say it was like 15 years had never passed.

Its rare that the sequel of a film is even better than the first.  "Best Man Holiday" was full of laughs, great memories, drama, love, friendship, family and a tearful farewell to someone special.  So, be prepared to laugh, cry, feel good, be happy and sad --and make sure you take with you a  handful of tissues.  "Best Man Holiday" is a must see.

Watch the trailer:

Forest Whitaker Favorite Movie Actor of 2013

Forest Whitaker is SWN's Favorite Movie Actor of 2013.  Forest Whitaker has had an amazing 2013.  The very talented Director returned to his acting roots and provided movie-goers with a stellar performance in the hit film "The Butler", a heart felt performance in the "Black Nativity" and provided us with other amazing performances in films like "Out of the Furnace", "The Last Stand", "Zulu" and "Pawn".

The one thing for sure is that when Whitaker has been cast in a film, you know for sure his performance is going to be award worthy.  He never calls in a performance, he is always present and giving 200%.

Melissa Leo Favorite Movie Actress of 2013

Melissa Leo is SWN's Favorite Movie Actress of 2013.  Ever since her Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress in the film "The Fighter", Melissa Leo has become the new go to actress for leading lady roles.  Leo has been acting for many years but has finally been recognized in Hollywood for a pure raw talent.

2013 has been a busy year for the starlet.   She has starred in movies such as "Prisoners", "Call Me Crazy: A Five Film (TV Movie), "Bottled Up", "Oblivion", "Olympus Has Fallen" and "Charlie Countryman". Plus she has several projects currently in post-production gearing up for 2014 premieres.


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