The beginning of one’s career is a journey in its self. In order to fight through the obstacles/closed doors, you have to remain focused and driven to make your dreams come true. Aspiring singer Della, has found her passion of singing/song writing and has embarked on a journey to become the next rising R&B singer to rock the music industry. SayWhatNews went one on one with Della and spoke with her about her new EP and more:

SayWhatNews: Good morning Della. Thanks for interviewing with SayWhatNews. First, in 3 words tell us who Della is?

Della: Professional RNB singer.

SayWhatNews: Let’s start from the beginning for music lovers who don’t know who you are. Where were you born and raised?

Della: Born in Salinias & raised in Oakland/San Leandro.

SayWhatNews: Who were your musical influences growing up?

Della: My music influences growing up were, my mom Angel Sessions, Aaliyah, Christina Aguilera, and as I got a little older Ciara.

SayWhatNews: What inspired you to start singing?

Della: I grew up around music all my life so it was something that came natural to me. I was very shy when I was young but I knew that singing was what I wanted to do. Being that my mom was in the music business, she is the one who really inspired me to fulfill my dream.

SayWhatNews: At the age of 12 you were part of a singing group called One Unity. How did that group come to be and how many members?

Della: The group One Unity was founded by my mom. My mom always said that when I was old enough and ready she wanted to manage my career. So she thought it was a good time to put together a girls group since there weren't any out and I was a new artist. It was originally 3 girls but we then added a fourth girl, my cousin who is known as Lady J and she became our female rapper.

SayWhatNews: One Unity performed all around the Bay Area in California and landed on local TV and radio. Tell us about that experience and how amazing was it to watch your music career to begin to soar?

Della: Being in the girl group gave me so much experience in the studio as well as performing. At such a young age everything we did was very exciting for me and I was thrilled to take on the music industry.

SayWhatNews: Della you are now working on your solo career at the age of 20. What happened to the group One Unity?

Della: Unfortunately the girl group did not work out. We always had trouble with girls staying committed and being dedicated. They didn't realize how serious their career really was and in result of that the group soon ended.

SayWhatNews: With your mother/manager’s guidance you are about to release your first EP album which includes the song, “Breathe”. What can fans expect to hear from this EP?

Della: This EP is special to me because my fans will be able to hear some of my writing for the first time. Majority of my songs are love songs but they express it in many different ways. They can expect to hear something Tokyo doesn’t hear on the radio today. I think my music will take you back to the RNB songs we no longer hear as much.

SayWhatNews: I’m really feeling the second song on the EP. What inspired the songs on the EP and who wrote/produced the songs?

Della: My mom and I both wrote the songs for this EP. SHE wrote 3 and I wrote the other 3. She produced my vocals and Fred White out of Peek A Boo Studio in Oakland produced the songs.

SayWhatNews: When can we expect for the EP to be released and where will people be able to buy it.

Della: My EP will release soon, Breathe is now available on iTunes where you can listen and buy.

SayWhatNews: Della, your mother/manager Angela Sessions is a singer/song writer who has been in the business for 17 years. What key advice has she given you?

Della: She told me to be committed to my career and to continue to push myself if this is something I really wanted.

SayWhatNews: You have been quoted of saying, “You hope your music inspires all people especially young people”. How and why is it so important to you to make a difference in the lives of your fans?

Della: It’s important for me to make a difference in my fans lives because I want them to know that with hard work and dedication you can make dreams become a reality and not to ever give up on what you want in life.

SayWhatNews: Are you planning on doing a video for any of your songs, if so which one?

Della: I do plan on doing a video sometime in the future. I'm not sure which song it will be but I'm leaning towards “I'll Sing” which will be my next single.

SayWhatNews: As your music career blossoms, who would you love to collaborate with and why?

Della: I would love collaborate with Drake. He inspires with his lyrics and diversity with singing and rapping. There are many other artists that I would love to work with as well.

SayWhatNews: I know you have to have a Twitter account and Facebook. Where can fans support you?

Della: People can find me on Facebook at Shardella Sessions. I currently do not have a twitter account for my fans but will in the near future.

SayWhatNews: What’s next in the future for Della?

Della: I'm hoping to get back in the studio soon to record more songs. Its only the beginning for me but I soon will have everyone's attention and hope to bring a new light into the music world.

Shardella Sessions Facebook page