Amber Dirks vocals have contributed to some of the best disco songs. The other half of the group Power 2 move this talented singer has received phrase from one of the best song writers and producer's in the music industry, David Foster.

The compliment was truly well deserved; Amber's strong soulful vocals are truly the diamond in the ruff. She has worked along side some of best from Natalie Cole to Sister Sledge (my favorite late 70's and early 80's group, everyone knows there song ("We Are Family") and has performed all over the world. With her kind spirit and giving heart this Diva will surely make it happen.

SayWhatNews: Good morning Amber; thanks for sitting down and speaking with SayWhatNews for this one on one session. Tell us something about Amber Dirks that no one knows.

Amber: Good Morning SayWhatNews what an honor to even be considered for an interview. I truly appreciate this opportunity and what you are doing for all Artist across the entertainment spectrum.

Umm let's see... Something that nobody knows; That I can cook a mean pot of collard greens. LOL I have 2 young Beautiful children and an extremely supportive (FIONE) husband and I try my hand at competitive racquetball; I said try my hand at it LOL!!!!

SayWhatNews: At what age did you start singing?

Amber: Believe it or not, I always dreamed of becoming this huge singer at a young age, about 4 years old, but just did not have it LOL!!!! so with the inspiration of my Beloved Son, Quinten, and the trials and tribulations that he went through in his life, I worked hard to make that dream a reality late in age with hopes that I would've been able to provide him with a comfortable life.

Although he is no longer with me, but in spirit, I retain his smile, as I often received from him as I sung, and hopefully one day I will be able to give back in his name the strength, courage and wisdom to never give hope and dreams an ounce of doubt; and that with Love and Faith you can pull through anything!

SayWhatNews: Did you always want to be a singer?

Amber: The thought of becoming a Singer was always in my heart, but I never thought I had what it would take to become a well respected singer and I am still learning yes and that's where my passion is.

SayWhatNews: Is it true that you were a finalist for Miss Black USA? How did that experience help prepare you for the music industry?

Amber: Oh Lord!! We had to go there hahahahaha, I was Miss Black Arizona 1994 and then I went on to represent Arizona in the Miss Black USA pageant. It was a very different experience for me as I never once thought of myself as pageant material, especially today LOL!!!

But it was nice to see young intelligent, beautiful women of color come to together and represent what they believed in and show how real camaraderie really works. It showed me how important listening skills are, poise and how to always be classy and ready to take on challenge and hard work and to always stay true to self.

These types of pageants require dedication and hard work and it's not all about the glitz and glam. Although it was a great positive experience it further helped me realize how much I love singing and performing and that I was ready to take on the needed task to hopefully become respected as an Artist.

SayWhatNews: Amber you were born in Holland and raised in New York City; what made you decide to leave New York and move out west to pursue a career in the Entertainment business?

Amber: Ik was geboren in Holland, in Soest over land van Koninginnen; which translates I was born in Holland in Soest in the Queens land. Actually, my parents careers made the move West and at that point I was still deciding where my career path was going to take me. With a few life changing events I had to go with my heart and dreams and that's where the pursuit of singing came along.

SayWhatNews: How were you discovered?

Amber: By Fluke; I was actually in a showcase and that's when I was approached by a couple of producers that wanted to hire me as a demo singer.

SayWhatNews: Working with Sister Sledge as a Featured guest vocalist provided the opportunities to share the stage with some of today's hot singing sensations such as Destiny's Child and Macy Gray; how surreal were those experiences?

Amber: So Surreal it feels like a dream. These Artist are extremely gifted. It's definitely an honor to hit center stage with the likes of them; I mean yeah I am a performer but I am a fan too...Always having camera ready and asking for autographs.

SayWhatNews: Your singing career has taken you all over the world; is there something that you have not done yet in your career that you would like to do?

Amber: I would love the opportunity to share my passion with the listening audience and to be able to perform the songs that I write and of course to go Platinum LOL!

SayWhatNews: What was it like working with Natalie Cole on the track "Lean on Me"?

Amber: Natalie Cole is a Class Act. What a Powerful, kind, talented and Real Woman she is!! She exudes the meaning of Artist so in that respect it was AWESOME.

SayWhatNews: One of the greatest songwriters and producer's of all time; David Foster gave your voice praise after hearing you sing; what went through your mind?

Amber: First of all I was like OMG!!! (Eyes bulging out) That's DAVID FOSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And he going to be playing piano while we sing "Lean On Me"...and what, Natalie Cole and I are standing next to each other while going over parts!!!! Can somebody slap me to make sure I am not dreaming!!!!!

MAD Respect and after hearing such a wonderful compliment from a Man with whom has work with the leading Singing Artist in the world was very pleasantly shocking and extremely welcoming. I'll never forget and will always cherish.

SayWhatNews: Amber your influences growing up were Whitney Houston, Anita Baker, Chaka Khan, Etta James, Aretha Franklin and Toni Braxton. Which of these talented female artists would you love to collaborate with on a project?

Amber: WOW, that's a hard one. Can I say ALL of them? I just love them all so very much!!!

