Never before had I heard a young lady with so much passion in their voice until now. Karina’s sound has a blues, jazz and R&B feel. She is not just a singer; she’s a song writer, pianist and can fluently speak Spanish, Italian and Russian. Karina’s performances have caused some of the greatest in the music industry to become spellbound: Quincy Jones, Barbara Streisand, Jay-Z, Diddy and the list goes on and on. At the tender age of 14, three of the top Hip-Hop record labels (Def Jam, Interscope and Bad Boy) entered a 10 day bidding war to sign this talented artist. This young lady is truly living the American dream.

SayWhatNews: Karina, you play classical piano, at what age did you start playing the piano?

Karina: I started playing the piano when I was three years old.

SayWhatNews: You mentioned that you have a passion for dance; will you incorporate that in future videos?

Karina: I have a couple of up-tempo songs and I've also been dancing since I was very young. I started dancing classical Ballet at three and have taken classes from Flamenco, Jazz, and Modern to Hip Hop, so I will definitely be incorporating dancing into my videos.

SayWhatNews: What goes through your mind when you hear that you have been described as a cross between Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston?

Karina: I love and respect both Alicia Keys and Whitney Houston very much, they are both very talented singers and two of the best of all time, and it is an honor to be compared to such great singers!

SayWhatNews: At the tender of age of 5 you began performing for audiences in schools and other public institutions; at the age of 8 you were performing in ceremonies such as the inauguration of Councilmen Miguel Martinez. Was it all overwhelming for you or did performing at that age come naturally?

Karina: It was more exciting than overwhelming. I had to perform at school all the time, I had piano recitals since I was 3 and I always performed at home for guests. I've been performing since I could remember; I guess you could say that it came naturally.

SayWhatNews: How did it come about that you were chosen to perform for the President of the Dominican Republic?

Karina: Well my father is a good friend of the president and his wife, and my lawyer Peter Lopez spoke to Brett Ratner (who is the director of Rush Hour) about me and he saw some of my Performances on this DVD package my father made, next thing you know I'm on a plane to Los Angeles. It was an amazing night, because I was the only person performing that night (at Brett's house) and people like Christina Milian, Russell Simons and Vin Diesel to name a few told me they really enjoyed my performance. I was extremely excited!

SayWhatNews: 2003 you competed in Star Search Junior Singer Category, what was that like?

Karina: Wow that was so long ago! I remember how happy I was when my dad told me that I got chosen, since a lot of successful artists have competed there before. Even though I didn’t win, I'd say it was a memorable experience that I learned from and it all worked out for the better!

SayWhatNews: It’s not everyday that 3 major record labels (Def Jam, Bad Boy and Interscope Records) participate in a 10 day bidding war to sign an artist. How did it make you feel, knowing that these labels were fighting over signing you?

Karina: The bidding war was like the most exciting week in my career you could say! I was so in awe and shocked that these top label executives were all vying for my talent. I always felt that I would be singing professionally and that I would get a record deal, but I never thought I would be competed for. It was a great wonderful feeling.

SayWhatNews: Is it true that Def Jam (CEO, Jay-Z) offered you a 7 figure contract to join their record label?

Karina: Jay-Z is a very intelligent and successful person whom I admire. When I met him and sang for him at the office he wanted to sign me on the spot. We ended up staying at the Def Jam office the whole day and finally signed the contract at one in the morning!

SayWhatNews: You are a big fan of Jazz greats such as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn and Nina Simone. If you could, which legendary Jazz artist would you want to collaborate with on an album?

Karina: There are so many musicians I would have loved to collaborate with if I had the chance, but I just couldn't name one! I would say I'd do a whole duets album with as many as possible.

SayWhatNews: Since you play piano, would you ever consider making a classical album? And would you ever make Spanish album since you speak fluent Spanish?

Karina: I would want to do as many things as I can in my career, but right now the one that seems most likely to happen very soon is a Spanish album. I have been singing in Spanish as much as I have been singing in English so I would love to take some of my English songs and translate them into Spanish, as well as work on brand new songs.

SayWhatNews: In your video clips on Myspace you show Diddy, Nick Lachey, Christina Milian, Hulk Hogan family (just to name a few) watching you sing. How does it feel having your talent being admired by such talented artist?

Karina: It is truly an honor and a confidence boost to have people that have been successful in the music business tell me that they love the way I sing. It makes it so much easier and so much more comfortable to get on stage and perform. I give a 100% so that I could receive the same reaction from the fans.

SayWhatNews: Where do you see you’re self in 10 years musically?

Karina: I see myself consistently making albums, touring the world and writing and producing my own music as well for others. I would love to one day produce entire albums for other artists!

SayWhatNews: Quincy Jones is quoted as saying “She’s absolutely the most talented child star I have ever seen.” What goes through your mind when you hear such a great compliment from a musical icon?

Karina: I adore Quincy, he is my Godfather and it's just incredible for him to say something like that about me! He has worked with everyone you can think of... .Including Michael Jackson when he was young. I have no words to describe it.

SayWhatNews: You recently performed at the White House for President Bush and the First Lady Laura Bush for the Black Music celebration. Tell us what was going through your mind when you were about to perform.

Karina: When my father first told me that I was going to perform at the White House, I jumped up and down with joy because it was to become another big accomplishment in my career. After I finished performing I'm not going to lie, it felt kind of normal to me. It wasn't until my older brother pulled me to the side during the reception and told me that I had just made history that I really felt awestruck. I asked him "What do you mean I just made history? People sing at the White House all the time." He said, "Yea I know that, but you're the first female of Dominican descent to ever perform at the White House." My jaw just dropped!

SayWhatNews: When will your album be in stores?

Karina: My album should be in stores real soon, it is pretty much done; we're just putting the finishing touches on the singles. I just hope everyone out there enjoys the music I bring and supports it.

SayWhatNews: What’s in the future for Karina Pasian?

Karina: In the future I hope there is a lot of success and I hope that I can touch and change lives through the message in my music. The future starts with my fans and I hope to build a long career alongside each and every one of them. Listen to Karina Pasian's Music

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