Few have been blessed with the natural smooth flow of a lyricist.  Some attempt to throw down on the mic but fail.  Rising Female Hip-Hop artist Asia Sparks walks up to the microphone with beauty and style but when she drops her rhymes they come out hard with pure rawness and a natural smooth flow.  With a new mix-tape, a recent appearance on BET’s 106 & Park, a movie project and a upcoming performance in a cypher video at the BET’s Hip-Hop Awards, Asia Sparks is gearing up to take over the rap game.  SayWhatNews spoke with Asia Sparks about her beginnings and rising music career:

SayWhatNews:  Good morning Asia.  Thanks for taking time out and doing this interview with SayWhatNews.  Tell us who is Asia Sparks?

Asia Sparks: Thank you so much for talking with me. Asia Sparks is just a girl from Philadelphia that loves to make music. I’m only 21; I’m just trying to find out who I am, and what defines me. That is why I have all types of music. Some days Asia Sparks is this sweetie pie singing, and the next I’m this pit bull spitting harder than anybody you know, but that’s how we human beings are. I have good days and bad ones too, but I know what I want; and I know where I’m going. That is all that matters to me.

SayWhatNews:  Is Asia Sparks your real name?  How did you come up with the name Asia Sparks?

Asia Sparks: No, Sparks is not my government name. However, it stems from my mother’s business, and together we became ‘the Sparkle Girls.’  It’s all about energy and attitude and personality. The name Sparks came from Sparkle Girl.

SayWhatNews: What inspired you to turn your thoughts that you wrote in a journal as a teen into music?

Asia Sparks: I tell people all the time, I have no idea, ha. One day, I was around my homies, and they started to rap. Next thing you know, I was rapping with the boys, and actually killing them. I was getting so much love, they said, “Hey, you should try to lay something”. I did, and one of the engineers didn’t want me in their studio. So, from there I told myself,”You say I cannot, well watch that I can”. I’ve been a problem every since.

SayWhatNews: So sad the industry still has some close minded people who believe women cannot hold their own in Hip-Hop as an artist.  In 2011 you participated in a rap cypher which led to you starting your music career.  What exactly inspired you to go professional?


photo: Devin Wade Photography

Asia Sparks: It was actually 2012 that I shot and debuted my first video. I have only been rapping professionally for a year.  I was hanging around a bunch of (rap) artists, and I was on tour for a couple of dates. I was able to see how the artists were connecting with their fans. I said to myself ‘Wow, I can really see myself doing this.’ I dropped my first video, and I never expected the 17,000 hits I got in the first 24 hours. You never know what’s going to happen. Every day there’s always something exciting that happens. That inspired me too.

SayWhatNews: How would you describe your sound?

Asia Sparks: I give off a militant vibe and feminist power. I’m creating a new generation of hustlers. I want to spark up a new world of grinders especially in females.”

SayWhatNews:  You were born in Philly but raised in New Jersey.  Do you think your sound has been influenced by where you come from and where you live now?

Asia Sparks: Not one bit, okay maybe I might say, “ Bul” or “Jawn” , But we all have hometown slang, but I lived in over seven states so I am a fan of all types of music. I was exposed to every style and genre, and I believe it shows through “my type” of hip-hop. It’s different. So, people should definitely cop my mix-tape hosted by Don Cannon. It’s called Spark up Vol. 1 and it’s on datpiff.com today. So, go get it!!

SayWhatNews:  Asia, rappers 50 Cents and Fat Joe have both given you props on your skills as a female rapper.  How amazing was that for you to receive such praise?

Asia Sparks: It was so cool. Just imagine, you drop a video your first day out and 50 cent says, “This is nice”. I felt like a million dollars. It was like God was telling me, “You found your niche in life A”!


SayWhatNews:   Asia do you find being a female MC that you have to work harder to prove your lyrical skill in an industry that is male dominate?

Asia Sparks: of course, Ha. This is a male’s sport, and we female emcees are the underdogs of the game. We get emotional, and want to quit. I can’t lie we get a little diva-ish at times, but you just have to keep going. I came in hard to demand respect from my listeners, and doubters. Tell these men, listen here, ha. I’m not here to battle with your female rapper in your team. I’m here to battle with you. When you can run with the boys, in this game, that’s when they know that you’re a problem.

SayWhatNews:  Your lyrics and image is infused with feminist power.  Why is it so important to you to promote female empowerment?

Asia Sparks: Like I said before, this is a man’s sport, and we females are just the accessories to these men in the game. No pun intended, but the game has changed since the Mc Lyte and Queen Latifah days. Back then, they did it themselves. No man had to bring them out into the rap game. Somewhere along the lines, in the 90’s, girls started to have a man; by their right side. I am trying to bring female hip-hop back to its original form; When woman showed strength.

SayWhatNews:  What comes to mind when you hear the words Hip-Hop?

Asia Sparks: Hip-Hop is expression. Hip-hop is therapy. Hip-Hop is my life.

SayWhatNews:  When can we expect an album to drop?

Asia Sparks: Well, I’m not too sure about the album, because I have only been in the rap-game for about a year, and I just dropped my first mix-tape on datpiff.com Spark up Vol 1, hosted by Don Cannon. However, we have some big tracks in the making that are album ready. So, go cop up.

SayWhatNews:  Which artist would you love to collaborate with and why?

Asia Sparks: I am opened to a lot of artist. I think that Kendrick Lamar and I would be a grand slam. We have the same flow and lyricism that it would be super dope on a track. Also, we have this pit-bull affect on tracks. In other words, we have so much passion on tracks that we snap.

SayWhatNews: What goes through your mind when you see/or hear people vibing to your music?

Asia Sparks: I just say wow and I smile from ear to ear. 

SayWhatNews:  What’s next in the future for Asia Sparks?

Asia Sparks: Well I’m just promoting my mix-tape Spark up Vol 1 on datpiff.com. I have a couple huge records with some big names in the industry; so keep your eyes open for that. I also, just got a movie role with Keke Palmer, and Terrence Howard. So, I am really excited about that. I was on Bet Music Matters and 106 & Park this year, and now I am going to Los Angeles to record the Bet Hip Hop Awards cypher, but that’s just to name a few. I stay working and sparked up, but if the readers want to know more about me, or follow my journey follow me on twitter and instagram @sparklegirla or visit my website AsiaSparks.com. Also, YouTube Sparkle Girl TV, and Asia Sparks. #sparkup