Cincinnati’s R&B sensation Erica P. is totally amazing. Her sound is a mixture of R&B soul and Hip-Hop grooves. Erica P. has the total package; the voice, the moves and the stage presence. She can stand on her own with the best of them. Don’t sleep on this young diva because she is making her way to the top.

SayWhatNews: First I want to say thank you for taking the time and speaking with SayWhatNews. Please tell our readers who is Erica P?

Erica: Erica P. is a young woman who is dedicated to her gift. I am a silly fun individual who is ready to work and be successful....oh yea sexy too. (She smiles)

SayWhatNews: Were you born and raised in Cincinnati?

Erica: Yes. Born and Raised.

SayWhatNews: At what age did you realize you had a gift of song?

Erica: At the age of 4.

SayWhatNews: Who are your musical influences?

Erica: My all time favorite is Faith Evans. And she does not get the recognition she deserves!!!

SayWhatNews: I agree. Faith Evans is very talented. Have you had any professional training?

Erica: No, not at all.

SayWhatNews: I saw you perform at the “Curvy Affair Fashion Show” and was completely blown away from your stage presence. Who choreographs your shows?

Erica: My choreographer’s name is Dominique Pittman; he is also one of my male dancers and family!!

SayWhatNews: You have an amazing voice and sound; do you write your own songs?

Erica: Yes. I love to write. I write all of my music.

SayWhatNews: Have any of your songs ever been played on the radio?

Erica: Yes. I have one playing called I Can Make U Dance feat. Slick and K-RILEY.

SayWhatNews: Ok, you performed that song at the fashion show. So what else can Erica P do besides sing, write and dance? Do you play any instruments?

Erica: (she laughs)

SayWhatNews: Are you signed with an independent label? If not, which would you prefer a major or independent label and why?

Erica: Well right now I’m doing my own thing. I really don’t have a preference, its all about the RIGHT situation.

SayWhatNews: Are you working on any projects?

Erica: Yes. Right now I’m recording my album and also taping a Movie called “Who U Gonna Serve” which will be coming out in Feb 08.

SayWhatNews: That is wonderful. We will have to keep our eyes out for that. How can your fans buy your music?

Erica: It will be available at the end of January.

SayWhatNews: Whose CD you just can’t get enough of?

Erica: Gucci Mane (she giggles)

SayWhatNews: Who is in Erica P.’s entourage?

Erica: My dancers!!!! They are my Family!!! Doom, Franchez, Shonda, Chanelle, Kianna and Monica. We are all very very close.

SayWhatNews: As we say at SayWhatNews your clothes rock. You have to tell us where you get your clothes?

Erica: Once again Dominique. He has his own clothing line called Aushiniq Creations.

SayWhatNews: Ok, I’m going to have to check Aushiniq Creations out. Who is your favorite designer and why?

Erica: Chanel, Loui and Gucci. I’m more of a purse person!!!!

SayWhatNews: Tell us which Cincinnati artist you have collaborated with?

Erica: Well…… Everybody!!! Staccato who is my brother; K-Riley(big bra); Black Jack,; Taye way, Showtime, Moe'Tre(cuz); Kenny P. ;Khadijah; Aprina; Mz. Nickey; Sinafold; Femme Cartel; Lando and etc....

SayWhatNews: Who would you love to collaborate with?

Erica: Anybody who Hot and trying to get it in.

SayWhatNews: Ok, let’s break it down. You have front row tickets at a concert, who is performing?

Erica: Erica P. (she laughs) Ok T-Pain.

SayWhatNews: You and the girls are going out, where are you headed?

Erica: Hmmm.... Annie’s.

SayWhatNews: What was the last movie you watched?

Erica: Scarface.

SayWhatNews: What does Cincinnati’s R&B songstress like to do in her spare time?

Erica: What spare time? (She laughs)

SayWhatNews: What’s in the future for Erica P.?

Erica: Right now my main focus is to get these projects complete and strive till I’m at the top!!!!

Erica P. Myspace

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