'Age ain't nothing but a number', quoting Aaliyah's hit single. That one sentence sums up Erica Gluck's talent and experience. Although she is just 12 years old, this young actress has already taken Hollywood by storm. Erica's age surely has not affected her acting abilities. She has performed alongside some of the best in the business and held her own. SayWhatNews had the opportunity to catch up with Erica Gluck and learn what new projects she is working on:

SayWhatNews: Good morning Erica. Its so nice to speak with you. Thanks for interviewing with SayWhatNews. First tells us who is Erica Gluck?

Erica: I’m just a kid with a passion for entertaining and making people happy. Thankfully the people around me such as my parents and manager support me no matter what.

SayWhatNews: Erica you are 12 years old and have already made a name for yourself as an actress. At the age of 4 you did your first commercial with Target. So young, what inspired you to become an actress?

Erica: When I was little I always wanted to entertain. Since I could remember, being an actress was always my dream. People like Beyoncé, Natalie Portman, and many others have been inspirations of mine my entire life.

SayWhatNews: Now most people remember you as Brittany Pitts on the hit CW show 'The Game'. How did you get that role and tell us about your experience?

Erica: My manager sent my father the script. My father and I studied the character like we do with every script. I went for the audition and was chosen from over 300 girls to be Brittany. Everyone on set was a blast and made the busy set a happy working environment. I am so happy I got to be Brit-Brat for 3 seasons; it was a great experience I wouldn’t trade.

SayWhatNews: From 2006 - 2009 we watched you play the role as Brittany Pitts a.k.a. Brit-Brat. What was the most memorable moment working on the set of the 'The Game'?

Erica: There are SO many to choose from its hard to pick. Probably being on set with everyone and sharing so many laughs.

SayWhatNews: Now Erica, your acting experience just doesn't stop there, you played Nick Cannon's little sister in 'American Son'. What was it like working with Nick Cannon?

Erica: Nick Cannon was like a brother to me. He was a lot of fun and a pleasure to work with. He also taught me how to shoot a 3-pointer so that was cool, too!

SayWhatNews: In the film 'Mirrors', you traveled to Romania to act alongside legendary actor Kiefer Sutherland and the beautiful/very talented Paula Patton. Now I saw that movie, was it kind of scary for you to act in a film about spirits being trapped in mirrors?

Erica: Being on set it wasn’t, because I already knew what would happen. But when I first saw the entire movie I was scared out my mind!! I couldn’t sleep for three weeks, especially since the wall my bed faces is made entirely of mirrors.

SayWhatNews: Oh yeah, I think that would cause me to freak out too. How amazing was it traveling to Romania for a film?

Erica: It was my first experience being out of the States. I was really excited, but I didn’t know what to expect. It turned out to be a beautiful country and the people were really friendly. They had really good malls and the McDonalds was really different than it is here. We went up to the Carpathian Mountains which was where the real Count Dracula had his castle. The mountains were beautiful.

SayWhatNews: The real Count Dracula! Ok, I won't even go there (laughing). Erica you also had roles in the hit TV show 'Girlfriends' and the movie 'The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause'. What advice would you give an aspiring child actor?

Erica: Work hard towards your goals and they will become realities. But don’t loose sight of that goal or hurt anyone along the way. Always remember what you come from. And stay true to yourself.

SayWhatNews: Very sound advice. Acting isn't your only forte, you also are a singer/songwriter. When did you discover you had the gift of song?

Erica: Well, since I was a toddler I loved to sing but recently, I have been working hard and becoming a better singer every day. I know one day the public will become aware of my capabilities, and understand my efforts.

SayWhatNews: I hear you are working on your first single. Tell us about your style of music and what fans can expect?

Erica: I love every style of music, but my album is R&B/pop. I hope people will relate to it. Definitely a dance friendly album.

SayWhatNews: So Erica, you also play the drums. How did you start playing the drums and do you have any professional training?

Erica: My father has been a drummer since he was a teenager. He started teaching me when I was 8. He is really good and you’ll be able to see me play the drums pretty soon.

SayWhatNews: Erica you attended Debbie Allen's Dance Academy and became the youngest student to attend. How did that come to be and what was that experience like working with an iconic choreographer like Debbie Allen?

Erica: Debbie Allen was incredible. I have loved to dance since I can remember. It definitely is a passion of mine and something I will continue. Surprisingly Debbie was the director of a few of the “Game” episodes.

SayWhatNews: You have a new TV movie airing on GMC (Gospel Music Channel) called 'Trinity Goodheart', starring Eric Benet and James Hong. So, what's the movie about and who are you playing?

Erica: I play Trinity Goodheart, a relentless 12 year old who decides to bring her family back together and search for her missing mom. When she goes to her father and isn’t given any answers, she decides to do it herself.

SayWhatNews: Sounds intriguing. How did you hear about the role in 'Trinity Goodheart' and how amazing was it working with Eric Benet and James Hong?

Erica: My manager sent the script to my dad and he read it and said the role was perfect for me. I read it and thought I really understood the character. I went to my acting coach and we taped three of the scenes and sent them to Rick Eldridge, the producer. We then received a call asking if we could come to Charlotte to make a movie.

Working with Eric and Mr. Hong was a fantastic experience. Eric is like family to me. He has such great energy and is such a talented person. We were always laughing on set and it really felt like a family. Mr. Hong is this amazingly talented actor who has been in SO many films! I would watch him do takes and see how he changed each take a tiny bit, and the effect was huge. He taught me so much. We would make up dances between scenes and takes. He does not act his age. He had more energy than anyone else on the set!

SayWhatNews: Erica I want to get personal a bit. I hear your favorite subjects are Science and Japanese. How long have you been studying Japanese?

Erica: Actually this year is my first year. It was really different and really hard. But I enjoyed it and will continue learning. My father signed me up for Japanese before the school year started and I was really mad! But, after the first week, I realized how much I love the language and the culture.

SayWhatNews: What kind of fun things do you like to do in your spare time?

Erica: I am pretty regular, I like to hangout w/ friends , watch T.V, and EAT!!!!

SayWhatNews: I just recently took my daughters to see Big Time Rush in concert. Who is your favorite band and why?

Erica: I am really old school… I love Led Zeppelin and the Who. My dad introduces me to new music all the time.

SayWhatNews: What's next in the future for Erica Gluck?

Erica: You’ll definitely be seeing me in more films. Continuing my music career. My number one goal is to win multiple Grammy’s AND Oscar’s!!

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