The passion to entertain and perform is something already embedded deep down inside and its that special moment that brings that passion to life. Celeste at a young age discovered her passion to entertain when she performed live and loved it so much that she refused to leave the stage. It was that passion that helped and gave her the drive and ambition to go for her dream to become a singer/entertainer. SayWhatNews had the pleasure in speaking with a rising star, Country singer and actress Celeste:

SayWhatNews: Hey Celeste, thanks so much for doing an interview with SayWhatNews. Tell us who is Celeste?

Celeste: Actually, I am a pretty simple girl who (you may find this hard to believe) likes to fly under the radar (unless I'm onstage of course.) For example: when I was with Radio Disney many of my friends didn't even know about it until the end. I love being athletic and something else no one know’s about me is that I play golf among other sports. One more fact is that I'm an A student! So I guess you could say to sum it up, I'm a Christian that loves music, writing songs, choreographing routines, watching sunsets, days at the beach, and making people smile!

SayWhatNews: So sweet, you sound like a down to earth young lady. First, tell us where are you originally from?

Celeste: I'm originally from Virginia.

SayWhatNews: What month were you born?

Celeste: I was born in November of 1993.

SayWhatNews: Oh your just a baby, when you were born I had been out of High School 1 year (smiling). So, you just recently turned sweet 16. What did you do for that special day?

Celeste: I went out shopping with my mom and then my parents surprised me by having a bunch of my friends meet me for a birthday dinner. Two months later I had a dual dance birthday party with my best friend and we invited a bunch of people! I had a great time! So I got to celebrate it twice!

SayWhatNews: Now that’s the way to celebrate turning 16, times 2. Do you have any siblings?

Celeste: No, I don't have any siblings but I have a dog and he is 8 years old (smiling).

SayWhatNews: You started singing at the age of 5 singing in the church choir. Did you always want to sing?

Celeste: Yes! I've always loved singing and performing. It is my favorite thing to do and I just feel at home when I'm onstage.

SayWhatNews: Celeste, your mother remembers a time when you were just 6 years old and you were performing on stage, everyone left the stage but you refused to leave. Tell us about that moment. How did you feel and what was going through your mind?

Celeste: I can only tell you through my mom's memory because I can't remember it that well, sorry. My mom said I was very happy that I had performed but when it was over I became very sad and I didn't want to leave.

SayWhatNews: That was a sign that you were meant to entertain on the big stage. In 2006 at the age of 12, you learned about Radio Disney holding auditions for a Pop group. When you were waiting for your turn to audition were you nervous? Take us back to that moment, especially when they called your name to audition.

Celeste: Oh Yes! I was very, very, very nervous. For a few years when I was performing or auditioning for something I had this thing where you could tell if I was nervous by looking at my cheeks. They were bright red! I felt like I was going to pass out! When they called my name I lost my stomach. My mom finally asked "If this is how you feel, why are you doing this?" I answered by saying "I figure if I do it enough I will eventually get over the fear." That was when I knew, my love for performing was stronger than my fear.

SayWhatNews: How did you learn that you were selected to be a member in the Pop group RD7. And how exciting was that moment? And how long did you have to wait to learn if you were selected?

Celeste: I think it took about a week to hear back from Radio Disney. Me and my mom were sitting at the table and she got a phone call. When she hung up, I found out that I had made the group. I was very excited because personally I thought I was going to be an alternate.

SayWhatNews: Now Celeste, from 2006 - 2007 your group RD7 opened for teen sensations like Raven, Jonas Brothers, Kelly Clarkson, the Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana concerts. Were you completely star struck, those acts were big Disney stars?

Celeste: We got the privilege to open for the Jonas Brothers and Raven and performed at The Cheetah Girls and Hannah Montana pre-party as well as Kelly Clarkson. I met all of them but Kelly. They were all very nice. I wasn't really star stuck but I guess that's because I'm not a star stuck person. When I think back to that time the most amazing thing was running on stage in front of a stadium full of people and seeing all the glow sticks (while opening for Raven.) I think the fans are the ones who really made me star struck! They were amazing!

SayWhatNews: Celeste, you recently had your acting debut in the independent film ‘Much A Do About Middle School‘ starring Golden Globe winner Lee Meriweather, Cartoon Networks Blake Michael and Army Wives star Jeff Rose. How did you hear the about the movie?

Celeste: I had previously done a Christmas music video for the producer and director of the movie. It was after that when he asked me to be in the movie! Working with all the Veterans taught me a lot about this new experience.

SayWhatNews: What was your first experience like being on the set of a film?

Celeste: Honestly I didn't think I was going to like it but after filming for a month I most definitely caught the acting bug! It was so much fun and totally different from performing. I loved it!

SayWhatNews: Was acting part of your game plan for your entertainment career or was it just something that just happened?

Celeste: Nope it just happened (smiling). I totally wasn't thinking about going in that direction.

SayWhatNews: Well you must certainly have caught the acting bug because you will be starring in a new drama series ‘Lindsey’s Way’ this coming Spring. Tell us about the show and its storyline and what network will we be able to watch it on?

Celeste: Well I am not sure which network it will be on. We haven't been told that yet but you can go to for details. ‘Lindsey's Way’ is about a girl who has lost her mom and lives with her dad on a horse ranch. She also loves to sing and write songs. I am really excited because they will be using my original songs on the show and now I LOVE HORSES!

SayWhatNews: With two acting projects under your belt you also found time to write 19 songs and complete your first CD. Tell us about your new album and what your fans can expect?

Celeste: My new album is totally me. It's titled "This Is Where I Wanna Be." You will hear some pop, some rock, and some country and even a duet on the CD. The first two singles we have let out so far are: one, "Crying With the Sky" (a ballad) and two "Handcuffed To Your Heart" (an upbeat pop/country song.) I either wrote or co-wrote all the songs on the CD.

SayWhatNews: Nice, a singer, song-writer and actress. When will “This Is Where I Wanna Be” be released?

Celeste: It will be released sometime this spring.

SayWhatNews: Celeste you have been quoted of saying that your goal is to bring a “Teen factor to Country music“. With your song ‘My Jeans’ and its video I think you have done just that. The song is youthful and has a classic country sound. What inspired the song?

Celeste: I just wanted to write a fun, dance song that would make people happy! And what can I say? I love my jeans!

SayWhatNews: With such a busy schedule, filming, finishing your first album, planning you’re ‘My Jean Tour’, how do you find the time to be 16 and hang out with your friends?

Celeste: That' a really good question and unfortunately sometimes there isn't enough time. Any spare time I get I try to spend time with them because they are so important to me. And there's always texting, emailing, and twitter (smiling).

SayWhatNews: So, what is your favorite thing to do during down time?

Celeste: CRASH!!! And watch a movie or something on TV with my friends and family.

SayWhatNews: Celeste you have a huge fan base, who are you a fan of?

Celeste: I am a HUGE fan of Reba McEntire, Alan Jackson, and Michael Jackson. They are all amazing and all bring different aspects to the music business. Reba in her tone and her voice, Alan in his songwriting and story telling, and Michael with his performance skills and how he had his hand on everything that had to do with his career. I love all three of them and never get tired of listening to any of them sing.

SayWhatNews: What’s in the future for Celeste?

Celeste: Actually I want to do a duet with Alan Jackson!!! I am really hoping that if I say it enough it will eventually get to him and we can do it! But I see myself in Nashville in the future hopefully winning a CMA and just doing what I love. Singing, performing, and acting. Celeste Website Celeste Myspace

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