The woman who has it all: beauty, talent, a loving family and her faith in God. Singer KeKe Wyatt’s strength through hard times is an inspiration to all those who believe in making your way back to the top is possible, even when it seems like there is no way. KeKe’s vocals stand on their own. Her voice is soulful and strong, and her vocal range truly sets her apart from all those wannabes. SayWhatNews had the pleasure of speaking with KeKe Wyatt as she embarks on her come back with a new album and a new record label to call home.

SayWhatNews: Hello KeKe, thanks so much for interviewing with SayWhatNews. First tell us who is KeKe Wyatt?

KeKe: A silly girl who loves having fun, singing, & most of allbeing a mom......

SayWhatNews: Let's talk about your early years. Your mother was a vocalist and your father was an organist in the church. How much of an musical influence were your parents growing up watching them perform?

KeKe: So much to were I wanted to sing just like my mom & play the organ just like my dad.

SayWhatNews: KeKe, you too performed in the church at a young age. Did it feel like a natural fit performing in front of an audience?

KeKe: Oh yes. I'm a ham... Singing is in my blood.

SayWhatNews: It sure is, you have a beautiful voice. What was your most memorable moment performing in the church with your parents?

KeKe: When I was 5 years old, my mom & I sang together while my dad playedthe organ. They were crying because I was keeping up & shocking everyone. They didn't know I could sing like that, I could & still do. Not much has changedwith my voice. If u don't believe me u can ask my mom & dad.

SayWhatNews: Beside your parents, who were your musical influences growing up?

KeKe: The Clark sisters, Mariah Carey, Whitney & Shania Twain.

SayWhatNews: Did you ever have any professional training growing up (vocals or lessons learning how to play an instrument)?

KeKe: Yeah right. We were to poor for that. We had ni*ga wit, that's bout it.....

SayWhatNews: I feel you on that. Now still a teen, you became a protégé of producer/ song writer Steve "Stone" Huff who has worked with such talents like the Isley Brothers, Joe and Avant. How were you discovered by Huff?

KeKe: A friend named Chris Kelly.

SayWhatNews: Now KeKe, you also were a member of a all girl group called "The Dolls" before the debut of your first solo album "Soul Sista". Did you have a feeling of you know this is not for me, I should be singing on my own?

KeKe: Oh yes I love doing my own thing.

SayWhatNews: Huff, was the one who arranged your duet with R&B singer Avant on the remake of Renee & Angela's hit 80's ballad "My First Love". Were you skeptical at all to remake a song that is considered to be one of the best ballads of that decade?

KeKe: No! I was young & new in the game, so it never really evencrossed my mind.

SayWhatNews: I remember when I first heard the song. I was already a fan of Avant and when I heard you sing. My first thoughts were she is amazing, who is that girl?

With that being said, your vocals have been compared to some of R&B/Hip-Hopinfluenced singers such has Mary J. Blige, Faith Evans and even Missy Elliott.How does it make you feel to be considered to be in the same talent pool ofsuch talents of those ladies?

KeKe: Honored......

SayWhatNews: KeKe, you entered the music scene in the 90's with such force proving that you deserved to be part of music's main-stream with your debut album Soul Sista. You even did a cover of Patti LaBelle's hit song "If Only You Knew", how amazing was that time in your life?

KeKe: When I performed the album in 2001, I was so honored I cried!!!!!!! It was amazing.

SayWhatNews: After the debut of your album and your music career began to soar, you experienced some hard times right after which caused a brief detour (I don't want to talk about it because I believe the past is the past) the question isonce the storm was over, how did you find your way back with such strength andcourage to get back in the saddle and focus again on your music career?

KeKe: My faith in God, my children, the support of my family, friends & most of all my fans that never judged me for just trying to protect myself from a tryingsituation.

SayWhatNews: We are glad to your back and stronger then ever. Now KeKe, you were originally signed to MCA Records and now have found a homewith Shanachie Entertainment. How did you and Shanachie join forces?

KeKe: A mutual friend/ new member of my management team Vicky Williams.

SayWhatNews: Your new album "Who Knew" is getting ready to drop on February 23rd. Tell us what was the inspiration for the album and the first single "Got Me One"

KeKe: My life. Lord knows I've been through enough to write a book honey...

SayWhatNews: Is there any artist or producer that you would love to collaborate with and why?

KeKe: Joe & Tank. Cause they can hold their own.

SayWhatNews: Yes, they can. Both are very talented and soulful artists. KeKe you were born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and now reside inKentucky. Most stars want to live in California or New York, so why Kentucky?

KeKe: Family. But I just moved to ATL.. (Atlanta)

SayWhatNews: As a mother, how do you balance being a mom and being a singer who has to hit the road and perform?

KeKe: Knowing they have to eat. LOL!

SayWhatNews: I know the feeling. Can you tell us something that most people would not know about you?


SayWhatNews: What's next in the future for KeKe Wyatt?

KeKe: More stage plays, modeling face & body, movies & more if it comes my way with class.

KeKe Wyatt Myspace

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