photos: Kyla Hemmelgarn

The world inside the TV set with its magic and make believe can inspire a young child to want to become an entertainer.  Teen actor Dylan Schmid discovered his love for the arts at a young age by watching television and turned that inspiration into a budding acting career.  With a role on the hit ABC show “Once Upon A Time” as the young Baelfire, Dylan has found himself amongst the elite and continues to grow his craft expand his acting resume.   SayWhatNews sat down with the teen star and discussed his beginnings and life as a teen actor on a hit TV show:

SayWhatNews:  Good morning Dylan.   Thanks for speaking with SayWhatNews.  First tell us who is Dylan Schmid?

Dylan:  I’m just a regular dude, like any other teenager, I like to hang out with my friends, text, watch funny YouTube videos.  I enjoy taking care of myself too like going for long walks, hiking, skateboarding, and working out.  I also like to eat healthy and stay positive. 

SayWhatNews:  Dylan, you discovered your love for acting at the tender age of three.  What inspired you to become an actor?

Dylan:  It started for me with just enjoying watching other actors act on television, I really wanted to be like them so I use to imitate them or believe I could be them.  For the longest time I believed television shows were real until my parents told me they were only actors and it was all make believe.  When I found out I could actually be like them, I got my parents to put me into acting classes right away! 

SayWhatNews:  Attending acting school has helped you hone in your acting skills.  What’s the one thing you learned from acting school that helps you prepare for a new role?

Dylan:  Doing a script breakdown.  I do this with my acting coach for all of my auditions. 

SayWhatNews:  Dylan you have performed in theater productions such as the “Hobbit” and “Prince of York”.  Would you ever consider doing Broadway? If so what Broadway show and role would love to take on?

Dylan: If given the chance to work on Broadway I would!  Because you learn so much from different roles in different situations and all these experiences helps you grow as an actor.


photo: ABC Once Upon A Time/Dylan Schmid as Baelfire

SayWhatNews:   In 2012, you landed the younger role of Baelfire, Rumpelstiltskin’s son in the hit ABC series, “Once Upon A Time”.  How did you hear about the role?

Dylan:  I heard about this role from my agent but I had no idea it was for Baelfire because it had a different name attached to it, and much of the script was blackened out too so I really didn’t know who I was until I actually got the real script.  Even then I was really confused because I couldn’t find my name on the script.  Once I realized I was Baelfire, and that I was working with Robert Carlyle, it was like an unbelievable fairy tale come true for me.  I was so excited!

SayWhatNews: As a young actor building his acting resume, how amazing is it for you to be part of a hit TV show?

Dylan:  Yeah, it’s definitely life altering!  I was a bit shocked at first with all the fan mail but I’m just so grateful for their support!  The fans are awesome!

SayWhatNews:  Have you experienced the fandemonium of the show at any red-carpet events or Comic-con? If so what’s your most memorable moment?

Dylan:  Actually no, I’ve never really been on a red carpet before, but it would be great to experience it!  Actually once when I was going on set and one of the body guards from OUAT came over to me and asked if I wouldn’t mind signing some autographs for some Baelfire fans.  At first I thought it was a joke so I laughed, but then I realized he was serious, I couldn’t believe these people actually wanted my autograph.  It was just so awesome!

SayWhatNews:  The new season of ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” just premiered last Sunday and some of the characters are in Neverland with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys.  From the looks of things we may learn some new things about when your character Baelfire was there as a child.  Is there anything you can share with us that will provide a little insight as to what we can expect this season?

Dylan:   Nope, can’t say, sorry (laughs); this is something you’re just going to have to find out!  You have to keep watching!


SayWhatNews:  How cool is it to be a part of a show that’s storyline is about a modern fable blended with beloved fairy-tales that has- thrilling twist, love, magic and darkness?

Dylan:  Yeah, it’s pretty cool to play a character in a Fairy Tale story that I’ve grown up watching my entire life!  The sets and costumes are pretty magical too! 

SayWhatNews:  Yes they are. I love all the different costumes and special effects.  So, Dylan, you have been really busy in TV land.  You have landed roles in FOX’s “Fringe”, Hubs “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour” and more. 

Have you had that wow moment yet when you realize this is your life?

Dylan:  Yes, I had a wow moment the first project I did knowing this would be it.  But the biggest wow moment I’ve ever had was when I got to work beside Robert Carlyle!

SayWhatNews:  I would too. Robert Carlyle is an amazing actor.  The film “Horns” which you landed the lead supporting role alongside Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) just debuted at the 2013 Toronto International Film Festival.  What was that experience like for you?

Dylan:  Awesome!  I got to chill with other kids my own age and we had fun sharing stories and doing some great scene’s together.  We also had the chance to meet Daniel Radcliffe and Max Minghella who were great too.  Whenever Daniel and Max came onto the set they always made sure to hang out with us and get to know who we were and how our scenes turned out.  Another wow moment!

photo: Disney Bunks/Dylan Schmid

SayWhatNews:  Congrats on landing the lead role in the Disney pilot, “Bunks”.   Can you tell us about the show and your character?

Dylan:  Thank you!  “Bunks”, was so much fun.  It’s about two young brothers, Dane and Dylan, who are always getting into trouble because they enjoy playing pranks on people.  My older brother Dane, who is Aiden Shipley, is more of the muscle behind the planning…and I am the brain who is trying to figure things out. 

Although, in real life Aiden is pretty smart and funny, he’s always trying to get one up on me behind the scenes, we get along great!  Dane and I end up getting sent to boot camp by our parents but we don’t quite make there and we end up going to Camp Bushwack instead.  Once there we somehow end up becoming Camp Counselors in charge of a team of young misfits.  We end up helping these misfits along the way, and vice versa, so it’s got some nice story lines to it, and it’s also got some pretty awesome Zombie Apocalypse going on!

SayWhatNews:  So with such a busy schedule how do you find time to have fun?

Dylan:  I can pretty much create fun out of just about anything!  Even if there’s no time, I’ll find time to have fun. 

SayWhatNews:  I hear you like to skateboard.  Can you do any amazing skateboard tricks?

Dylan:  Sure!  (laughs).  Some tricks I know are kick flips, fakey heel flip, big spin flip, etc… I’d love to get the chance to skate board with Owen Wilson or Tyler the Creator!

SayWhatNews: Tell us something about yourself you would like to share with fans that they don’t know?

Dylan:  I just like to go out and have fun most of the time, but other times I can get pretty intense and serious when it comes to my school and/or acting.  My parents tell me I can be a bit of a rebel.

SayWhatNews:  What’s next in the future for Dylan Schmid?

Dylan:  Hopefully I’ll get some more Feature Film’s with some great scripts and more television shows that the fan’s love to watch! 


Check out Dylan Schmid on Twitter @DylanRaySchmid