An actors worth can be measured by their passion for their craft and natural talents to embody the character they are portraying. Actress Christina DeRosa with her sassiness, flair, unique sense of style and acting talents is definitely one to watch as she makes her way through Hollywood. SayWhatNews sat down with the very busy actress/model and discussed her rising career and more:

SayWhatNews: Good morning Christina. Thanks so much for taking time out of your morning and speaking with SayWhatNews. Tell us in three words who is Christina DeRosa?

Christina: Sassy, Professional, Grateful.

SayWhatNews: Christina, where were you born and raised?

Christina: I was born and raised in New York, Long Island to be exact and I believe you can take the girl out of NY but you can’t take the NY out of me. So, even though I eventually moved to Maryland, I still felt like a New Yorker. Yes, I went around looking for the hot peanut street vendors, the Lord &Taylor windows at Christmas Time and good pizza, with not much avail.

SayWhatNews: You are a little spit-fire aren’t you (smiling). Now, your musical theater career started at the tender age of 8. What sparked your interest at such a young age?

Christina: My dad was a huge influence on me. Even though, he does not talk much about it, when he was young, he rivaled all the best crooners. However, he decided that a family was a better choice so my sister and I were born with his musical talents and passion which our mother reinforced throughout our childhood.

During our family outings, we did not have iPads, everybody in the car was singing to Perry Como, Frank Sinatra and all the Broadway tunes that you can think of.

SayWhatNews: Christina, you starred as Orphan Annie which is a role many kid actors would die for. What was it like playing such an iconic role?

Christina: “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you’re only a day away.” I made myself happy while at the same time made the entire audience happy, playing a joyful role while being a Redhead.

SayWhatNews: So cute……When you starred in the Wizard of Oz as a child, you acted along side the now Academy Award winner Natalie Portman. Do you ever have a ‘WOW’ moment thinking how far you have come?

Christina: The question should be how far, she has come. I still have a long way to go. But Natalie Hershlag, has paved the way for me.

SayWhatNews: True, but your achievements as to date, many aspiring actors would love to have too. You have had a lot of professional training from getting your BA in Film and theater at UCLA to studying under some great acting coaches. How has your training helped you prepare for Hollywood?

Christina: I am forever grateful to all my acting teachers who have given me the discipline and professional skills, necessary for me to be a good actress. And, I am constantly building on the foundation laid down from Mrs. Green, my Elementary School Teacher, to Stephen Book, my current teacher.

SayWhatNews: Now Christina, you just recently worked with Producer Roger Corman in the movie ‘Piranhaconda’, tell us how the opportunity came about for you to get the role as Rachel?

Christina: It’s amazing how work begets work! Because, I worked on a commercial, I was seen by the DP who recommended me to the producers of Piranhaconda. The moral of the story is, never poo, poo, a small job because you never know what it may lead to.

SayWhatNews: I have seen the picture of the head of the ‘Piranhconda’ and I must say its pretty scary looking to look at. What was it like on set working with such a ugly looking creature? Did you find yourself sometimes thinking it was real?

Christina: You saw the head? Where did you see the head? In small budget pictures, you are told to imagine the grandeur and fearfulness of the creature from a drawing. The rest is called, ACTING against a green screen.

SayWhatNews: LOL!!!! Well, even in Twilight: New Moon they used wolves made out of cardboard cut outs for the actors to act with so even a film with a huge budget improvises. I found the picture online while researching the film. Christina, you are always working. You also just wrapped filming of a family featured film, ‘Halloween Dog’ and worked with some hunky/talented leading men such as Dean Cain and Mario Lopez. What was it like working with these talented fellow actors?

Christina: Well, Dean Cain was hitting on me so that’s a compliment. He showed me a picture of his child but made sure to let me know he is not married. It was a lot of fun working with good looking, fun and talented actors who made the time go by, too fast.

SayWhatNews: Oooo some inside scoop from behind the scenes. You know there are a lot of ladies out there who would also be honored if Dean Cain flirted with them, lol. Your resume is quite impressive, you have appeared in some of our favorite TV shows like ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ and General Hospital. Can you think of a funny experience on set that you would like to share?

Christina: I’ve learned how to pass the time while being on “hurry up, and wait” sets from the guys on Entourage, it’s called, the Text Message Game whereby you pick a number and then you have to go down to that text message and read it aloud, whoever has the funniest text message, wins the round. What a way to pass the time waiting to be called onset.

SayWhatNews: That’s funny. I’m sure there were some real funny text reveals. Christina, you also have a great modeling career. Tell us how you as a petite model have over come that hurdle when most models are 5’11 and up?

Christina: I am 10 feet tall when I stand on top of my charisma. I am an actress so I don’t pose, for the camera, I act while standing still for the camera.

SayWhatNews: Well said. You also did hosting gigs for North End Buzz TV and IFA Independent Filmmaker Alliance. How did modeling and acting help you prepare for those jobs?

Christina: To be truthful, what really helped me for those jobs was my sassiness, which put all my interviewees at ease and the material I had to recite have a spicy flavor.

SayWhatNews: I see that you produced some Cabaret Shows in Beverly Hills. Did your background in musical theater influence you to take that direction?

Christina: Absolutely. I live in LA, which is not a great place, if you need to get your Broadway fix. So after years of withdrawal, I had to get my fix, so with my friends, we indulged in two hours of NY style fun times with my Cabaret Shows.

SayWhatNews: What was it like working with music producer Ralph Churchwell who is known for working with great talents such as Lenny Kravtiz and the Baha-men?

Christina: I was able to explore and to push myself into unknown territories. My Broadway discipline was put to the test as I was learning the skills of being a pop singer. Now, I am preparing to explore and push myself again by doing a remake of my good neighbor, Tony Renis’ Quando, Quando, Quando, with producer, Chay Alexander Wright.

SayWhatNews: Christina, I see you are a fashionista. Your red-carpet moments have been featured on the ‘Best Dressed & Worst Dressed’ list in Star Magazine, OK Magazine and in People Magazine. How amazing or even strange is it to see yourself featured in such popular entertainment magazines for your fashion sense?

Christina: Yes, I am very bohemian with my fashion sense. For the Emmy’s, I choose, a Spanish influenced motif, with the flamenco style dress, matching bag and shoes, for which I was mostly chastised for. That did not detour me in claiming my own style. I will not conform to the fashion police. So, I love to see myself in such popular entertainment magazines, making my statement of “I will not be a comrade”

SayWhatNews: Good for you. Stay true to you and keep rocking those stylish looks that makes you stand out from the masses. Whose your favorite designer to wear and why?

Christina: For shoes, Shoes for the Stars on Melrose. Jacob, always manages to make me look gracious and tall. I like to say, I was born in heels. Jewelry, Natalie K Jewelry, the proper, petite size jewelry with the most carats. For the dresses, anything that is on the racks of Pistol and Stamen PR will always make me fab!

SayWhatNews: Christina, you are working all the time. What do you like to do during your spare time?

Christina: I volunteer through my spiritual center by singing at nursing homes and through the SAG foundation, reading to children with chronic medical conditions. It fills my heart with joy when I can give back even a little.

SayWhatNews: What’s next for Christina DeRosa?

Christina: Three feature films and a TV show shooting in Indiana. Too soon to promote but please go to to see and hear more of me and follow me on Christina DeRosa website

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