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Heather Tom Wins Her 5th Daytime Emmy Award

B&B's Heather Tom won her 5th Daytime Emmy Award last night during the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards. The actress took home the Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Award.

Tom posted these before and after pics on her Facebook page.  The before pic show Tom in rollers sitting on a coach next to a few of her co-stars from B&B: left of Tom is Joanna Johnson (Karen Spencer)on the right Susan Flannery (ex. Stephanie Forrester) and Ally Mills (Pam Douglas).

Scott Clifton & Y&R's Billy Miller Tie in Winning Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series @ Daytime Emmys

B&B's Scott Clifton ties with Y&R's Billy Miller for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series at the 40th Daytime Emmy Awards last night.  Both were over joyed and gave each other a big congratulations bear hug.


Hunter Tylo & Jacqueline Mannes Wood Leaving B&B

Hunter Tylo (Taylor Forrester) and Jacqueline Mannes Wood (Steffy Forrester Spencer) are both leaving Bold and the Beautiful.  From what we know both of their contracts were up and for Tylo, negotiations ended with her exiting left to pursue other things.  And as for Wood a rep from the soap states she is taking a break:

The rep says Wood is“taking a short break, as she has done in the past, from ‘B&B.’ She remains as the character of Steffy Forrester and is continuing to tape, currently with episodes airing through July of 2013 and then beyond.” But they would not comment about why Tylo is leaving the show.

Well, Tylo had this to say on her  official website. I have been very successful outside of ‘B&B’ and I have no doubt she will too — and moreso, because she is free and single to travel all over the world. For me, contract talks ended 4 weeks ago. I am moving forward and opening back up to the thousands of acting roles available, writing, and pursuing my skin care line. My friends and ‘B&B’ fans will be sorely missed. But don’t worry! I’ll keep you posted of my every new adventure!

She also confirms that both actresses who play mother and daughter, contracts have ended,I will clarify that Jackie and I are (coincidentally) off our contracts."

Hunter Tylo's last air-date is set for Wednesday, July 3rd.

Finally Hope Finds A New Love Interest on B&B

After months and months of the back and forth mess with Liam, Hope and Steffy.....Hope (Kim Matula) finds a new love interest and its not Oliver.  Enter actor Darin Brooks (ex. Max Brady on Days of Our Lives).  Brooks character is going to steal Hope's heart and give Liam some real competition.

Darin Brooks has already started filming as Wyatt Fuller, a “clever and mysterious” new love interest for Brooke’s daughter. Look for his first appearance in the role on Friday, June 21.

Most Shocking Moment on B&B: Brooke Tells Eric He is the Father of Her Unborn Baby

Brooke tells Eric the truth about her and Bill getting it on several times in one afternoon.  A very shocked Eric learns that Taylor was right all along.  Brooke tries to pull on Eric's heart strings and reminice about their past, just when he was falling for it Brooke shocks the you know what out of Eric.  She reveals that she is pregnant and he is the father.  Eric's jaw drops to the floor.

Sneak peek at next week:

Hope is ready to pounce on Liam now that Steffy has lost the baby but says she will wait until he is ready to move on with her.  Katie ask her so you really think he will leave Steffy and come back to you?

Brooke tells Eric she can't have the baby without him (so she wants him to go along with this mess of a lie so Bill and Katie will never know who the father really is.  From the looks of things Eric isn't so gun ho to go with Brookes stupid plan as he reminds her that "some of my most painful moments in his life were caused by you."

Recap of the Week May 13th w/ Clarence

Clarence gives the best recap of last week's B&B from Bill having his assistant reaching out to Mya's Baby daddy to get her to violate her probation to Liam revealing to Bill that he blames Steffy for losing the baby.

- Steffy crashes her motorcycle and loses the baby

- Steffy has small case of amnesia until Liam starts refreshing her memory.

- Brooke tells Donna she is pregnant with Bill's baby and from the looks of it she is keeping the baby.

- Liam tells Steffy she lost the baby.  She does the ugly  cry.

- Liam opens up to Bill and says he blames Steffy for the death of their baby. Bill says to his son, you can't share this with Steffy, when you need to vent come to me.

-Caroline still continues to stalk Rick and ignores Rick when he tries to tell her he is moving on with Mya.

-Mya runs into her ex. at the club and they share a moment. She reveals that their daughter is dead and they have no future. So he walks away with Bill's $10,000.  But before he goes Bill's assistant gets a picture of Mya and her ex. which is the proof Bill needed to show Mya violated her probation.

B&B Teasers Week of May 20th

-Brooke asks Eric to make the ultimate sacrifice for her.

-Hope questions the future of Liam and Steffy's marriage.

-Steffy has a cathartic moment.

-Rick throws himself into his work following his breakup with Maya.

-Ignorance is bliss for Katie.

- Taylor gets jealous of Brooke and Eric.

- Bridget and Rick tease Brooke for buttering up to Eric to get her way.

- Hope and Rick become confused over Brookes reaction to Brooke's Bedroom Line tour.

B&B Comings & Goings

- Ashley Jones reprises her role as Bridget Forrester for handful of episodes.  First appearance May 22,2013.

-Zack Conroy's character Oliver will crossover to Y&R on May 21st for a few episodes.

- B&B is casting a leading man, either Caucasian or Hispanic mix, with dark hair, at least 6' tall and in the 25 to 28 years of age range. He is self-assured, masculine, and edgy.

 - B&B has put out a casting call for a recognizable name to play Julie Spencer, a beautiful, intelligent and sophisticated business woman. She's Caucasian and in her mid-to-late 40s. The role is recurring, and could become contract.

- B&B is casting the recurring role of Rafael, a sophisticated, flamboyant, Hispanic male in his mid to late 20s who works in the fashion industry.