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A Nude Pregnant Statue of Kim Kardashian Has Been Unveiled

A nude pregnant sculpture of reality star Kim Kardashian has been unveiled and is currently on display at the LAB ART Gallery in Los Angeles, according to a  press release by Cory Allen Contemporary Art.

Artist Daniel Edwards has created the life-size sculpture titled "L.A. Fertility."

“I was inspired by the beauty of Kim Kardashian and felt quite put-off by the media’s criticism of her weight gain during pregnancy,” Edwards said in a statement. “Such criticism should be off limits.”

“We live in a media-absorbed culture where anyone can access and share a celebrity’s most intimate moments,” added Cory Allen. “Daniel visually captures ‘that’ intimacy.”

SayWhatNews has mentioned Edward's before and featured his "Celebrity Baby Boomer" series which now features Kim K's pregnant bod.  The series first began back in 2006 with Britney Spears scuolture depicting the Pop star giving birth on a bearskin rug called, "Monument to Pro-Life".

Captured on Canvas: Nicole Kidman by Yasmin

This beautiful life like painting of actress Nicole Kidman is so soft and peaceful looking.  Artist Yasmin has really captured the natural beauty of the Australian actress--you almost feel like you are there in person watching Kidman's hair blow in the wind.

Fashion Graffiti Hair Urban Style

Photo: artist unknown

This amazing art work of a girl with graffiti hair on a brick wall blows me away.  The mastered skilled behind this creativity takes things to a whole different level when it comes to Urban Street Art.  The piece is so  life like in the face but the hair features colorful graffiti with a styled since of fashion.  A true delight to admire.

Egg Couch Creation Creates Cool Art

How creative is this Egg Carton Couch made with real eggs.  The mind can be so creative when it thinks outside of the box.  This unique piece of art is really eye catching and a cool piece to admire.  Although the couch doesn't look comfy, it does make you wanna know how long it took to make and how many eggs were actually broken during the process?

Underwater Ink Photography Makes For Great Imagery

photo: Alberto Seveso

Underwater Ink photography makes for great imagery.  Photographer Alberto Seveso captures the softness of floating colors with his amazing eye for clarity and mesmerizing details.

Seveso described the inspiration behind his underwater creations in an email to the Huffington Post: "It makes me think about the possibility to stop the time in a 'click.'" He continued:

"The process is quite easy, all you need to do is pouring the varnish into the water. I must admit that it’s not easy as I just described, because I spent a lot of time building all that stuff that now I use to shoot varnish into the water, and it’s still a work in progress... 
Most of the time I can catch something beautiful just by chance but, of course, it’s very very important to find the right light."

Never Before Seen: Andy Warhol's Sultry Diaries to be Released

More of Andy Warhol's secret diary pages to be released.  Hundreds of pages that some believe reveals more sultry dirt on celebrities will be released in 2037.  Sources say some are very worried about the what the diary pages contents will reveal.

Andy recorded everything,” a former friend of the artist said, dramatically. “And pages of his unpublished diaries are sealed for 50 years after his death. They were so explicit — he wanted to make sure a lot of people weren’t around!”

Published posthumously in 1989, “The Andy Warhol Diaries” told saucy tales about everyone from Mick Jagger to John Lennon, but the book was culled from hundreds of more pages that remain under wraps. A source close to Warhol’s estate, however, insisted the sealed pages are in limbo not because of their juicy content.

Captured on Canvas: Supermodel Adriana Lima

photo: artist unknown

This desktop photo of supermodel Adriana Lima is stunning and edgy.  Adriana as always takes a beautiful picture but what makes the photo even more alluring and edgy is the paint like skin dripping down.  This is truly an creative piece of live art.

Bright Jellyfish Textures & Colors Does a Nubian Princess Well

photo: artist unknown

This picture I came across while surfing the web for cool pictures.  It features the bright colors and textures of a jellyfish which are cloaked over this beautiful Nubian girl.  The usage of the vibrant neo-brite colors makes the picture more real and vibrant.  It literally seems to pop off the page.

Captured on Canvas: Iron Man

photo: Melissa Smith

In honor of the Iron Man 3 movie gearing up to hit theaters this coming weekend on May 3rd, I looked for a really amazing piece of art featuring super hero.  Melissa Smith is the artist who created this awesome life like painting which looks like paint splatters creating the image of Iron Man.  She truly did capture Iron Man on canvas.

Make sure you check out Melissa Smith's page which features other artwork of other super heroes and more...which can be framed, put on t-shirts, lap-tap covers, iphone covers and etc.

Cool Colors Become Artistic Creations

Cool colors become artistic creations instantly with a blink of an eye.  This amazing picture found by doing a Google search features colorful paint drops as it splashes off of a counter top. Anything can become art with a creative mind and thinking outside of the box.

This photo featuring cool colors showcases bamboo sticks with neon fiber-optic lights.  This piece of art is truly a another different way to express art in a very cool art form.

Here is another cool colors piece of art featuring computer graphic energy waves.  Any of the above art would be amazing to feature on the wall at home or at the office.  Remember art is an expression and creative work of an artist who is able to see/express their artistic mind/thought.

A Taste of Urban Heaven

photo: artof-poetry.tumblr.com

A drawing can send off a vibe that is artistically a sense of cool swag.  This drawing featuring a young black girl with a fade hair-cut and a sleeve of tattoos on both arms is nothing but a piece of urban heaven.  The photo was inspired by a female model who also has used tattoo art to express her artistic emotions. I just love it when art imitates life.

Here is a picture of the model (name unknown) who inspired the drawing.

Art with an Inspirational Message

photo: selena gomez facebook

Art with an inspirational message not only fullfills my love of art but it also provides a sense of meaning and inspiration/motivation to keep moving forward regardless.

"Don't let dream just be dreams"

Captured on Canvas: Rihanna

photo: samuelcanalessexyart.com

This drawing of Rihanna truly captures her essence, you feel like your starring at RiRi for real.  Samuel Cancalessexy truly is a master at bringing life into art.

photo: julia ryan

Artist Julia Ryan was able to draw Rihanna with passion using colored pencils.  This piece of art really captured RiRi's sex-appeal with just a stroke of a pencil.

Strength, Power and Art

photo: 'Oddity' by Geronimo Ribaya Vnmribaya

Art can exude strength, power and much more.  This painting, 'Oddity' by Geronimo Ribaya Vnmribaya truly provides just that.  Its amazing how the artist was able to express strong emotions with such details in the eyes, jaw-line, lips and even the hair.  This is another great example of when art and fashion blend so well.

Digitial Expressions

photo: wallpaperweb.org/wallpaper/digital_art/black-girl

Digitial art can utilize the sense of artistic expression so well.  This photo really takes digitial art to the next level of artistic creativity.  Not sure if the model is free falling and breaking up into rocks or what but the power behind the photo truly jumps off the page.

"Art is endless like a river flowing, passing, yet remaining, a mirror to the same inconstant Heraclitus, who is the same and yet another, like the river flowing."

~ Jorge Luis Borges

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