The Connected Association of Street Hustlers Chasing All Major Paper rap group a.k.a. C.A.S.H. C.A.M.P. Entertainment have been tearing up the internet with their distinctive blends of beats and street worthy lyrics. Each member of the group (K. Sparkz, J-Mac and J- Will bring a special talent to the table setting them apart from other rap groups with their versatility and hunger to make it.

SayWhatNews: Thanks for taking the time and speaking with SayWhatNews. Tell us about CASH CAMP Entertainment and its members.

CASH CAMP: First we would like to say thank you to SayWhatNews for this opportunity. J-Mac & K. Sparkz founded the entertainment group winter of 2005 and serve as the owners of the organization. Along with the Hustling skills of J-will the group is complete.

K. Sparkz being the in house producer is responsible for all the bumpin’ tracks and the group’s musical identity. After finishing up his Senior year at Texas Wesleyan University in the Spring of 2007 as a business major, he plans to pursue his Master’s degree and continue to take Cash Camp Entertainment to the next level. With J-Mac’s savvy word-play on the hooks, J-Will putting the period on every song, and K. Sparkz delivery. We should be expecting big things from Cash Camp in the near future.

SayWhatNews: How did the group come up with the name C.A.S.H.C.A.M.P. Entertainment?

CASH CAMP: C.A.S.H.C.A.M.P as an acronym stands for “Connected Association of Street Hustlers Chasing All Major Paper”. So that’s what we do legally, through music trying to better our financial needs.

SayWhatNews: Each member has their own unique name. Tell us why those particular names?

CASH CAMP: J- Mac is short for his legal name of Jason McGee. J- Will is short for his legal name of Jerry Williams. K. Sparkz, the K. is short for his first name Kerry. And the Sparkz just sounded good so he took the name and ran with it.

SayWhatNews: How did each member come to join the group?

CASH CAMP: We all are from Waco, Texas and have been knowing each other for years at least 10 years or more. J-Will & J-Mac have always been premier freestyler's in Waco before Hooking up with K. Sparkz & Nique Knuckles who started a group by the name of “The Baddest” in 1996. K. Sparkz left Waco to peruse college football in Kansas. Once leaving the other members started a Group called “The Termics” founded by T. Tokens. K. Sparkz transferred back to Texas and reunited with J-Will and J-Mac and formed “CASH CAMP”.

SayWhatNews: Who are your musical influences?

CASH CAMP: Jay-Z, Nas, 2pac, Fat Pat, Lil Ke Ke, UGK, Slim Thug, Lil Flip, Youngstar, DSR, Cassidy, LL Cool J, Biggie, Nelly, HAWK etc… the list goes on lol

SayWhatNews: What comes to mind when you hear the word Hip-Hop?

CASH CAMP: When I hear the word Hip Hop I think of opportunity because when mixed with the right ingredients it serves as a key that can open many doors that may be shut and or locked. Not just in terms of music but fashion, technology, management etc.

SayWhatNews: Some of your songs use explicit lyrics. How do you feel about different Leaders such as Al Sharpton and politicians wanting to put a stop to explicit lyrics and images in Hip-Hop? And why does C.A.S.H.C.A.M.P. choose to use such lyrics?

Would you ever consider cleaning up your rhymes like Master P. who has created a record label for artist who do not use explicit lyrics?

CASH CAMP: To be honest with you we dropped a Mixtape entitled “Hot Winter Cold Summer” this summer through Hastings Audio, Book, and Video. The CD has some explicit content in it. So J-Mac and K. Sparkz sat down and agreed that the any future Projects that bears the name Cash Camp would be easy on the ears out of respect for out parents, friends, and family.

We personally like to be trendsetters rather than follow in the foot steps of others. Whatever we set out to do we don’t want to match what’s been done before we aim to surpass that standard. We have to put out what our fans want to hear…If they don’t want explicit content we give it to them to the best of our abilities, for without the fans there is no purpose for putting out our music.

SayWhatNews: The groups’ freestyle skills are hot. Which MC or Rap group would challenge in a freestyle battle?

CASH CAMP: Ha Ha, when it comes to freestyle we put J-Mac up against any artist we believe he can hold us down.

SayWhatNews: So many artists are crossing over and collaborating with artist of different genres. Which artist/group would you like to collaborate with and why?

CASH CAMP: Justin Timberlake, Fergie, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Danity Kane and Nicole Scherzinger. We just feel like we can mix it up with these artist and produce something ground breaking.

SayWhatNews: MTV had a table of panelist to choose the hottest lyricist in the game and they chose Lil' Wayne as the best. So many people disagreed with their choice. Who would be your choice?

CASH CAMP: K. Sparkz.

SayWhatNews: You are currently not signed with a label. Which would you consider signing with a major label or an independent label and why?

CASH CAMP: Which ever label offers more opportunity in our advantage. We don’t want to be that group of artist you hear about inking a deal then never hear about them again. Or you hear about them then a year later they fall off the face of the earth and back to the underground.

SayWhatNews: There are so many Rappers/rap groups in the industry; what sets you apart from the rest?

CASH CAMP: We are From Waco, Texas we have no radio station… we are hungry! We are a very versatile and have a definite sound that sets us apart from any other down south group.

SayWhatNews: Tell us something about the group your fans don’t know.

CASH CAMP: We are a bunch of clowns there is never a dull moment when we get together the atmosphere is full of jokes.

SayWhatNews: Is their anything in your career that you would like to change?

CASH CAMP: Nope we like what we have grown into individually and as a group the trials and tribulations have made us what we are today… Blessed and Highly Favored by the Man above.

SayWhatNews: What’s in the future for C.A.S.H.C.A.M.P. Entertainment?

CASH CAMP: Good Music and whatever God has for us.

C.A.S.H.C.A.M.P. Entertainment Myspace

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