Having longevity in the entertainment business whether it be in film, music or literature is the fine point to success. Entrepreneur, author, actress and producer Ci Ci Foster is a prime example of a rising star who knows that having great success is understanding all parts of the entertainment world. SayWhatNews was able to speak candid with Ci Ci Foster about her current projects and her rise to the top:

SayWhatNews: Good morning Mrs. Foster. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule and speaking with SayWhatNews. Please tell us who is Ci Ci Foster?

Ci Ci: I am an entrepreneur, author, producer, and actress. I am co-owner of Flower Goddess Productions, a company I was inspired to start after seeing the lack of opportunities in Hollywood for women and minorities. I am also a wife and proud mother of two.

SayWhatNews: Ci Ci, tell me how a psychology major who minored in theater ended up in the hardest industry in the world as an actress, producer and author?

Ci Ci: I only studied psychology to have something to fall back on in case theater didn’t work out. My mom always taught me to think logically, so I was playing it safe. While in college, I started doing a lot of plays, and it was then I decided to pursue it as a career.

SayWhatNews: As an actress you have worked performed in a number of independent films. What was the most challenging role you have had to play?

Ci Ci: My most challenging role was in the indie film “Home is where the Heart is”. I played a psychotic woman trapped in her sister’s house right at the mist of the Y2k epidemic. Not only was the dialogue heavy, but this character had so many emotional layers, it was really a stretch for me to reach that level. So, I just did the best I could with the role. The director was pleased though.

SayWhatNews: Flower Goddess Production is your own production company you founded with fellow actress Mashari Laila Bain. Tell us how did Flower Goddess Production come to be?

Ci Ci: Mashari and I became fast friends after being introduced by her boyfriend. We started talking about our future goals and discovered they were very similar. We knew if we were going to work together, we had to make it legit and form our own company, so Flower Goddess Productions was born.

SayWhatNews: Ci Ci your documentary “I Heart Hollywood” which is a film about the trials and real life of 14 actresses in Hollywood; was the first project released under Flower Goddess Productions. What inspired the documentary and why was it important for you to document the struggles actresses experience in Hollywood?

Ci Ci: The “I Heart Hollywood” project started with me pitching an idea to do a calendar to my business partner, Mashari. From there Mashari came up with the idea to film the whole process. After developing the idea more, we decided to make a feature length documentary about the love/hate relationship most actresses have with Hollywood. There are quite a few entertainment shows such as Access Hollywood that gives viewers a glimpse into an actress’ lives when they are already famous. So we wanted to expose people to the journey before they become famous. The doc was recently screened at The Bronzeville Film Festival in Chicago and received rave reviews. We’re really proud of it.

SayWhatNews: Congrats on your success, I feels its important that the before struggles are shown to help inspire others who dream outside the box. Now Ci Ci, while balancing family life being a wife and a mother, plus being an actress and producer you discovered your love for writing. How did you even find time to discover this new passion and what exactly inspired the new interest?

Ci Ci: For as long as I can remember, I used writing as a way to escape. Back then I looked at my writing as simply a hobby. I now view it as a passion just like my producing and acting. And it is difficult to balance family and work, but I am a true believer in we find the time for things we view as important.

SayWhatNews: I agree with that. Your new book “Sunny Rain” started as a short story and ended up as a novel. Please tell us about how “Sunny Rain” turned into your first book?

Ci Ci: The idea to turn “Sunny Rain” into a novel was my husband, Kevin’s idea. Being the business man that he is, he convinced me my writing could be a profitable business. So I re-wrote it into a full novel.

SayWhatNews: Tell us about the 3 main characters in “Sunny Rain” and what inspired their creation?

Ci Ci: Natalie Ellis, Monica Davis, and Leslie Morgan are the main characters in ‘Sunny Rain.’ Natalie is the one who seems to have it all together. What her friends don’t know is she is very good at burying her problems. Monica is the reserved one who constantly seeks approval from others. Leslie is the social butterfly out the group. She loves men and the idea of having them lust after her. I took key personality traits from people I know and used my imagination to build from there. It’s kind of funny because almost everyone who has read Sunny Rain thinks they are one of the characters.

