Most Shocking Moments of the Week on B&B (Recap Week of 2/17/14)

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The entire week has been building up for the very moment when Brooke and Ridge say their "I Do's".  The first most shocking moment was when Carter started to recite the poem that Katie and Ridge shared their special bonding moment in the park.  The rest of the wedding party were in Aw of the sweet poem but the look on Katie's face revealed everything....she is in love with Ridge (as a huge tear drop ran down her face).  Just when Brooke and Ridge were ready to seal the deal with their final vows, Katie faints and shuts-down the wedding.  Once Katie wakes up, a very concerned Ridge was right there by her side demanding she go to the hospital to make sure she did not have a heartache.

While the wedding is the Malibu beach house, Liam and Bill continue to soak around the house over their indidual heart ache.  Bill is depressed and sad that Brooke is marrying Ridge and Liam just can't stand the fact that Hope is at the wedding with Wyatt.  Liam joins Bill for a drink of Scotch.  During the deep conversation over the Logan women they agree with each other that Brooke does not belong with Ridge (little does Bill know that when Liam says it he means Katie is the one that should be with Ridge).

Liam leaves and goes for a run on the beach and once again here comes Quinn lurking around to spend some weird time with Bill (neither can stand one another).  By the time Quinn arrives, Bill is completely drunk and can barely stand on his two feet.  Quinn continues to rub it in about Brooke marrying Ridge and Bill is alone just like she is.  After Bill stumbles a couple of times Quinn suggest he lays down and she should help him ( I knew this was coming).  The two head up stairs and once in the room they start saying mean words to each other and tearing each others clothes off to have some very rough and wild cowboy sex.  Bill even at one point makes some horse noise.  Liam returns to find his picture of Hope knocked face down on the fire place mantel and as is picks it up to put it back in its place he hears a strange noise, stops to listen and hears another noise and rushes upstairs.  As Liam gets closer he begins hear more sounds of things being knocked over and smashed.  Liam comes up to Bill's room and opens the door to make sure his dad is alright...but finds him having wild sex with Quinn.  Liam immediately closes the door and with stunned look on his face- almost vomits from the sight.

At the hospital, Katie keeps reassuring the doctor, Ridge and Brooke that she is fine.  The doctor lets her know that he must run some extensive testing to make sure she is not rejecting her heart transplant.  Brooke ask to speak with the doctor outside so this leaves Ridge and Katie alone.  The two start to talk and Katie brings up Carter reading their poem during the wedding.  During their talk Katie reveals the most shocking thing ever...she faked her fainting spell to STOP the wedding.  She could not allow Ridge to marry Brooke (Go Katie).  Katie says if Ridge had married Brooke she would be lost - Ridge pulls her close and you think they are finally going to share a kiss but he leans even closer and whispers in her ear - "Your not lost".

Back at the Forrester mansion:  Eric attempts to get Donna to go to the hospital to check on Katie.  Donna wants to wait for Brooke's call before she rushes over there.  With in moments the former husband and wife are sharing a juicy kiss when Stephanie's huge life like portrait falls and tumbles down to the floor.  From the grave Stephanie lets Eric know he better not get back with Donna.  Donna was so shocked but Eric just shrugged his shoulders and said I hear you.

Teaser for the week of 2/24:

Bill regrets sleeping with Quinn.

Quinn comes back for more wild sex (poor thing probably hasn't had any in years).

Ridge and Katie continue to get close.


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The Insider's Kevin Frazier sat down exclusively for a roundtable discussion with seven of the ten NAACP Image Awards nominees this year for the “Outstanding Daytime Actor and Actress” categories  from CBS’ The Bold and the Beautiful  and The Young and the Restless, to discuss diversity.

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Comings & Goings

- B&B's Jacob Young (Rick) and Lindsay Godfrey (Caroline) will crossover to Y&R for the debut of Chelsea's fashion line for Jabot during the Spring Fashion Show in Genoa City from April 11th-16th.

- Adam Gregory (Thomas) returns to B&B to reprise his role on Feb. 28th.  The actor took to Twitter back in December to explain his reoccurring status:

- Legendary former Price is Right host, Bob Barker will appear on April 30 and May 1st, alongside Hope (Kim Mutula) and Liam (Scott Clifton) during the save the animals story at the CBS studio and Los Angeles animal shelter.

