There are so many talented artists out their in search of that one real break that open’s the doors to the beginning of their music career but never seemed to find it. Mega producers Greg Bowman and Teddy Riley joined forces to help those artists by providing them with the opportunity to have their music be heard by some of the best producers who can truly make a difference in their career. SayWhatNews spoke in depth with Greg Bowman about Buck and a Dreams mission and objective:

SayWhatNews: Good morning Greg Bowman. Thanks for taking the time and speaking with SayWhatNews. Please tell us about Buck and a Dream’s mission and objective.

Greg: Buck and A Dream’s mission is to grant each artist the opportunity to have their music reach the ears of those who can make a legitimate difference in their career. The one thing that we pride ourselves in at Buck and a Dream is that we give each artist honest feedback regarding their project. With all this being said, we realize that those often with the most talent and drive aren’t always fortunate enough to “move and shake” with the industry insiders, so one of our missions at Buck and A Dream is to bridge the gap between Artist and Label. We do this through our experiences, and contacts which allow us to break through a lot of the industry barriers.

SayWhatNews: Greg you are a successful song-writer/producer and creator/co-owner of Buck and a Dream. Tell us how you teamed up with mega producer/song-writer Teddy Riley who is also co-owner, to bring to life Buck and a Dream.

Greg: Funny story, first time I met Ted was back in 1988 at a Guy concert. I snuck in the Greensboro Coliseum around 4pm. At this time I didn’t have any money to buy a ticket so I had decided early on that I was going to hide and wait it out until the show got started, but being nosey I got kicked out right before Karen White came on.

So after being escorted out, rather harshly, I wasn’t ready to call it a night yet. I hung around the backstage area (on the other side of the fence of course) and watched the performers as they exited their tour bus, saying to myself, “one day that’s going to be me.” I’ll never forget it, it’s like it was yesterday. It was time for Guy to go on stage, Teddy walked off the bus, we made eye contact, and he kept going. He was carrying this bag (a Louis Vuitton bag -- I wanted that bag) as he went down this ramp and into the building. I was like alright cool, here it is my night is over, ruined by the security guard. I’d just got kicked out of the concert of the year.

So, as I’m getting ready to walk 3 miles back home who comes running up the hill? No other than Mr. Teddy Riley himself, I’m thinking he must’ve left something on the bus. Then out the blue I hear “Yo...Yo!” I turn around to see who he’s talking to, thinking it’s a girl behind me or something, because I knew it couldn’t have been me, then he points to me and says “you coming or what?” He slides me a backstage pass through the gate. I felt like the little kid in the Mean Joe Green Coke commercial. Hey kid catch (LoL). I still have the pass. I showed it to him about 6 months ago.

Sorry, I got off on a tangent. Now, Buck and A Dream came about one day when we were together and this one record was on 3 different stations at the same time. It was just starting on one station, in the middle on another and going off on the last. We were like this is because of the lack of talent that’s out there. The selection is few. After brainstorming for a few moments, we came to the conclusion that the best music may not even be making it to the ears of the people that count. Hence, Buck and A Dream was established. Truth be told, this all happened in a Kentucky Fried Chicken Drive thru (LoL).

SayWhatNews: It’s so hard to find real talent now days because the music industry has focused so much on just image and forgotten about the talent. What makes a successful artist?

Greg: What makes a successful artist? I would say an artist that’s constantly willing to grow and learn. It’s like an athlete that finally makes it to the big leagues. Here it is they’ve made it to the ultimate platform, but yet they practice more. Reason why is because there’s always room for growth. When you, as an artist, start to believe in your own hype that’s when you lose focus and it can be down hill from there. Mind you, you don’t even have to have a deal to believe your own hype. All you have to do is lose focus and it can be over before you even get started. So to answer your question a little bit better, a humble artist makes for a better successful artist.

SayWhatNews: Now that Myspace and other websites have made it easier for artist to promote their work; tell us why artists should be willing to invest in themselves by having professional photo-shoots and bios done?

Greg: You have to be willing to show whomever it is that you want to invest their time and energy into you and that you are willing to do likewise, if not more. In today’s market everything that you do in this business must be done on a Grand Scale. 500%. It’s not like in the 80’s when you could submit a 4 track recording or run up on somebody singing and be the next big thing getting signed to a recording deal. Competition is serious out here. You got to bring your “A” game. Anything less than that and you will be sitting on the bench.

I can promise you this, I know of plenty of artists that should be out right now, as we speak, but they lack in some aspect or another, whether it be the photos, the bios, or just the education on how the game is run. Its show-business; business being the bigger of the two; unfortunately, the word business is the one that is often over looked. They come with all show and little business.

