An actor with talent is a theatrical performer who has the ability to portray a character or characters with complex characteristics, personalities, array of emotions and much more. Up and coming actor Jarod Joseph is proving he is a talented actor with his busy schedule starring in two different hit TV shows: ABC's Once Upon a Time and The CW’s The L.A. Complex. Joseph portrays an openly gay Lawyer on the hit CW series The L.A. Complex and acts in a fairytale world on ABC’s Once Upon a Time. While making his mark in Hollywood starring in TV shows and movies, SayWhatNews had the chance to sit down with Jarod Joseph and talk about his rising career and hit TV shows:

SayWhatNews: Good morning Jarod. Thanks for sitting down and speaking with SayWhatNews. First tell us in three words who is Jarod Joseph?


SayWhatNews: I hear a close friend of yours gave you the idea to try acting. What exactly from that conversation with your friend inspired you to pack up from Calgary, Alberta and move to Vancouver to pursue a career in entertainment?

Jarod: Well, I was working for a moving company at the time and much like any other job I've had in my life, I always had a tendency to sort of goof around and get myself yelled at by the boss. Realistically I think it was my friend’s way of telling me "You're going to get fired, if you want to show up to work and entertain, why don't you just do it". And for whatever reason it struck something in me and seemed obtainable so I packed up and took a chance.

SayWhatNews: Jarod, before your friend made the suggestion for you to become an actor, did you ever have any inkling growing up to pursue a career as an actor?

Jarod: In retrospect, yes. I dressed up as Batman for the first 2 years of school and was a total nut job compared to most of the kids I shared class with. There's a disconnect that happens whether it be fear or the simple fact that most of us don't know any one who has made a living doing this thing that you view it as a pipe dream or something so far removed from your own reality it's not a possibility. So looking back on that, I have no doubt in my soul that I've chosen the right career. Regardless of how crazy it looked on paper.

SayWhatNews: Growing up did you ever participate in any school plays, musicals or talent shows?

Jarod: For me, going to class everyday was an opportunity to dress as fly as I could and try to make girls laugh. And while I wouldn't recommend that approach to anyone, I would also say don't suppress your inner crazy person because I found a job where crazy is appreciated. But no, I never formally participated in anything performing arts related because although I was an attention seeking class clown, when put on the spot by a teacher to do anything that required public speaking I suffered from terrible anxiety. I'd have to say the challenge of getting over my fear of crowds was something that drew me to trying this thing out. It's scary in a lot of ways to this day, but I'd much rather fight with myself to do this job than do the mundane and play safe.

SayWhatNews: Within 4 years you were able to secure recurring roles on hit primetime shows on ABC, The CW & FOX. What steps did you take to get noticed? (Did you get an agent or manager or go out on casting calls on your own?)

Jarod: No, I wouldn't say that my procedure was dissimilar to any other actor who respects this thing and truly pursues it unapologetically. I've been "turned down" far, far more than I've been said yes to. It just so happens that the ones that have said yes have been stellar shows that a lot of people watch. For that I'm extremely fortunate.

SayWhatNews: Your first film role was in the hit movie, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”. What is the most memorable moment you experienced while filming?

Jarod: Chatting with Ray Winstone, who was the antagonist in the scene I was a part of that never ended up making the film. "The Departed" is one of my favorite flicks of all time and it's not every day you get the chance to chat off the record with one of the stars. I had no idea of my position on the food chain or whether or not my etiquette was off point by asking him questions about a different film, but I just had to pick his brain and he was kind enough to talk to me.

SayWhatNews: What was it like acting alongside Uma Thurman and Sean Bean in “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief”?

Jarod: I have to be honest, I never got the opportunity to act alongside those folks but just the fact that my trailer was 10 steps away from Uma's, someone I grew up watching, was the moment for me that I realized this thing was viable. I still remember the feeling.

SayWhatNews: Jarod your acting resume continues to grow and you have guest starred in some popular TV shows like FOX’s “Human Target”, Cartoon Network’s “Tower Prep”, ABC’s “V”, FOX’s “Fringe” and ABC’s “Once Upon a Time”. Have you had that “WOW” moment yet and asked yourself is it all a dream?

Jarod: In so many ways I feel like the true reality of it has yet to completely hit me but when it does I'm certain it will feel like a ton of bricks dropping on my head. It's not that I'm numb to it at all and while I definitely believe I'm on my way, I also think that subconsciously I haven't allowed myself to feel a sense of "arrival" because this journey is still so young and I have so much more to do to earn a position in this game. So I give thanks and a quick pat on the back but ultimately keep working away.