SayWhatNews: You are truly a busy woman, contributing vocals on upcoming projects for Heathrow Project and Joni Sledge (Sister Sledge) and remaking the hit "Sweet Dreams" by LaBouche. How do you decide which projects you will work on?

Amber: I love good music and if it's from the heart then I am there.

SayWhatNews: How did you discover disco/trance music?

Amber: I work out and at the gym they always play high energy music...Especially in aerobics classes, although my aerobics is racquetball. I always had a liking for it but I never thought it would fit my style...

As I was on the verge of reorganizing my career path I thought to send out one last blast to producers and I was contacted by an amazing number of talented producers, however one was particularly interesting in regards to a singer needed for a trance song; I love challenges so I took on the opportunity...

Of course making the producer aware that I had never ventured into this genre before...the project song title was "Far Away" I wrote the lyrics and vocally arranged it and I noticed that people were really feeling it so I felt that maybe this was a path I should look into.

SayWhatNews: Would you ever cross over and sing a different genre of music?

Amber: Most definitely. I love all genres of music.

SayWhatNews: Amber you are the other half of the group Power 2 Move with producer Themi Charalambous (from Electrik Pulse). Tell us how Power 2 Move came about?

Amber: I asked my partner and Brother from another Mother to put his input here as well. The way Themi and I met is actually pretty funny. We met through But Themi and I actually grew up in the same neighborhood and his brother and I may have been in the same class at school; we discovered this when I realized that he lived in Flushing and it was very surprising as we had not clue.

Themi: I remember receiving a comment on my MySpace page from Amber saying that she was really feeling my production work and writing. I took a look at her page and once I heard Ambers voice I was blown away. At that time I was actually looking for a new singer/artist to work on a new project with. I remember saying to myself she would be perfect for my new project, Amber just has the total package, she has an amazing voice, looks great, very down to earth and a great performer.

The only problem I noticed was that she lives in Arizona and I'm in New York, my question was how in the world can we make this happen so I kind of let it go and didn't pursue it any further. Amber and I still kept an open line of communication and one day in a conversation she told me how she had a mini recording studio in her house and that is how she records most of her work and that she has worked with other producers this way.

The producer would send over the music and any ideas and Amber would record the vocals and send them back via This made my day. A few days later we actually spoke on the phone and decided to go ahead and start on this project I was working on for my next Electrik Pulse track. We completed the track titled "Your Body" Electrik Pulse featuring Amber Dirks and it was picked up and signed by Amathus Music which is a leading dance music label.

Amber & Themi: After a while we decided to form our own group to showcase both of our talents as a producer/vocalist/writing team. We came up with the name Power 2 Move (Creating music that moves you) the rest is history we started working on songs and before we knew it we were recording and finishing a track a week. The chemistry and flow was all there.

After finishing our 4th track Amathus Music had heard about what we were doing and signed all 4 tracks and put out the first Power 2 Move Ep titled "Passions" and all tracks are available for instant download on every major download site now. We are currently in the middle of finishing up a full album and are very excited. We have done all this amazing creating together and we have never once met face to face¡Kyet talk everyday on the phone. Now if that's not musical chemistry; what is?

Themi: Our goal is to reach the top and the great thing about Amber and me is that we are both on the same page. We both understand that hard work and not letting go of your dream are key factors of making it to the top. Our working relationship is awesome.

I have never felt this kind of music chemistry with any other artist I've worked with and it shows because all of our tracks just keep getting better and better and the Power 2 Move name continues to grow.

Amber: I feel the same way in regards to Themi's producing skills...He is very Talented, Humble, Hard working and Positive; it's just that we have something that is rare and it works. A True Blessing!

Themi: I have been blessed to be working with Amber and as far as I'm concerned this is the beginning of something big for Power 2 Move, we have no intention of slowing down. It's all for the love of music!!

SayWhatNews: You just recently returned from performing in Holland for, the organization that provides support to HIV infected pregnant women in Africa. Tell us how it came about that you became involved with this great cause.

Amber: Joni was invited to participate and then she extended the invitation for me to join her for this fund raising performance...This was an honor.

Let me say that we as human beings need to unite and help this cause. It's truly a tragedy. I remember standing on stage when Joni was explaining what Orange Babies was about and I remember looking at all the people that were involved and the tears just flowed down my face in remorse for the women and unborn children and the uncertainty, yet with hope of a 50% chance of the unborn child not becoming infected was heart wrenchingly devastating for me.

I'm hoping that once things start to pick up with Power 2 Move, I/We would like to become a major part in this cause.

SayWhatNews: What's in the future for Amber Dirks?

Amber: To continue to reach for my dreams and bringing them into reality with a humble heart...To give and give and to remain open to all possibilities with eyes open.

SayWhatNews: What's in the future for Power 2 Move?

Amber: We want to be able to bring the dance genre back into the music mainstream and to possibly grow into a producing team to hone in other talented acts. Our song "All Through The Night" which got picked up by Abercrombie & Fitch and Tommy Hilfiger to be added on their play list and played throughout all their stores worldwide as well as Promo Only, adding us to their compilation that will be available next month. Amber Dirks Myspace Power 2 Move Website Power 2 Move Myspace

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