SayWhatNews: So, just how important is promoting and marketing? And what type of promoting and marketing is important to achieve success?

Greg: Promoting and marketing is everything. I’m going to show you. 1.) How many times have you been in let’s say Wal-mart or Best Buy and seen a CD but didn’t know who the artist was? This happens all the time. Why? Because, there was either little or no promotion and marketing. People think distribution is the biggest thing. Wrong. You can be in a million stores but if nobody knows you’re there who cares?

2.) How many times have you found yourself all of a sudden liking or singing a record that you initially didn’t particularly care for? All the time, now why is this? The answer is because it was marketed and promoted right. They kept it in your face, kept it on the radio, kept it on your TV, this is called marketing and promotion, it’s expensive, but it’s effective.

SayWhatNews: Greg, how about preparing and being radio ready? Some of the most talented artist gives interviews on the radio and it’s embarrassing and hard to listen to.

Greg: The key to giving a successful interview is to one, know your audience and the purpose of the interview. Second the most important is to just be you. A lot of times people overkill and the interviews go in all kinds of crazy directions.

SayWhatNews: An artist wants to submit their demo to Buck and a Dream for review. Tell us where they can send it and what is the process once your office receives the demo?

Greg: There are two ways in which you can submit your material. One is via our online submission process at or simply by mail. The mailing address is:Buck and A Dream, LLC1741 Commerce DriveAtlanta, GA 30318

As far as the process goes there is a $50 submission fee per song. Once we receive and process your material we evaluate it on a full scale, grading everything from production to delivery. It’s real simple, if it’s hot we call you and tell you, you got some good stuff here and we then pass it off to whoever we know that may be in search of what you have to offer. Or if it’s not so hot, we still call you anyway and give you some strong key point suggestions on what may be needed to get it to that next level.

SayWhatNews: Everyone wants to be star, so how can an artist separate themselves from the masses and stand out?

Greg: Originality, I suggest not focusing on being a star and focusing on doing great work. Good stuff always makes it way to the top. Think about it, none of the greats started out saying I’m about to be a star. They just said I want to make great music. Picture Q saying I got to sell 500 million records. Never in a million years. He just said I want to make good music and be the best at it, same for Teddy. He never said I’m about to start a new genre of music. All he did was work hard. If you want to stand out, work hard, and stay busy your time will come, and I assure you the masses will notice.

SayWhatNews: How does an artist become a Buck and a Dream featured artist?

Greg: You have to be hot and believable. Damn near the complete package musically.

SayWhatNews: Buck and a Dream have the “Bringing Good Music Back Campaign”. Please tell us about it because we music lovers are starving for good music.

Greg: As we all know the music industry is suffering severely right now. This is due to several reasons. One being the lack of good content, so in an effort to change this Buck and A Dream has come up with The Bringing Good Music Back Campaign. The BGMBC is an on-air radio contest that will be featured on two nationally syndicated radio shows. It’s sort of like one big talent show except there will be 10 winners. This Campaign will also run simultaneously online. In addition, a 10-city tour will also scour the nation looking for good music in local live music venues. As an incentive for individuals to participate, contestants will compete for the chance to win $2 million dollars worth of production, enabling us to “Bring Good Music Back” one artist at a time.


Each of the ten winners will receive a produced track, a complete written song, or a feature from Buck and a Dream’s elite stable of producers, writers and artists. (All of the Buck and A Dream contributors who will be donating their services are multi-platinum writers and producers several times over. The Grand prize winner will also receive an Exclusive recording situation provided by CTE Entertainment as well as a full featured music video which would be provided by Suite-22 to accompany the song.

SayWhatNews: Are there any other campaigns in the works?

Greg: Yes, there is. We have the Worlds biggest producer event in the making; it’s called the “Great Produce Off,” where 20 producers from all around the world will win production deals and full high tech studios on behalf of Buck and A Dream.

1) Would Buck and a Dream ever consider doing a reality show to look for the next big act? Why or why not?

Not really sure about that one. Everyone is doing that. We like to be unique with ours. Like nobody’s giving away $2M dollars in an effort to salvage the industry. Everyone is following suit. Now if there is a way we can sexy it up and re-invent the way of doing it, then maybe. That might be a Teddy question. LOL

SayWhatNews: Where do you see Buck and a Dream in 5 years?

In 5 years we should be turning into a household name, so I guess you can say we would just be getting started. Our vision is huge, take that back humongous. I’d love to share with you our projections, but I can’t. We have to just keep surprising you with hit after hit. There are only 3 people that know what they are and that’s Montayne Ferrar (Buck and A Dream’s General Manager), Teddy and Myself. Buck and a Dream Website

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