Khrys Styles Favorite Local TV Personality of 2013

Khrys Styles is SWN's Favorite Local TV Personality of 2013.  Khrys Styles is the entertainment guru who brings Hollywood to Cincinnati.  As one of the host on NXTV Music and Entertainment Television on Bounce TV, Styles keeps us informed on all things entertainment from movies, to music and more.  With flair and style the TV host, radio host and entrepreneur stays busy doing what she loves most.

Check out Styles latest interview with Forrest Whitaker, Angela Bassett and Mary J. Blige from the new movie Black Nativity:

Lantana Favorite Local Talent of 2013

Lantana is SWN's Favorite Local Talent of 2013.  The rising Hip-Hop star has had an amazing 2013 with the music industries spot-light shining bright on him.  With a new album, new record deal and his music video debuting on BET's #1 music show, "106 and Park" and appearing on MTV's Rap Flix, Lantana is finally getting the recognition he deserves for his music and talent.  Not only is Lantana mingling with music's A-list stars like Bow-Wow, Kid Ink and others, the Cincinnati native has not forgotten his roots and continues to support the community.

Check out Lantana's music video for "On the Way":

Jare Favorite Radio Host/Duo/Team of 2013

Jare is SWN's Favorite Radio Host/Duo/Team of 2013.  Jare Jordan keeps us entertained from 4pm - 8pm everyday on KISS 107 FM radio.  Just when you need to unwind from a long day you can tune in to listen to Jare play the latest hits and in between have you laughing and smiling with his silly entertaining ways.  Jare is your friend on the radio. So thanks Jare for bringing some joy at the end of a long day.

Justin Timberlake Favorite Male Artist of 2013

Justin Timberlake is SWN's Favorite Male Artist of 2013, JT's "Mirror" video is the Favorite Video of 2013 and "20/20 Experience" album is Favorite Album of 2013.  Justin Timberlake returned to the music scene after a brief hiatus and returned with a bang.  The singer released a double album which topped the charts, a sold out Tour from city to city and has won multiple awards.  No one can entertain us like JT.  He is so talented and naturally a sweet and charming person at heart.  We look forward to seeing more from the triple threat artist who has us mesmerized.

Watch JT's Mirror video:

Ariana Grande Favorite New Artist of 2013

Ariana Grande is SWN's Favorite New Artist of 2013, Favorite Teen Idol of 2013 and tied with Justin Timberlake for Favorite Album of 2013 with her "Yours Truly" album.  The former "Victorious" star has hit the music scene with her amazing soulful - vocal range and chart topping singles that has everyone talking. Not only is Ariana America's darling, her debut album, "Yours Truly" is full of nothing but hits.  The bottom line is the girl can "SANG"!!!!!

Here is the video for "Almost is Never Enough" feat. Nathan Sykes:

Kendrick Lamar Favorite Hip-Hop Star of 2013

Kendrick Lamar is SWN's Favorite Hip-Hop Star of 2013.  The rapper has brought a unique element to the rap game that's been missing from rap since the days of Hip-Hop legend Q-Tip, of he has everyone noticing.  With his laid back, cool some what eccentric, hip, smooth rap style Kendrick Lamar has been donned the "Next King of Rap" by GQ Magazine in their Men of the Year issue.  Kendrick Lamar is most defintely the one to watch.  Here is why he is our favorite:

Robin Thicke Favorite R&B/Pop Artist of 2013

Robin Thicke is SWN's Favorite R&B/Pop Artist of 2013 and his song"Blurred Lines" is the Favorite Song of 2013.  Robin Thicke really entertained us this year with some great R&B/Pop music.  His hit song, "Blurred Lines" had everyone dancing and grooving and became the song to get the party started.  Thicke's song even became a line dance.  With his amazing locals and high notes, Thicke has finally gotten off the under rated artist list (talented artist who don't receive their deserved recognition).

Watch "Blurred Lines" video here:

Taylor Swift Favorite Country Artist of 2013

Taylor Swift is SWN's Favorite Country Artist of 2013.  Swift continues write amazing songs and heart-break anthems.  Her "Red" album sold millions and catapulted Swift's career to an even higher level of success.  With her well blended Country/Pop sound Taylor Swift has become one of the most popular cross over artist of this century.

Here is why Taylor is our favorite:

Tasha Cobbs Favorite Gospel Artist of 2013

Tasha Cobbs is SWN's Favorite Gospel Artist of 2013.  With God as her inspiration, Tasha Cobbs is taking the music industry by storm with her sophomore album, "Grace".  Cobbs vocals are soulfully fulfilling with its spiritual message.  She toured for three years' around the U.S. with Pastor William H. Murphy III and his dReam Center church of Atlanta in 2006. In 2010, she launched her solo career with her debut album "Smile", in which she released on her own Tasha Cobb Ministries label. Three years later, major record-label EMI took notice and released her sophomore album, "Grace" which features the hit song "Break Every Chain".

The way Cobbs commands each verse of a song is inspiring in itself.


Natalie Stovall & The Drive Favorite Rising Artist of 2013

Natalie Stovall and The Drive are SWN's Favorite Rising Artist of 2013.  The Country singer and her band have had an amazing 2013 - touring around the U.S. and signing a record deal with Hit Shop Records- Natalie and The Drive band members James Bavendam, Joel Dormer, Zach Morse and Miguel Cancino gear up to take country music by storm.

“Natalie and her band are the total music experience,” shares HitShop President Skip Bishop. “They are the personification of heart pounding performances, remarkable musicianship, dynamic material and purely joyful American-made music entertainment! She arrives at HitShop with a ready-made, rabid fan base and more energy and road chops than ten bands. Make plans to see Natalie Stovall and the Drive as soon as you can. You will leave reminded why we all do what we do!”

Take a listen:

Check out the interview SWN's did with Natalie back in March 2011: click here:

Imagine Dragons Favorite Rock Artist/Band of 2013

Imagine Dragons are SWN's Favorite Rock Artist/Band of 2013. The UK band has crossed over and totally rocked us out with their debut album "Night Visions".  With their hit song "Radioactive" topping the charts and helping the band to become one of the top streamed artist of 2013 along with Jay-Z on Spotify -- Imagine Dragons are on their way to becoming Rock legends.

Watch the video for "Radioactive":

Dlisted Favorite Blog/Gossip Site of 2013 is SWN's Favorite Blog/Gossip Site of 2013.  Michael K. has been providing us with the latest celebrity scoop and gossip for years.  With his in your face and some times cryptic news reporting, K. always has you laughing so hard and even shocked with some the things he says about celebrities and their scandal.  Its always trashee tea time with Michael K. and his Dlisted website. We love, love, love it.

Cute Girl Hairstyles w/ Mindy Favorite Youtube Star/Channel of 2013

Cute Girl Hairstyles with Mindy is SWN's Favorite Youtube Star/Channel of 2013.  Every week Mindy takes time out of busy family schedule and post very detailed how-to videos on how to create cute hairstyles for girls.  Cute Girl Hairstyles have become my favorite go-to place for a fashion forward hair-do for my girls.  Mindy is a natural infront of the camera and they way she interacts with her kids is an inspiration in its self.

Watch Mindy in action: