photos/cover: James Branaman

Eva Bourne has been making her mark in the Entertainment industry ever since she has hit the Hollywood scene.  The young starlet with her sweet personality and enchanting girl next door looks has starred in several hit TV shows like ABC’s “Once Upon A Time” and Hallmarks “When Calls The Heart”.  With her amazing acting talent in tow, Eva’s star is sure to continue its rise to the top.  SayWhatNews sat down with Eva and chatted about her humble beginnings and latest projects:

SayWhatNews:  Good morning Eva.  Thanks so much for interviewing with SayWhatNews.  First, in 3 words tell us who is Eva Bourne?


Eva:  Oh god no. Um...Dishevelled, opinionated, hungry.

SayWhatNews:  After High School you started a Dental Assistant program.  How did a young girl from East Kootenays of British Columbia in the town of Creston, going to school to be a Dental Assistant decide to drop out and pursue acting?

Eva: I think honestly growing up in a small town helped to grow my courage and my creativity, but that being said my dreams weren't very big. I was surrounded by very realistic and financially oriented people, which isn't a bad thing at all, but it shaped the way my mind thought about my future. So I played it safe. Once I experienced it on my own, I just realized it wasn't for me. I wanted to be happy and to be challenged. I've definitely found that in acting. 

SayWhatNews: Eva your acting career kicked off with a bang.  You have starred in several hit shows like, USA Network’s “Psych”, TNT’s “Falling Skies”, Discovery’s “R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour” and ABC’s mega hit “Once Upon a Time”.  What has been your most challenging role and why?

Eva: I'd say Psych. It was my first time on a real set, so I was so nervous! I was just shining with sweat, I feel like I blacked out as soon as I heard action. 

photo: ABC

SayWhatNews:  On ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” you played Princess Eva.  So what was it like to play a Princess in a fairy-tale with many plot twist and mysteries?

Eva: So much fun! They've created such a special world with Storybrooke. I've never worn such beautiful dresses before. Also, I liked being a little villainous. I never get to act mischievously or badly, so I really enjoyed that. 

SayWhatNews:  Characters have reprised their roles many times when the storyline called for it.  Are there any plans for you to return to Storybrooke, on “Once Upon a Time”?

Eva: I would be up for it, absolutely. I haven't heard any news though, and I think now that the show is going into the world of Oz, I don't know if we'll see Princess Eva again. I can't say anything’s written in stone, but that's my two cents on the matter! Haha.

SayWhatNews:  On April 25th, 2015, the second season of Hallmark Channel’s drama “When Calls the Heart” starring Lori Loughlin and Erin Krakow premieres.  Can you tell us about your character Clara Stanton and what fans can expect to see this season?

Eva: But of course! Clara is the widow of Peter Stanton. She has come from a not so glamorous past, but she has strong faith that if she follows through with doing the 'right' thing, everything will work out. We'll meet her first at the big trial. This season is a little different from the first. There will be a lot more romance, and the town is beginning to grow. Some construction going on in the little town of Hope Valley! 

SayWhatNews:  “When Calls the Heart”, tells the story of a young woman who begins a new chapter in her life in an early 20th century coal-mining town.  What attracted you to this period piece?

Eva: I've always wanted to do a period piece, and when I was working with Lori on Garage Sale she only said great things about the show, so I was really excited when I got the audition material. It was a surprise to book the role, because I wasn't sure that Hallmark would recast me in another role seeing that the main relationship would be with Lori and it was similar to Garage Sale. I'm very grateful they did though! 

SayWhatNews:  Speaking of Hallmark Channel’s Original Movie “GARAGE SALE MYSTERY: THE DEADLY ROOM” opposite Lori Loughlin, which premieres April 26, 2015. Can you tell us about your role and what the movie is about?

Eva: I play Hannah Shannon. She's the daughter of Jennifer Shannon (Lori Loughlin) and she really admires and looks up to her mom. She’s come home from college in hopes to learn a thing or two from Jen and Dani about how the antique business, but things don't go so smoothly for Hannah at first. I don't think it would be much fun if I gave the premise of the film away so I'll just say...there is a rumor going around about 'A Deadly Room' in a house that one of Jen's good friends is trying to sell. You'll have to tune in to find out what happens! 

SayWhatNews:  I see you have two back-to-back projects working with Lori Loughlin.  How has it been working with such a seasoned actress and has Lori giving you any advice?

Eva: Wonderful. She's really perfected her craft, and I learn so much from her. Definitely, on days when it would just be the both of us from dawn till dusk she'd explain how they were going to set up the next shot, just so we could sail smoothly through the day. 

SayWhatNews:  Eva, your acting career is really keeping you busy.  What sorts of things do you like to do in your spare time to relax and have fun?

Eva:  I like to get out of the house, go on a long walk around the Seawall in Vancouver. It's beautiful along the water. I find it really peaceful and soothing down there, especially in the winter and spring. It gets crazy around the summer time. I generally am just trying to catch up on things that I can't get done when I'm busy. I'm always in scene study classes with Andrew McIroy, which I love. Even when I'm not on set I like keeping my acting muscles strong, and it's inspiring to watch the other actors in my class. Otherwise I'm hanging out with my boyfriend, usually watching a solid series or film. Hanging out with friends, eating good food. The usual!

SayWhatNews:  Whose CD do you have on current rotation in your car?

Eva: Haha, well I don't drive actually. I just don't need to in Vancouver. With the transit system here, it's pretty easy to get around quick. But! I right now I'm Listening to a lot of Chet Baker, and I'm getting back into listening to the 'Funny Girl' soundtrack. 

SayWhatNews:  I see you like Woody Allen films and like actresses such as Aubrey Hepburn and Diane Keaton.  Which classic Hollywood film would you want to star in if it was being remade and why?

Eva: Oh man. I honestly don't think I'd want to, because any Hollywood classic film I can think of is magic exactly the way it was made the first time.

SayWhatNews:   What’s next in the future for Eva Bourne?

Eva: Hopefully good things! Right now I'm filming in Victoria for a new Wes Craven film. It's called 'The Girl In The Photographs'. It's bound to make the hairs on your back stand up. I'm also about the start filming the next Garage Sale Mystery.