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Love Paper Art Gives Cool Vibe

In spirit of Valentine's Day, I found this colorful paper art work on The combination of colors is vibrate and reminds me of the 70's. Andrey Snch did amazing job using quilling patterns to create this cool piece of art work.

World Oldest Art Work Discovered

The world's oldest art work was discovered in a Nerja Caves near Malaga, Spain. The art work is believed to be at least 42,000 years old and was drawn by Neanderthal man.

The six paintings of seals are the only known artistic images created by Neanderthal man.

Ladies Favorite Fashion Accessory Becomes Art

Ladies favorite fashion accessory becomes High Fashion art on canvas. This painting is stylish and an amazing art piece. In this amazing piece of art work, High-fashion handbags are reimagined into a glam hairstyle on this color-rich photo print canvas.

The wood framed art piece can be purchased at Seventh Avenue

Captured on Canvas: The Vampire Diaries

Flowertree-Elf on Deviant Art

Alexi Torres Creates Artistic Magic with Feathers, Leaves & More

Cuban Artist Alexi Torres uses leaves, feathers, and other organic materials and weaves them together to create artistic magic. With his woven creations he creates beautiful works of art to represent influential figures like the above art work of Oprah Winfrey.

Leonid Afremov Captures The Passion of Music

Artist Leonid Afremov captures the passion of music in this amazing painting featuring a young woman playing the cello. The choice of colors blended with each stroke bounces off the canvas shares how magical and powerful music can be. Each brush stroke expresses an unspeakable feelings of emotion that almost can not be put into words. Its just an over powering feeling you feel all over your body as you admire this great piece of art work.

Here is what Leonid Afremov had to say about his art work:

tried different techniques, but I fell in love with painting with oil and palette-knife. Every work of mine is the result of many years of painting; every canvas is born in creative search; every Art work is full of the inner world of mine. Each my painting brings different mood, different colors and emotions. I love to express the Beauty, Harmony and Life of this world in my paintings.

**Click on above painting to visit Afremov Art blog.

David Garibaldi Creates Magic With A Paint Brush

David Garibaldi: Jesus Painting from Thriving Churches on Vimeo.

David Garibaldi creates magic with a paint brush. Garibaldi is an artistic genius who is able to capture passion on the canvas with his painting of Jesus on the cross. The emotion and pain on Jesus face just sends chills through your body.

Watch the video and enjoy watching master at work.

Urban Nights: Beautiful Places and Memories Through the Lens of a Camera

photo: wessel woortman

Photography isn't just knowing how to use a camera, its an art form that uses a camera and the photographer's eye as the paint brush and paint. Capturing a beautiful place and a memory in a photograph with the perfect lighting and angle takes skill and a unique precision to detail. Only a special few have this amazing talent of capturing the world's beauty. Wessel Woortman is one of those few who has the eye in which captures the soul of a place or thing.

Woortman had this to say about his start as a photographer:

"Since my youngest days I've been roaming around the world discovering beautiful places and I have only one regret, the memories is all that's left.

This is one of the reasons that approached me to photography and other artistic pixel arts."

Click here to view Woortman's Gallery

Captured on Canvas: The Jersey Shore's - Snooki

photo: steve murray/national post

A few months ago the news broke that "No reality star" no matter how popular/famous will have a chance to get a star on Hollywood even if they put up the $30,000 fee. Reporter Steve Murray of the National Post, painted this amazing painting of Nicole 'Snooki' Polozzi from MTV's hit reality show the Jersey Shore and featured the painting with an article about this news. While searching for this month's celeb captured on canvas we discovered this painting. Murray did a great job capturing Snooki's essence and beauty. Its so amazing because it seems so real but yet a paused moment in time. Click here for the article

Crazy Art A'la Crayons

photo: artist unknown

This photo of crayons grouped together to create an image of a woman is so crazy cool. I came across this photo while searching for crazy art. I really enjoy discovering unique works of art that you would never really think to use to create art.

Clearing of the Mind Literally

photo: northwestreport

This exhibit of modern art seems to clear the mind literally. What exactly did the artist want us to get from this? Its ironic how three blank canvases can cause the mind to go blank. The paintings or should I say blank paintings seem to relax the mind and body. I'm always intrigued by art that makes you think, imagine, visualize and even just make you think of nothing.

Artist unknown

Captured on Canvas: Amy Winehouse the Soul Diva of R&B


photos: moleempire/Live4ArtInLA via deviantART,pixel pinch

We wanted to pay tribute to singer Amy Winehouse who passed away recently. Amy had just scratched the surfaces of her creativity but this painting truly captured her essence to perfection.

This illustration of Amy Winehouse below is so vibrant that it just pops. The use of the color purple allows you to see every inch of the painting so vividly.

Paul Giles

Michael Jackson's Children Donate His Art to Childrens Hospital

photo: people/Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Michael Jackson's kids continues his charity work by donating his art work to Children's Hospital. This past Monday, at a ceremony at Children's Hospital Los Angeles, MJ's kids donated some of their late father's artwork to the facility.

According to People: Prince,14 along with his sister 13-year-old Paris and 9-year-old brother Blanket Jackson were accompanied by their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and aunt, LaToya Jackson, as the family donated 10 signed pieces of art. The children also signed some of them below their father's name.

The sketches, which depict Mickey Mouse, furniture and other objects, will be displayed throughout the hospital.

Raw and Intense

The rawness and intensity of this work of art is overwhelming. You can almost feel a surge of power penetrating right off the canvas. This painting is called 'A Living Sacrifice. Romans 12:1, Painting with Light Modern Art'. The technique really catches the eye and makes you feel emotion. Mark Lawrence

Captured on Canvas: Amy Winehouse

Here is another amazing fan art of Amy Winehouse. This painting is so beautiful. The brush strokes are so delicate and soft, like the artist used a tender touch while creating this master piece. This art work truly captures Amy's beauty and innocence. Icanvas

Hair It Is

Fantasy Hair art has its own place in the art world and fashion world. The thought and creativity that goes into making these unique, wild, crazy and colorful works of art is proof that the art world crosses over everywhere, even in a hair salon.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez the New Adam of Eve

photo: Fashion Tonga

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been sculpted in bronze as the new Adam and Eve. The couple's image has been made into a somewhat nude statue thanks to American artist Daniel Edwards.

Description: Bronze statues features them joined from each other rib. Both have just 3 legs. As Biber is joining with Selena’s leg. As well both have just 2 arms and a maple leaf and lone star is covering their private parts.

Many have found this sculpture to be in poor test per both are teenagers. Justin is just 17 and Selena is 19.

This statue will be placed on Dallas’s New Fine Arts which is near to Selena Gomez house.

According to Fashion Tonga: Edwards said that this statue is not a sign of teen couple Selena and Justin love but it is also a sign of the friendship of two neighbor countries USA and Canada. Edward in 2009 have also been made the statue of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

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