Music is a platform for many artist to express their feelings and is even a form of therapy. Corinne Vielle is music's "Femme Fatale who has no problem expressing her emotions, heartache and love experiences with the stroke of a pen and Hip-Hop/Rock infused beats. Her vocals go hard as she uses her sex appeal to take control of the stage as she entertains. SayWhatNews went candid with the singer about her music and much more:

SayWhatNews: Hey, good morning Corinne. Thanks for sitting down with SayWhatNews. Tell us who is Corinne Vielle?

Corinne: You’re welcome. I’m a rock star sex pistol.

SayWhatNews: At a young age you were very ambitious. You started your own dance team and joined the gospel choir. What was your motivation at such a young age to take a risk?

Corinne: Music was always my motivation. All of my friends growing up were all very music oriented. Everyone had a talent whether it be rapping, singing and dancing. We all just were a musical bunch. So I just suggested we all just form a dance team and we did. We didn’t have anyone telling us what to do or what to wear or when to rehearse. We did it cause we wanted to. We were all entertainers.

Joining the gospel choir wasn’t a risk at all for me.

SayWhatNews: Corinne, you grew up in the Bronx (New York). How much of an influence do you believe growing up in the Bronx influenced your love for music and dance?

Corinne: The Bronx is filled with so much culture and music from all genres that was always in heavy rotation as soon as you walked outside, especially in the summertime. Dancing and singing were just how we expressed ourselves.

SayWhatNews: Your love for music expands all genres of music from Hip-Hop to Rock. What were your musical influences growing up?

Corinne: My mom played a lot of different styles of music growing up. My friends were musical people so when we’d hang out. We’d have all sorts of fun battles on who can give the best performance, sing the loudest, dance the hottest. That was so much fun and influenced me so much that once I figured out I could actually do it for a living I was hooked.

SayWhatNews: Roughly 5 years ago you decided to pursue a singing career professionally. What inspired you to make a change and go for stardom?

Corinne: I couldn’t contain myself. I tried working jobs but they weren’t cutting it. I needed to be on stage. I feel good there. I feel happy there. I love to work hard but only at what makes me happy. Pushing papers is boring to me. I need the fast fun excitement of a rock star.

SayWhatNews: Corinne, you’re also a song writer. How do you get into the zone to write songs? Some artist just go to the studio and make it happen right then and there and others have to meditate.

Corinne: Music is a vibe. I have to feel it in order to write it, it doesn’t matter where I am. I had to buy a tape recorder because lyrics/melodies would pop in my head and a pen just wasn’t quick enough. I can get into the zone when something is affecting me emotionally.

SayWhatNews: Corinne, you call yourself “Femme Fatale”. How did that nickname come about?

Corinne: I love old Hollywood and I read all the biographies about great actresses like Ava Gardner, Lana Turner, Jean Harlow and Bette Davis. The bio’s told how all were these man-eaters but were so elegant and classy. Ava in particular was called a “beautiful animal” or the “Femme Fatale” and I related to all of that. In my music I use sex as a weapon.

SayWhatNews: Woo…. so feisty. Now with so many female artist out there, what sets you apart from the rest?

Corinne: I don’t do anything purposely to set myself apart. That’s when an artist is trying too hard or trying to be something there not. I make good music. I love fashion. I love electric guitars. I like to write songs that are honest and helpful. I get hurt and disgusted. I like showing off my assets and I like having sex. I’m not going to try convincing people I’m different, edgier or cooler. I’ll let my music answer what sets me apart.

SayWhatNews: I hear you on that one. Your album “Proceed With Caution” includes such hits like “Therapy” and “Narcotics”. What was the inspiration for the album?

Corinne: Inspiration came from sheer anger… I’m pissed off. I’m emotionally unstable. I blow a casket every now and then. I have frustrations I need to get rid of so why not put them in song? Those are just the emotions that inspired the album. I can use my pain to express love in its deepest form. I can use love to express my pain too. I can use revenge to show how much I loved you and was pained by you. I put my aggression upfront where you can see it. It’s not hidden. Just listen.