SayWhatNews: I read on a blog that you will be returning to ABC’s Once Upon a Time” in 2013. Is that true? If so what can you tell us about your storyline as Billy?

Jarod: Once Upon A Time is always an exciting situation because I'm finding out on the fly what the next chapter in my characters story is. This season the fans will finally get some insight into who Billy is in the fairy tale realm and what he stands for in Storybrooke. Some surprises are definitely around the corner!

photo: The CW The L.A. Complex (Jarod Joseph, Andra Fuller)

SayWhatNews: Jarod you recently wrapped up season 2 of The CW’s drama series “L.A. Complex” in September. Is it true that before getting the job you were already a fan and wanted to be part of season 1?

Jarod: Absolutely. I'm a sucker for anything satirical or introspective regarding the industry. When the script came out and my agent started telling me over the phone the premise and that the particular audition was part of what would become the Kaldrick storyline, I was down immediately. Ultimately it didn't pan out the first time around but things definitely went how they were supposed to and I got the opportunity to play Chris this season.

SayWhatNews: Your character Christopher Taylor is a Lawyer who is in a complicated relationship with a closeted Rapper Kaldrick King (Andra Fuller). How did you prepare yourself for the role (any research done)?

Jarod: You know what, I wouldn't say that there was any specific research but I definitely had to find hyper or micro versions of myself to bring to the table. Which is pretty much the task with any character you take on. Chris represents such a knowledge of self and a confidence. Not saying he's unaffected by everything but lord knows I'm not confident every day-- but my personal insecurities don't necessarily mirror Chris' so I tried to the best of my ability to understand what his may be. But generally, he loves- I know what love looks like. He perseveres, - we all try. My familiarity with wearing a suit in an authoritative fashion from working on Fringe for so long didn't hurt in terms of body language, though!

SayWhatNews: Fans of “L.A. Complex” are wondering if there will be a Season 3. Have you heard anything yet?

Jarod: I know as much as the fans do! But trust me, I'm on edge with my fingers crossed that it goes our way. It's such a special show and we have only tickled the surface of these stories. Like I mentioned before, it tackles industry life and the direction the lives of these characters can take are limitless. As a fan, I need it back.

SayWhatNews: Jarod your latest project is starring in DirecTV’s first original series, “Rogue”. Can you tell us about the series and your character?

Jarod: The show is a drama set in Oakland, CA. You'll have cops, organized crime. My character's name is Nicholas Flemming -- A young, eager detective within the Oakland police department. Can’t really say more of what we have in store without spoiling anything! I have no doubt in my mind that folks will dig what we're fixing up to deliver.

SayWhatNews: “Rogue” is currently in production. What’s it like working with Thandie Newton who is an amazing actress in her own right?

Jarod: Thandie is an idol of mine. I've been a fan of her work since the film "Beloved." For years I've followed her journey and have immense respect for her skill set as an actor. To see a successful person of color sustain a position for so long, the correlation with your own journey is there almost by default. She's such an incredible template to try and follow. To now be considered a peer and co-star is absolutely mind blowing.

SayWhatNews: Do you know when “Rogue” will premiere on TV?

Jarod: As far as I'm aware, we're preparing for an April 2013 premiere on DirecTV and Movie Central in Canada.

SayWhatNews: Have you had any interesting experiences with fans recognizing you?

Jarod: Not really! Granted I grow a pretty hefty beard while I'm not filming anything and don't own a suit of my own, so the real guy is pretty far removed from the way Christopher carries himself on The L.A Complex. But I will say that the love I've received from fans online regarding anything I've worked on thus far has been pretty incredible.

SayWhatNews: I here you still play your favorite childhood sport basketball weekly. With such a busy schedule when do you find time?

Jarod: Busy for me is more due to the fact that I love what I do and give it undivided attention, which ends up taking up a great portion of your thoughts. My actual schedule in terms of filming is so sporadic that there is a deceptively open time gap between actually being on set and time to fiddle around in everyday life. I'm fortunate enough to dedicate those fiddling moments to playing the game!

SayWhatNews: Tell us something about yourself that no one knows?

Jarod: I don’t like using straws. I don’t know why, I just don’t.

SayWhatNews: What’s next in the future for Jarod Joseph?

Jarod: Whatever the universe has in store for me, I'll be right there.

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