When this sultry soulful singer hit the music scene back in 1991, she claimed dance music as her own. With #1 hits “Finally”, “Keep on Walkin” and “We Got A Love Thing” this diva was crowned the 20th Century’s Queen of Disco and Dance music. No one can do it better than Ce Ce Peniston.

SayWhatNews: Tell us about Ce Ce Peniston. Who is Ce Ce Peniston?

Ce Ce: Ce Ce is very optimistic, full surprises, and looking forward to what life has to bring. I love a challenge and have learned to use my struggles as a source of strength.

SayWhatNews: When did you discover your talents for music?

Ce Ce: I would have to say around the sixth grade when I did this musical HMS pinafore.

SayWhatNews: Did you always want to be a singer?

Ce Ce: Yes, I always knew that singing was my destiny, the place I felt at home.

SayWhatNews: Growing up who were your musical influences?

Ce Ce: Chaka Khan, Shirley Murdock and my girl Patti Labelle.

SayWhatNews: In 1989 you were crowned Miss Black Arizona, what made you want to enter a pageant? How did you feel when you were crowned?

Ce Ce: It was a challenge for me, not just against the other girls but for myself. It was about whatever would make me a well rounded artist. The pageant deals with poise, interviews, talent all a part of grooming for the music biz. The competition was intense, so to win was the biggest high.

SayWhatNews: How were you discovered?

Ce Ce: I was discovered doing background vocals for another artist.

SayWhatNews: How did it feel when you learned that your first single “Finally” hit the #1 spot on the Billboard chart?

Ce Ce: My dream had finally come through, a dream since the age of thirteen.

SayWhatNews: What’s the most outrageous thing a fan has done?

Ce Ce: Followed me from city to city.

SayWhatNews: You hit the music scene in 1991 and you are still performing to sold out crowds in the U.S. and in Europe. How does that make you feel?

Ce Ce: Blessed, because I’m still able to do what I love most.

SayWhatNews: The Entertainment Industry is very image conscious. Has anyone ever told you to change your image?

Ce Ce: Yes, everyone has an opinion of what you should look like, some advice you take and everything else you file away. I’m very image conscious now because I know that as artists’ we’re the trendsetters and if you’re in healthy and in shape your spirit shines from the inside out.

SayWhatNews: You have worked with some of the best in the industry, is there anyone that you have not worked with that you would love to collaborate with?

Ce Ce: I would have to say Stevie Wonder and Ivan and Carvin, who produced tracks for Musiq Soulchild.

SayWhatNews: Ce Ce, you have starred in plays such as “When A Woman Is Fed Up” and have even acted in a few independent films; do you see more acting in your future?

Ce Ce: I would love to.

SayWhatNews: You appeared in NBC’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, and performed Faith Hill’s “There You’ll Be” and truly did your thing. Have you considered featuring this song on an album?

Ce Ce: Thanks for the compliment, I hadn’t considered it for an album but I wouldn’t mind doing more music like that.

SayWhatNews: I hear that your voice is in an animated feature, how did this come about?

Ce Ce: I was in the car on the way to a performance and I started doing the voice of Marge Simpson and Betty Boop and a friend of mine Eric Floyd said, I have a job for you doing animation in Canada and basically, it went from there.

SayWhatNews: Your passion in life is to do charitable work. Tell us about the Ce Ce Penistion Youth Foundation.

Ce Ce: I started the foundation in 1997 because I wanted to give out some of the gifts I’ve received. I really believe in education and being productive in my community.

SayWhatNews: Ce Ce you are a very busy woman; what does Ce Ce do to relax?

Ce Ce: I know you’re gonna laugh, but I love being creative with rhinestones, going to the movies, going to the spa, and hangin with my girlfriends.

SayWhatNews: What is in the future for Ce Ce Peniston?

Ce Ce: A new album project, more spiritual growth and many more surprises I don’t even know about yet, but am looking forward to because I believe we speak greatness into our life. Ce Ce Peniston Official Website Ce Ce Peniston Myspace Page

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