Move over Faith, Reba, Martina and Carrie; Country Music has a new sweet heart and she goes by the name of Kelley Shepard. With her amazing smile, glowing personality and country soul voice this 19 year old is about to rock the house. Kelley has several hits, “Over”, “Just Another Day” and a hot duet with Brian McKnight “6812”; and I am completely clueless as to why she has not been signed by a record label. She sings, writes and plays the acoustic guitar. Kelley is not just another artist; she is the next big country star.

SayWhatNews: So tell me about Kelley. Who is Kelley Shepard?

Kelley: Hmm, well I'm a 19 year old girl who has had the amazing opportunity of getting the chance to make my dream come true. I grew up in Gilbert Arizona, and had a wonderful support group of family and friends. I started singing when I was 6, and have never wanted to do anything else.

SayWhatNews: At what age did you start playing the acoustic guitar?

Kelley: I got my first guitar when I was 14 and really didn’t take it seriously til I was about 17, than I just started playing every chance I got, my goal was to learn a new chord everyday and than start putting them together. Once I really set my mind to it actually came really natural. Plus it opened a whole new world to song writing for me.

SayWhatNews: Do you play any other instruments?

Kelley: Nothing well, lol. I want to learn the piano, and my favorite instrument, the Steele guitar

SayWhatNews: Your musical influences are Reba McEntire, Patsy Cline, Garth Brooks, Christina Aguilera and Brian McKnight. Whose music did you listen to growing up?

Kelley: Reba was the first artist I really started listening to. Her, LeAnn Rimes and Garth Brooks were really all I listened to til I was about 13 lol.

SayWhatNews: How long have you been singing? And when did you first realize you had the gift of song?

Kelley: I have been singing since I was 6. It was never something I said to myself like, "I think I want to be a singer!" It was just always something I did that I loved, and I have just always done it.

SayWhatNews: Do you write your own songs?

Kelley: I do. I write everyday! Whether it’s good or bad, I sit down and I write at least a song a day. It’s my form of therapy. Any person who has ever walked into my life there is a song about them.

SayWhatNews: Are you signed with a label? If not, which would you prefer an Independent Label or a Major Label?

Kelley: Currently I am not signed with a label. I belong to a production company called "McKnight Entertainment." It is headed by Brian McKnight, we share the same management.

As for a label, I’m really open to any deal that is going to have my creative interest in mind(which is very hard to find now a days) I would prefer a Independent label, just because I think they take better care of their artists, and encourage their creative input.

SayWhatNews: What comes to mind when you hear the words Country Music?

Kelley: Wow, that’s hard to narrow it down to one thing. The first thing that comes to mind is stories. A lot of people say they hate country music because it’s depressing. But when I hear that I know it’s because they probably have never really listened to a country song.

Country music is the most honest music in my opinion. Maybe that’s why people don’t like it, because it hits too close to home. But that’s what I love about it. I know no matter what I am going thru there is a song on Country radio that talks about it.

Another thing that comes to mind is the fans. Country music has the most amazing loyal fans that u will not find in any other genre of music. I pray that those same fans like my music enough to buy it someday. :-)

SayWhatNews: Many artists are crossing over and collaborating with other artist in different music genres, for example Reba McEntire and Justin Timberlake on her new album of duets. What artist would you cross over with and why?

Kelley: I would LOVE to do a song with Christina Aguilera someday. I think she is an amazing talent, and her voice is amazing. She could sing the ABCs and I would still get the chills. Plus we both represent a lot of the same things. I am a little bit more conservative clothing wise lol, but other than that I think we're on the same level with a lot of things.

SayWhatNews: Looking at your schedule you stay busy touring, so what do you do on your off days to relax?

Kelley: I like to spend time with my family and friends; I don’t get to see them often so when I’m home I like to spend as much time with them as possible. And I love to shop, I’m one of those people who find it really relaxing, if I’m not on stage that’s usually where you'll find me lol. Either there or catching up on my tivoed shows. There are times when there is nothing better than vegging out on the couch watching the entire season of "The Hills" lol

SayWhatNews: So many singers have added acting to their resume; would you consider a career in acting? If so, which movie star would you want to act along side in a movie?

Kelley: You know at the moment I am taking one thing at a time. I think it would be a lot of fun to do a movie or a TV show, but that is very far in the future right now I am focused 100% on my music.

SayWhatNews: Your home videos with your friend Jon Asher are hilarious; would you ever consider doing a reality show?

Kelley: lol, we never thought they would get the reaction they have! We honestly did it just for our own amusement because that’s honestly how we are around each other. There are so many times we have to be "serious", so when we get to just hang out with each other we let loose and have fun. It was Jon’s idea to put them on myspace; I surely didn’t think they would be as enjoyed as they have been.

As for a reality show, I have actually been presented with some ideas by a couple different programs, and we are working all that out now!

SayWhatNews: How does it make you feel when you receive mail from adoring fans who say your music has touched their lives in some way?

Kelley: It’s honestly the craziest thing ever! I mean since I was 6 years old that’s all I have ever wanted. It’s the best compliment an artist can get. When I write songs all that I hope for is that people get something from them the way I have. And when someone emails me and tells me they had a bad day and they came to my site and a song on there made it even just a tiny bit better, no words can explain it.

SayWhatNews: What CD's are playing in your car right now?

Kelley: Hmm...I have Sugarland's "Enjoy the Ride", Miranda Lambert "Crazy Ex- girlfriend", Garth Brooks "Double Live", Phil Vassar "Greatest Hits”, Kelly Clarkson "My December”, and Jason Aldean "Relentless"

SayWhatNews: What kind of movies do you like?

Kelley: I’m a big fan of horror movies, anything scary I’m all about. And I love comedies too. I just saw "Hairspray" and I loved it, I was hesitant about seeing it but I am really glad that I did.

SayWhatNews: When can we expect an album?

Kelley: Hopefully in the very near future. I’m keeping my fingers crossed ill have one out before my 21st birthday.

SayWhatNews: What's in the future for Kelley Shepard?

Kelley: Hopefully a lot of touring, lol. I’m not sure what the future holds and I guess that’s the beauty of it, but I am certain no matter what happens music will always be apart of it.

Kelley Shepard Music

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