-Jamiee Renee Smith has been cast as Wyatt's (Darin Brooks) ex-girlfriend Nicole (reoccurring role).  First appearance was Feb. 6th.

- Schae Harrison reprises her role as Darla.  Darla's ghost will appear March 18th, 25th and April 7th.

- Joanna Johnson (Karen Spencer) is being replaced.  A casting call for the recurring/contract role of Karen Spencer is still out.

Heather Tom Talks Ridge, Katie & Brooke Love Triangle & Revenge

Just as things start to heat up between Katie (Heather Tom) and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), Heather Tom talks Ridge, Katie & Brooke love triangle and revenge with Soap Opera Network:

Tom on Katie's feelings for Ridge and getting back at Brooke:

"Tom reveals, it’s not all based on revenge: Her alter ego has truly come to care for her sister’s former hubby! “Honestly, I think that if we do indeed go there, [the possible revenge] is the cherry on the cake, the kind of sticking it to Bill and Brooke,” she says. “I think the cake part is actually real, and I think that really, for the first time in her life, she is with someone who doesn’t have these kind of preconceived notions of who she should be. With her sister, she is always going to be a little girl, little sister, staring out the window, watching the world go by. With Bill, I think he kind of saw her as this girl that he needed to prop up and take care of and protect and get her to realize who she is, and he did all those things, but he… still sees her as that girl he first met and doesn’t see her as the woman that she is now. And I think Ridge actually really sees her for who she is now, and it’s refreshing. It’s something that she can fall in love with. And I think that’s where she’s coming from with it.”"

Read entire interview DETAILS: ‘B&B’s’ Heather Tom Dishes on Nu-Ridge, Sibling Rivalry, S&M Style Sex and More! - Soap Opera Network

Darin Brooks & Kelly Kruger Team Up for Good Cause

photo: Andrew Evans / PR Photos

Bold and the Beautiful's Darin Brooks (Wyatt) and real life girlfriend Kelly Kruger (ex. Mackenzie on Y&R) team up for a good cause.  The two stars partnered with Aid Still Required to help provide relief in natural disaster areas. 

In an effort to assist those still affected by the tragic 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Kruger and Brooks are trying to raise $15,000 to purchase a seed oil press. With it, the Haitian farms could produce a bio-diesel fuel from their newly-planted jatropha trees and thereby contribute to a self-sustaining economy.

Kruger says: "When a natural disaster hits, it's a big deal and people are quick to donate and help," she explains. "But years later, when the disaster has left the headlines, people are still living in the worst conditions and not getting much help."

She continues:

"We wondered: If we don't do something, who will?" she says. As an incentive to donate, Kruger and Brooks are offering everything from wristbands and tote bags to B&B set visits and even autographed scripts. "Visit to donate and learn more," she says of the campaign that's running through Sunday, March 16. "If everyone would donate just $10, we would reach our goal."

**Look for Kruger to star in ABC's Castle on Feb. 24th in the episode titled "Room 147." In it, a mystery unfolds when more than one person confesses to the murder of a struggling young actor. "I'm playing the girlfriend of the victim," Kruger reveals. "I'm interviewed by both Castle and Beckett, and it was very emotional."

Dan McVicar Goes from B&B Soap Star to Comic Book Creator

Dan McVicar goes from Bold and the Beautiful soap star to comic book creator. According to Soaps in Depth, McVicar (ex. Clarke B&B) has teamed with Italian screenwriter Roberto Pretti and artist Gianluca Gugliotta (DC Comics' Mister Terrific) to bring to life The Last Cavalier, a graphic novel that tells the story of Michael Cross, an adventurer who returns to Italy to help locate the missing Shroud Of Turin!

"I'm very excited about this project, and I see it having life in many forms," McVicar tells Soaps In Depth. "It's a combination of fantasy, history, spiritualism, and action. Michael Cross is a mature hero, happily married to a loving wife, Anna, who gets caught up in the story as well." Perhaps influenced by the triangles he was involved in as Clarke, McVicar says that Michael's got one going on, too, with the character of Marta De Paolis. "As writers, we know a lot about her, but readers won't — for a while."

The Last Cavalier is seeking funding through Kickstarter. Interested folks can bid at this link. Backers can receive everything from having their name mentioned on the comic's Web site to having themselves or a friend drawn into the story!

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