Who is Jazzy? She is that R&B Chick with a soft sensual voice that is soothing to the ear. With her sultry sex appeal and song writing skills she is headed straight to mainstream with a force to be reckoned with. This is why SWN needed to sit down and get to know this very talented song-bird:

SayWhatNews: Good Morning Jazzy. Thanks for sitting down and speaking with SayWhatNews. In three words tells us who is Jazzy?

Jazzy: Not a problem. 3 words: That RNB Chick. That’s 3 right? (she giggles)

SayWhatNews: Yes, that’s 3. Ok, at what age did you realize that becoming a singer was your dream?

Jazzy: I’ll say I was about 12, I’ve always had a unusual obsession with music as a child growing up, but I played sports(track and basketball) so it was never in the forefront. I was really a tomboy. But at the age of about 12 I realized this was what I wanted my life to be about, period.

SayWhatNews: How did you get the name Jazzy, is it a nickname?

Jazzy: It is a nickname, my mom used to call me Jazzy Pooh, and I hated it. As a child I was so irritated with the name Jazzy, then I started doing music and I was like well I guess we can call me Jazzy, and now I get irritated when people introduce me as Jazmine which is my name.

SayWhatNews: At the age of 13 you began to make homemade demos with your grandmothers tape recorder not knowing that this would be the first steps in becoming a recording artist. What made you want to record yourself singing?

Jazzy: Well what it was, was that I had really good melodies that would just be in my head, had no clue what to do with them so on the nights my grandmother wouldn’t go to choir rehearsal I would use her tape recorder as well as her tapes and record myself in my closet so she couldn’t hear. I was very secretive, so you have to imagine that shortly there after the conversation of where is my tape player and where are my tapes from choir practice started happening frequently.

SayWhatNews: Now by the time you were 16 you began to work with local producers and artists which allowed you to get your name and talent out there. Tell us how did you meet the first producers that helped you get your career going?

Jazzy: The very first producer I actually went to high school with, he had a studio in his room with a booth setup in his closet and I sang on his mix-tape. From there I was able to have something to show with my voice on it for other people and so on and so forth.

SayWhatNews: Jazzy you already had started making a name for yourself in Southern California’s music scene. How did you become the other half of the talented writing team The Write Chix?

Jazzy: The Write Chix started because my writing partner Bobbie Cherie, had this awesome idea, she noticed we had good chemistry, and wanted to form a writing team.

SayWhatNews: Have you written any songs that we have heard on the radio by other artists?

Jazzy: No, nothing that has been released, but I have a few things on the way so keep your eyes and ears pealed.

SayWhatNews: Most definitely. Now, Jazzy you released your first solo album “Oh Jazzy” in 2006 and your single “In Love” was featured on dozens of radio shows including Jamie Foxx’s own Sirus radio station, The Foxxhole. How exciting was this accomplishment?

Jazzy: That was actually an amazing accomplishment, I would go and sit in on the radio show every Friday just because I thought the radio personalities were hilarious, when I was told I was going to be put on the show, I was a tad overwhelmed, Jamie is such a star to me, so to be interviewed by him, was like uhhhh… what do I say? But I actually did really well, he made me feel really comfortable.

SayWhatNews: The internet has been the main source of your international success. As an artist you have been featured on websites such as Allhiphop.com, Indie911, and ISOUND.com just to name a few and you were recently featured on the live online music show “The All Star Break” on Music PlusTV.com. How soon can we expect your sophomore album?

Jazzy: Well, we are working on a few other things right now, trying to capitalize on maximum exposure for me, so there’s new music on the way, but we're working on a much BIGGER picture that I’m sure will make us all very happy.

SayWhatNews: Well just don’t make us Jazzy fans wait too long. Although you are working on bigger things to get more exposure, your new album is untitled at the moment, have you decided on a title yet?

Jazzy: Nope, not at all. I’m just making music at the moment.

SayWhatNews: Jazzy your first album was released independently and you are currently shopping your second album around to major record labels. Why switch to a major label?

Jazzy: Well I’m actually not shopping a new album, there’s new material that is being shopped. I know the game has changed to where people feel like the labels aren’t needed, but money and marketing are I believe a few reasons why artist fail. I’ve had a good run independently, but the streets are talking, as well as looking for me to step into that bigger platform. So I’m excited for the next step, and trust that God will guide me all the way, he has thus far.

SayWhatNews: So with that said, what artist would you love to collaborate with and why?

Jazzy: Ryan Leslie because he is beyond amazing, that kind of talent is unmatched I tell you,. Kanye West just because I think our swag on a song would be out of this world, Lil Wayne because he’s turning into this Mega star/Rock Star and I would love to see what we would come up with creatively, Solange I think she is an incredible talent Id love to work with her on my album. And Busta Rhymes because his energy rocks!!, I could go on and on those are just a few.

SayWhatNews: Wow, you have some very talented and hard hitting choices that would be some awesome collaborations. With 9,000,000 plays internationally through various websites when can we expect to see Jazzy on tour?

Jazzy: Hopefully real soon.

SayWhatNews: Jazzy, just recently you were featured as “Hot or Not” on the popular urban blog Concreteloop.com and of course you were crowned “Hot“. How amazing is it to continually learn that your music is being recognized and honored?

Jazzy: It puts me in awe every time, I look on YouTube and find things about me, I constantly see people show me love, I think I have the best fans. Like for me not to be a huge superstar and for them to still acknowledge me and love my talent, I’m blessed. Happy to say the least, I wont let them down ever.

SayWhatNews: Your not a Super Star yet. With a voice like yours it will come. What’s next for Jazzy?

Jazzy: Thanks so much. So many things.. Two.Thousand.And.Mine. Watch me now.

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