SayWhatNews: Ok I have to ask - Ci Ci, how did a mother of 2 end up writing a hot, sexy, seductive novel?

Ci Ci: Because I am a mother of two does not mean I have lost my sexiness, or I shouldn’t shy away from it... Just ask my husband…LOL…So whatever I write is going to be hot!

SayWhatNews: What exactly do you want your readers to take away from reading your new novel “Sunny Rain”?

Ci Ci: I hope readers will gain the understanding that we all have our own set of problems that we deal with on a daily basis. No matter what the issues are in our lives, action is the most important step to making it through. And, when you find that inner strength, you will become a stronger person all around.

SayWhatNews: What prevalent myths do you challenge in your book?

Ci Ci: I challenge the statement ”All men are dogs”, as it is commonly stereotyped that men are the ones juggling woman and there are not any more good men, that is why in the book I purposely made it that the woman are the ones doing dirt. In the book the character Natalie Ellis steps out on her husband, as she didn’t know how to handle the values of having a good man.

SayWhatNews: The name of the book “Sunny Rain” is very intriguing in its self. Tell us how did you come up with the name?

Ci Ci: I wish I could take the credit for coming up with the clever title, but I can’t. A friend of mine, Frantz came up with it after I put out the call to all of my friends for help. The first time I heard it, I loved it. “Sunny Rain” symbolized that whatever drama you’re going through (Rain) there’s always a light (Sun) at the end of the tunnel.

SayWhatNews: That’s really clever. So, what comes to mind when you hear you are the new face/author of Urban Erotica?

Ci Ci: I get excited! I’ve been really enjoying this journey and I’m so looking forward to sharing more of my work.

SayWhatNews: Ci Ci you are currently working on your next novel “Hollywoodn’t”. What can readers expect from the upcoming erotica novel?

Ci Ci: “Hollywoodn’t” is about a rising starlet that will stop at nothing to protect her reputation. Readers can expect high drama and unexpected twists, with a touch of erotica.

SayWhatNews: On IMDB.com, “I Heart Hollywood” movie-meter (popularity on the website) is up 51% this week and your personal star meter is up 21% this week. How does that make you feel learning that your project’s popularity and your own popularity is growing?

Ci Ci: It feels good to know that all my hard work is starting to pay off. I hope the popularity continues to grow so “I Heart Hollywood” and “Sunny Rain” can be exposed to a much broader audience.

SayWhatNews: Ci Ci, you are a talented multi-media guru who has her hands in many areas in the entertainment industry. Why is it so important to have different endeavors going at a time?

Ci Ci: I think with the way the industry is changing, you almost have to wear more than one hat to have longevity in the business. I mean we all see what the writer’s strike a few years back did to the industry. People who were only writers struggled to make money. This industry has no guarantees, so you have to be skilled in many facet of it, just in case something like that happens.

SayWhatNews: Ci Ci what advice would you give someone aspiring to be part of the entertainment industry?

Ci Ci: I would advise anyone who wants to be a part of this crazy industry to learn as much as you can about the business. Don’t just rely on one area of expertise. This industry is so competitive and I find that when a lot of people move to LA, they really see first hand how many aspiring actors, writers, and directors there are all waiting for their big break. My advice, don’t wait. You don’t need to wait on someone to cast you in a movie to act. You can build your own team and produce your own work. More opportunities will present itself as people see your work. And Lastly, never give up.

SayWhatNews: What’s next for the entrepreneur, actress, model, producer/author Ci Ci Foster?

Ci Ci: I have a few upcoming projects that I’m excited about. I’m working on producing “Sunny Rain” the web-series. I also have 2 short films in the pipeline.

Ci Ci Foster Website

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