Their love for music brought them together to form an Electro/Pop band named PRIME.  With the inspiration from musical influences from the late 90’s to the early 2000’s, Bryan Christopher and Paul Benedict came together to uniquely create some of today’s most mesmerizing and meaningful Electro/Pop music.  Sharing the same passion and love for music, PRIME is ready to release their debut EP which features their first single, “Heartbeat”.  SayWhatNews sat down with PRIME and discussed their upcoming EP and album and the creativeness behind the music:

SayWhatNews:  Good morning Prime.  Thanks for speaking with SayWhatNews.  First tell us who is Prime?

Bryan:  Prime represents anyone who is living in a state or time of greatest strength and vigor.

Paul:  Prime is an Electro Pop Band that Bryan and I had formed following our last project - “Dexter’s Kin”.

SayWhatNews:  How did you guys meet?

Bryan:  Paul and I first met during my audition for Dexter's Kin (Our previous group). That was four years ago. It seemed to be a success; the audition lasted a few hours. After about 20 minutes of playing it was mostly a discussion between two hopeful musicians with similar ideas. Paul and I established a friendship the first day therein beginning our musical journey. Paul also had me try hummus for the first time...pretty good.


SayWhatNews:  Bryan is the instrumentalist/songwriter and Paul is the singer/songwriter.  What was it about each other that created a perfect duo to form a band?

Bryan:  Paul and I have found making music together to be a natural process.  We are similar in our open minded willingness to try out many ideas in the writing process. We also tend to share similar musical tastes. We can usually make a song in minutes because one person will create one part and the other will add to it with another part until the song is complete.

Paul:  Aside from our musical tastes, Bryan and I also share the same values and guiding principles on most things. Being in a band is like being in a marriage. We’ve known each other for a long time. We love and respect each other, that we can easily set aside our disputes. With all things considered, we’ve created a perfect duo to form PRIME.

SayWhatNews:  How did you guys come up with the name Prime and does it have meaning?

Paul:  We came up with the name after thoroughly browsing a self-made long list of small single syllable words ha-ha. The multiple meanings; from youth vitality, strength, vigor, to the mathematical (2 being a prime number) also to its use in many other fields of importance, science, business, etc. it seemed quite fitting to us.

SayWhatNews:  Your sound is Electro-Pop/Rock.  How would you describe your sound?

Bryan:  Our sound is a pop sound, but a sound that was born from a generation that grew up in the 90's and early 2000's. Paul and I are huge pop fans, but we grew up listening to alternative, R&B, Hip Hop, Indie, Classical, Jazz, and Metal, primarily. For the two of us, living in that musical era has imprinted certain influences from all of those sub genres and they've found their way into our pop sensibility and it shows.

Paul:  I agree with Bryan. Our influences had definitely shaped our sound.

SayWhatNews:  Who are your musical influences that inspire your sound?

Bryan: My personal musical influences are:  all of Motown, Jeff Buckley, Billy Joel, George Gershwin, Slash and The Strokes.

Paul:  Mostly singers that I love to sing along to like - Thom Yorke, Freddie Mercury, Paul McCartney, Matthew Bellamy, and Michael Jackson. But in my early teens (when puberty didn’t quite hit yet), I used to sing along to Whitney Houston ha-ha.

SayWhatNews:  May 2014, your debut EP is set to be released.  How many tracks are on the EP?

Bryan: There are going to be 5 tracks on the EP!!

SayWhatNews:  In late Summer of 2014, Prime plans on releasing its debut full length album.  Can you give the name of the album and how many tracks will be on it?

Paul: There is no name yet for the full length album. We are wrestling with a few ideas; but the album will consist of 10 songs and maybe a bonus track, but that's a secret so…shhh.

SayWhatNews:  What can fans expect from the EP and the album?

Bryan: I think they can expect catchy pop tunes with massive musical support. MASSIVE (smiling).

Paul:   They’ll expect unbelievable sights, indescribable feeling… soaring, tumbling, freewheeling to an endless diamond sky!

SayWhatNews:  Which tracks on your EP or Album are your favorite songs and why?

Bryan: My favorite song changes every couple of days so I'm hesitant to choose any one in particular. I'm going to cheat and say all of them!

Paul:  They are all our children. I love them equally. One in particular, I slightly love more than the others - but just a pinch. I won’t mention the song’s name coz they’re all a jealous bunch.


SayWhatNews:  Both albums are produced by Natasha Knight (Jane Blaze) of Frequency Fusion Productions.  How did Prime team-up with Frequency Fusion Productions?

Bryan: Tasha and Paul have known each other for quite a long time actually. The unification occurred when a couple of self-recorded Prime demos (Heartbeat and Break My Walls) triggered Tasha's intrigue and we were super excited to team up with her. She's been nothing but an excellent addition to our musical team. She shares the same energy and positive vibes Paul and I do. And she has an exceptional musical ear that comes in handy during sessions. Love Tasha.

SayWhatNews:  Prime’s first single off the debut EP, “Heartbeat” has some intriguing lyrics: “Baby I’m sleepin’, with your heart beat as my pillow, Baby I’m sleepin’, on your rhythm tonight”.  What was the inspiration for this song?

Paul: Laying next to the person I love was the inspiration. The lyrics can be taken literally. When I wrote the lyrics, I had no intentions on being vague at all.

SayWhatNews:  Which artist would you guys love to collaborate with and why?

Bryan: That's an interesting question to me because a few years ago I may have been able to pick a specific artist. These days I'm open to work with anyone regardless of genre affiliations. I'm so open musically I couldn't think of an artist I wouldn't want to work with. I'm keeping the door open. Whoever knocks is welcome.

Paul: If he was still alive - Michael Jackson. Why? Because he is the most talented person I have ever seen. There are only a few singers out there that can emotionally translate a song as good as he did. As young as he was when he sang the line - “They don’t see you as I do, I wish they would try to” from the song, “Ben”, always breaks my heart.

SayWhatNews:  Are there any plans to go on tour?

Bryan: There are always plans to go on tour we just aren't sure of the exact dates yet. Stay posted we should have some dates prepared by mid-summer.


SayWhatNews:  What do you guys like to do in your spare time when you are not working in the studio?

Bryan: I enjoy fitness/sports. I'm a movie and TV buff (super excited for Game of Thrones season 4). I love video games as well, but that doesn't happen often when I have a wonderful piano and guitar staring at me most moments of an open day.

Paul:  I love to work out, but as much as I love to work out - I also love to eat (I’m guilty of tweeting and instagraming food pics. Follow me! ha-ha). I enjoy spending time with close friends over good food… that I may tweet or instagram… And I also love getting lost in park trails… with a friend… coz one must walk with friends in unfamiliar park trails!

SayWhatNews:  What’s the one thing you want your fans to know about Prime?

Bryan: That we are hardworking artists, tasked by the masses to provide uber-stellar pop music that will make living just bit more enjoyable and we are honored to do so.

Paul: No pretense here. Our love for music is genuine.

SayWhatNews:  What’s next in the future for Prime?

Bryan: Well, first:  Ep, second: Album, third: tour and fourth the Universe!!

Paul: I first, second, third, and fourth what Bryan said!!


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