Alicia Minshew Nominated for Indie Series Award - Best Lead Actress

Friend to SayWhatNews Alicia Minshew (Kendall, ALL MY CHILDREN) was nominated for Best Lead Actress - Drama for her role in TAINTED DREAMS.

The 5th Annual Indie Series Awards recently revealed their list of the 2014 nominees which included many of your favorite soap stars who did outstanding work from the past year in web series.

Here are the other nominees:

Van Hansis (Luke, AS THE WORLD TURNS) was nominated for Best Lead Actor - Drama for his work in EASTSIDERS

Colleen Zenk (Barbara) earned a nod for Best Lead Actress - Drama for THURSTON.

Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady, DAYS OF OUR LIVES; ex-Rick, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL) was nominated for Best Supporting Actor - Drama for DEVANITY

Deidre Hall (Marlena, DAYS) is up for Best Supporting Actress - Comedy for DATING IN THE MIDDLE AGES.

Get the entire nominee list here.

The ISA's will take place on Wednesday, April 2 at the historic El Portal Theater in North Hollywood, hosted by Carolyn Hennesy (Diane, GENERAL HOSPITAL), who was also nominated for Best Guest Star - Comedy for SINGLE SIBLINGS.

**Bonus Alicia Menshew News:  Alicia Minshew will star in a new web series, Beacon Hill.  The new series is a Political drama based in Boston.

BEACON HILL begins streaming on Wednesday, March 5. For more info, check out

Cady McClain Writes Emotional Memoir

Cady McClain (Dixie, All My Children) has written an emotional memoir.  The soap star is self publishing her book called, "Murdering My Youth".

"The book is a series of my memories about growing up in an alcoholic environment," McClain shares with Soaps In Depth. "It is also a raw, brutally honest look at what being in 'show business' can entail for a young girl and the extremely close relationship I had with my mother."

The two-time Emmy winner says that she's been told that the book should come with a warning. "There's a lot of violence in it," she allows.

McClain is having a contest where her fans can choose the final cover of her book.  Click here to pick your favorite!

Natalie Hall Starring in CW's New Series 'Star Crossed'

Natalie Hall (ex. Colby, All My Children) is starring in the CW's new series Star Crossed.  Hall reveals the new show is a mix between Roswell and District 9:

"It's raw, edgy and dark." Hall previews. "It's a little bit District 9 and a little bit ROSWELL... it's really exciting to be a part of."

Details: Set in the year 2024, the series is about an alien race called Atrians that crash landed on Earth and were quarantined for a decade. Now the government wants to try integrating the Atrian teens into the educational system. "I play Taylor, the [human] queen bee of the school — she picks and chooses who she likes and who she doesn't," Hall laughs. "She's also the fashionista of the show, which was a lot of fun for me to play."

The show's story surrounds the forbidden romance between Taylor's classmate, Emery (FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS' Aimee Teegarden) and Roman (Matt Lanter, 90210), the Atrian teen.  But it looks like Hall's character Taylor may find love with Roman's best friend Drake (Greg Finaly, THE SECRET LIFE OF AN AMERICAN TEENAGER)

Star Crossed premiered on Feb. 17th and can be watched every Monday night on the CW at 8PM.

Check out SWN's review of Star Crossed here

Eden Riegel Expecting Second Child

Eden Riegel (Bianca) is expecting her second child. The actress announced the great news on Father's day with this tweet:

"I'm thrilled to announce today, on Father's Day, that I'm going to make Andrew Miller, the greatest dad I know, a father all over again!" she posted on Twitter.

Riegel's former on-screen sister and friend to SayWhatNews Alicia Minshew (ex. Kendall) tweeted her congratulations to the expecting mommy:

"Congrats my friends! So happy for you both! A new Miller to squeeze!" And Riegel's on-screen daughter, Denyse Tontz (Miranda) tweeted, "Congratulations to you both!"


Eden Riegel gave birth to a baby girl on December 23, 2013

Brooke Newton (Colby) and Robert Scott Wilson (Pete) Talk About Their Racy Sex Scene that Shocked Viewers

On June 14th AMC viewers watched a racy sex scene between Brooke Newton (Colby) and Robert Scott Wilson (Pete).  Now that AMC is online, the soap's writers can push the envelope a bit -- and that they did even though nothing graphic was shown, just a very suggestive scene.

Here is what they said to Soaps -In- Depth:

""I'd never done an on-screen kiss in my entire life before coming to this show," confesses Newton. "I knew it was going to be a big challenge for me as an actress, so accept it and embrace it."

She also admits that she didn't speak with her co-star before shooting the scene. "Other actors talk about what they're comfortable doing and what they're not," Newton says. "I feel, as an actress, I just need to be the character. I can't put any limitations on myself."

"We had a very long day, both Brooke and I," Wilson adds. "It was about 9:30 at night. We started working at 8 am. We had a new director that day, who was great. We actually nailed that scene in one take!"

Despite the awkwardness, he says that the crew was very respectful, and he never felt uncomfortable at all while taping the sex scene. "We were both a little nervous," Wilson confides. "Once the scene started, we were completely out of our heads and had fun with it. I think it came across how we wanted it to.""

Here are more pics of that scene:

The Ladies of AMC Rock the Red-carpet at Daytime Emmy Awards

The Ladies of AMC rock the red-carpet at the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday.  Cady McClain, Sal Stowers & Denyse Tontz chat with Michael Fairman On-Air On-Soaps before the event:

Heather Loop took some time and spoke about being the care-taker of the coffee shop:

Quick Recap: Week of June 17th

- Billy Clyde Tuggle is determined to show the people in Pine Valley he is a force to be reckoned with.

- Zach is confronted by Lea about his relationship with Kendall.

- Opal sees a vision she'd like to forget in Pete’s bedroom.

- Heather and AJ share a special bond.

- Things start to heat up between Cara and JR. JR gives Cara a surprise she’ll never forget.

- Opal is asked to sell Cortlandt Manor and contemplates it.

- Lea is convinced there is something more to Cassandra's homecoming.

- Uri takes a stronger hold over Jesse.

Sneak Peek of Next Week: June 24

Monday June 24:

- Dixie tells Joe about Billy Clyde Tuggle, who gives Joe more than he bargains for.

- Lea talks to Jesse about Cassandra and her return.

Wednesday June 26:

- Miranda sees a disturbing picture of herself in an uncompromising situation at school.

- David and Colby bask in the afterglow.

- JR won’t sit back when Brooke makes it clear she is in charge of Chandler Enterprises.

Denyse Tontz Teases Huge AMC Plot Twist

Denyse Tontz teases huge AMC plot twist for her character Miranda Montgomery.  The character whose mother is a lesbian (Bianca) still has no clue she was a product of rape.  Besides being a teen just trying to find who she is this news would really put a spin on things -- but wait Tontz teases a plot twist when speaking to Soap Opera Network:

“I know she’ll be coming into her own pretty soon,” Tontz says of what’s ahead. “There’s a storyline developing that everybody is talking about, which is that she doesn’t know who her paternal dad is, so it’ll be interesting to see that develop.”

Another AMC Star is Pregnant: Paula Garces

Another All My Children star is pregnant besides Eden Riegel (Bianca).  Paula Garces (Lea Marquez) is 5 months pregnant with her first child according to the New York Daily News. 

Garces is a busy bee...the actress played a maid who gets murdered in the pilot episode of "Devious Maids" with former AMC star Susan Lucci (ex. Erica Kane) on Lifetime. Which premieres on June 23rd.