The hair weave/hair extensions industry is a billionaires industry.  There are so many Hair Stylists who claim to be hair weave masters but there is just one problem, there are only so many hair stylists that have truly mastered the craft of hair weave.  Jeff James falls in that category; he is a hair weave master.   Not only has he mastered it, he has launched his own hair weave/hair extension line and an advanced shampoo/conditioner hair system to help beautify his clientele and now the world.  SayWhatNews sat down with Jeff James and discussed his successful career as a Hair Stylist and his new hair/shampoo line, A Man’s Touch Hair:

SayWhatNews:  Good morning Jeff.  Thanks for sitting down and speaking with SayWhatNews.  Tell us who is Jeff James?

Jeff: I'm a stylist with a huge vision. I knew at a young age that hair was going to be my life. Growing up with a mother in the hair and beauty industry, as well as being a hair model myself, this industry became all I knew.

SayWhatNews:  Jeff, you are a Hair Stylist out of Houston, Texas.  You mentioned your Mother was a Hair Stylist, so what exactly inspired you to become a Hair Stylist and how long have you been working in the Hair Industry?

 Jeff: I'm not originally from Houston, but I’ve been in the hair industry for about 10 years now, yet it feels like my entire life. Going to hair shows every year was always one of the most exciting times for me, I just knew it was only a matter of time. 

SayWhatNews:  You have your own advanced shampoo and conditioner system, A Man’s Touch Hair which specializes in revitalizing hair extensions and weaves of all brands/hair types.  What inspired you to create your own shampoo system for hair weaves and extensions?

Jeff: My hair extension line, A Man's Touch Hair was definitely the inspiration for producing this unique and in high demand shampoo and conditioner system. Conversing with women and always being asked the question, “What do you recommend I shampoo my hair with?”, is what got the ball rolling. There are so many hair care systems out there, but yet the number 1 rule a lot of people misunderstand with virgin hair extensions is, you are no longer able to use just anything. You have to stay away from products with sulfate, also high PH levels and etc.  It took me over 1 year, but I finally hired the perfect Chemist.

SayWhatNews:  What was the process in creating your own shampoo system and did you have the right formula straight out the gate?

Jeff:  It was a lot of hit and misses. But, it took finally finding a great chemist that was able to help me break down each compound precisely.

SayWhatNews:  Jeff, You just mentioned your hair weave line.  So, A Man’s Touch, is not just shampoo and conditioner hair system; it also has its very own signature hair of grade A hair extensions and weaves, “A Man’s Touch Hair”.  How did this come to be and what sets your hair extensions and weaves apart from other brands?

Jeff: I started my hair extension line after I noticed the quality of hair women were buying at the local beauty suppliers. Watching them buy hair each week and noticing the quality was just horrible. This brought me to the drawing board. Providing quality hair, that can be styled in any way became my passion. All of my hair extensions are grade 7A, one of the highest grades of Virgin hair. It’s hair that can be dyed, colored, permed and relaxed. That's where it started, now I supply just about everything from custom closures, lace wigs, frontals, tape wefts, u-tip extensions, to bang pieces.

SayWhatNews:  Oh wow, tell us more about the product: what type hair and etc. do you have?

Jeff:  I have a variety of hair from Brazilian, Peruvian, Indian, and my own texture we call "Signature Hair". Signature hair was created from two textures of hair to create a flawless texture that everyone loves...each hair pattern has it very own unique texture.

SayWhatNews:  What would be your advice for a first time hair weave/extension or wig buyer?

Jeff: I laugh when asked this question, NO OIL SHEEN!!! I explain how the hair is very low maintenance and you do not need to add anything extra. All you need is just normal shampoo, conditioner, and also a leave in conditioner when maintaining hair, it's just like real hair, you have to nourish the hair, or the outcome will be dry hair which causes split ends.

 SayWhatNews:  Jeff, “A Man’s Touch” is not just for the salon, it’s a hair care system you can use at home.  What would be the best tip for a client using your hair care system and signature hair at home in between their visits to the salon?

Jeff: Typically, I tell clients if they’re not able to come to the shop every two weeks, they need to give their hair a good “A Man’s Touch Hair” bath and two strand twist, wrap, flexi rod, or use a silk bonnet at night. Or even when going swimming, I tell everyone weave or no weave, coat hair thick with conditioner before entering the ocean or pool. This method protects hair from chlorine and salt water which dries out the hair.

SayWhatNews:  For those who do not live in Texas, where can they purchase your signature hair and hair care system, A Man’s Touch Hair?

Jeff: Customers in the Omaha, Nebraska area, which is once again my hometown, can go to 4802 NW RADIAL HWY. They can also make safe and secure purchases at my website:  WWW.AMANSTOUCHHAIR.COM 

SayWhatNews:  Working in the Hair Industry, I’m sure you have come across some very interesting hair situations.  Can you share one of your most memorable and how did you rectify the situation?

Jeff: Honestly, there is nothing I can’t handle. The moment I remember the most was noticing that one of my customers on Facebook, had found out that her cancer had come back and she had lost all of her hair. So I contacted her and asked if she could come by the shop and I gave her a wig. She cried and she was so thankful.

SayWhatNews:  Awww that is so touching.  What’s next for Jeff James and A Man’s Touch Hair?

Jeff: I'm working on a tremendous amount of projects.  Let me just say, stay tuned and follow me on FB, IG and TWITTER: AMANSTOUCHHAIR