SayWhatNews: Corinne your sound is a well blended mix of R&B, Punk Rock and Hip-Hop and you have been compared to some of the great divas from the 80‘s such as Vanity. Tell us what you want your fans to experience when they come see you perform and listen to your music?

Corinne: I love Vanity. She was so sexy and Prince is genius. Her quirky behavior on stage inspired me. My fans will experience a real live sex pistol, guitar humping, sexy dancing, hair flipping and all around fun. I’m not new to the stage so I’m very capable of bringing the drama to the stage.

SayWhatNews: Corinne you have even done back ground vocals for some of the top artists in the industry. Tell us how did the opportunity come about to do back ground vocals for Jim Jones hit “We Fly High” featuring Diddy, T.I., Lil’ Wayne and Young Joc?

Corinne: The “We Fly High” opportunity came from being at the right place at the right time. Jim needed a vocalist. Called me up and I was in town; came to the studio in New York and it was done.

SayWhatNews: The Femme Fatale of Music wears a variety of hats from singing, dancing, song writing and even acting. Have you always wanted to be an actress?

Corinne: No. I never aspired acting at all. I just learned the craft of acting from watching great actors in movies. Heavily, I watched how they handled themselves from movie to movie, their body language, their facial expressions and all that. Some actors don’t change their mannerisms from movie to movie. Like, Sarah Jessica Parker always talks with her hands when she’s excited and Jennifer Aniston always wears the same style of clothing that doesn’t differ from her personal style. But anyway, I picked up on the skill and started doing monologues and found I had an interest. But not as deep as I do for music.

SayWhatNews: Corinne, you have appeared in some great movies and TV shows like Sex and the City (Movie), Law and Order and Something’s Gotta Give. Are there any funny or interesting stories you can share when you were on the set?

Corinne: On the set of Sex and The City The Movie, we were acting like it was the “summertime” but during filming it was really 9 degrees outside and I had to wear a mini dress with sandals. I was cold. But truthfully I didn’t give a hoot about the uncomfortable weather! I was apart of a show that changed my life and had the opportunity to watch these amazing actresses work? Priceless.

SayWhatNews: With Social Networking playing a huge role in all the industries from music, movies, fashion and other businesses. How much time do you utilize Myspace, Facebook and Twitter to connect with fans and how has it impacted your music career?

Corinne: About 60% of my day is spent conversing with fans and promoting and connecting. I answer all of my tweets and facebook comments. Social networking has made me more accessible to my fans so they get to know more about me then just the songs I sing.

SayWhatNews: During an interview you advised up and coming artists to, “practice, practice, practice”. Is there any other advise you can give to an new artist who still doesn’t know what there next step is to launch there career?

Corinne: Plan. Have a strategy. Find yourself so you can be yourself.

SayWhatNews: Is there anyone you have not worked with that you would love to collaborate with on a project?

Corinne: No. Not yet. I’m not ready for any collaborations.

SayWhatNews: Tell us something your fans don’t know about you?

Corinne: I love interior decorating. I can paint, put up wallpaper and install hardwood floors. I can recite all the 50 states in alphabetical order. Oh and I don’t like ice cream or chocolate.

SayWhatNews: Your image is sexy and very fashion forward, who are your favorite designers and why?

Corinne: Thank you. My favorite is Tom Ford. He has impeccable taste in everything from fashion to fragrances to eyewear to home décor. Not many designers impress me across the board like that. He’s starting to do women’s wear now so I’m excited. Next favorite designer would be Balmain. Chris totally changed the direction of fashion with one season. After that show walked. Every designer who wanted to stay relevant ran back to the drawing board and hopped on trend. Extreme shoulders were IN and are here to stay. Amazing. Rock star sexy is back! Although with me, it never left.

SayWhatNews: If you had front row tickets to a concert who would be performing?

Corinne: Corinne Vielle. I always wanted to start my show from the audience view. Just pop up out my chair and break into song.

SayWhatNews: What’s next for Corinne Vielle?

Corinne: My new songs “Party Crasher” and “Tickle Me Pink” just were release so I’m hitting the pavement in promoting them right now. Next up is finishing up the “Proceed With Caution” album and getting my ass back on stage. Corinne Vielle Website

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