This man has a relentless drive to be the best at what he does and his devotion is remarkable. Keni Myles is a well rounded artist from singing, dancing, acting and plays instruments. He is an artist who sees the bigger picture. He is not afraid to take chances to make his dreams and goals of becoming the greatest entertainer come true. Keni's sound is smooth and soulful; it takes you back to old school R&B. Keep a look out for him on the big screen, behind the scenes and in the music studio because he has a lot to do. Only the best are given pure talent; rock it Keni because you do it so well.

SayWhatNews: Hi Keni, thanks so much for taking the time and speaking with us. Tell us, who is Keni Myles?

Keni: I thank you for the support and appreciate you for giving unsigned and unknown artist a way to speak to the people. You know what (lol) I’m just a simple country boy from Indiana that loves the out doors, people and music. I’m strongly attached to my family which supports me and this is why I’m able to be the writer and vocalist I am… along with my strong beliefs in GOD.

SayWhatNews: Where are you originally from?

Keni: Indianapolis In.

SayWhatNews: Let’s discuss your child hood. Are you an only child? And what was it like for you growing up?

Keni: Wow I had a great child hood…I didn’t play a lot of sports or anything because I was a little fat boy…lol... but growing up around musicians and singers was great; being able to travel and see rehearsals and set ups basically showed me how a show should be. Back to the question (lol) growing up in my house hold was funny and crazy I have 1 younger sister, 3 older step sisters and 2 brothers. I got a chance to have a relationship with all of them so there were many arguments and fun times.

SayWhatNews: What age did you start singing?

Keni: I started singing when I was between 2 and 5. I would always try to sing with my mother when she would be rehearsing with her gospel singing group the “Starlight 5”. I would sit back and watch the band play and the singers get with it! That sparked a fire in my heart because the soul and message in the song moved me.

SayWhatNews: Did you participate in any school plays or talent shows growing up?

Keni: I did participate in plays and talent shows starting from when I was in the 1st grade. But I’m not sure if I wanted to become a singer…I think I just had love for the music. I think once I started to smell my own “s@$t” is when I wanted to be a performer lol. By that time I wanted to show off more than anything.

SayWhatNews: You majored in voice and music education at Kentucky State University; did you want to become a teacher or did you already know you wanted to become an entertainer?

Keni: Like before, by the time I was old enough to appreciate the music it was about showing off to me. My freshman year is high school was a blur, then I started to wake up and see that my life was about to be about me making choices not mommy and daddy. So I straightened up started getting more into music theory and why and what harmonies were. Then it became life to me. I could appreciate the music I was singing and feel the words that were written. That began the quest to of wanting to teach. Studying and traveling helped me with the entertainment part…there was no way growing up back in the day without that performance in your blood...that’s all they had back then... it wasn’t about how fine you looked it was about how well you entertained people.

SayWhatNews: At what point after college did you realize that in order to pursue a career in the entertainment industry you had to move to Los Angeles?

Keni: It was while I was in school when I realized entertaining is what my blood consisted of …lol it wasn’t DNA or red and white cells...LOL. Man I left so fast when I got the call from L.A. SayWhatNews: Once in Los Angeles, how did it come about that you joined the male singing group 20/20 and began a recording agreement with DreamWorks?

Keni: Yes, once I got that big call to fly out and be in this group I wasn’t for sure why they wanted me. Once I got off that plane I went right to work and started a new chapter in my life. The group had heard of me thru talent shows and chorus performances and thought I would be a great addition to them…and what a group of fellas! Writers, singers and performers weren’t the words for the talent I witnessed. It was a great start I must say.

SayWhatNews: 20/20 opened for and performed with such great talents like Stevie Wonder and Yolanda Adams. What was that experience like?

Keni: I don’t think you could understand the feeling I felt, a teenager sitting in front of people he’s watched and admired for years; give you advise on what and who to look for in a dog eat dog world…it was the greatest feeling ever! I’ve taken all I’ve learned to the stage and on the road with me and I’m looking to learn more.

SayWhatNews: You decided to go to the next phase of your career and trained in Theater for artistic development. What made you realize that you needed to step up your game and strengthen your stage presence so you could stand out from other artist?

Keni: This was imbedded in me from a little boy. I knew I would have to keep progressing so I decided to start taking acting classes and interning so I could stay on sets with other artist to see how they work…learn scripts and interpret a script for themselves. The same with music and putting shows together for the audience. It’s funny how I can have a completely different view and the same set of words in script or song…sort of like how people interpret the know?

SayWhatNews: Keni, you studied TV and film at USC Theater Arts Development; and it opened many doors to have parts in some of televisions best shows ever like Seinfeld and The Practice. How does it make you feel knowing that your hard word has started to pay off? Keni: You know what…my ego was crushed the 1st time I thought I had a part in a big movie. I got the call for the move “LIFE” with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence, but when I showed up as they asked me to I realized that I was an EXTRA! But the experience of watching these well trained actors put life to words on paper was amazing and there aren’t a lot of people that can say “I’ve had that experience” so…that’s pay off in itself.

SayWhatNews: Your SAG credentials are impressive, you have had roles in such films as “Two Can Play That Game” starring Vivica A. Fox and Morris Chestnut and “Life” starring Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence just to name a few. What is next for you in acting?

Keni: You know its funny but I’m still going to study with acting coaches and working actors but I’m actually getting more into the writing side of it and possible producing short films. I think if we (singers) are going to cross over to acting we need to be great at it! So if I’m not right for a part in a movie…it doesn’t discourage me, it motivates me to go bigger and better than that role.

SayWhatNews: What was the craziest thing to happen while working on the set of Austin Powers: Goldmember starring Mike Myers and Beyonce?

Keni: LOL! Well I was actually hurt on that set. They had us on skates rehearsing for a couple days... OH that was fine because I’ve been skating since a little boy... but when we had to put on Platform Shoes…lol I busted my ass! And sprain my ankle and couldn’t finish the last scene I was cast in, so I was put in the background for the remainder of the shoot. Beyonce didn’t see it... I’m sure she heard about it, but we all know she can’t talk about nobody fallin... BUT as professionals we get back up again!

SayWhatNews: Is there anything in your career you would change?

Keni: Wow, I would change a lot but I would be more likely to change the way America views the music of today. TO ALL THE SOUL R&B ARTIST…Keep making good music!

SayWhatNews: Myspace has helped a lot of artist get the word out about their talent. How has it helped you? Keni: Myspace has been great. The people are really looking for good music and I have so many people hit me up wanting the album and I keep letting them know ‘THIS YEAR” but you know how it is trying to make you are never satisfied.

SayWhatNews: Ok, we have to get personal for the lady fans out there; are you single?

Keni: I’m a newly single man, lol. It’s hard dating an artist we are always type cast and always busy…late hours unpredictable schedules…need I say more? It takes a hell of a woman to be wit me...

SayWhatNews: In your spare time what do you consider to be fun?

Keni: Fishing and sleeping, lol. Oh, and an occasional drink.

SayWhatNews: What is in the future for the talented Keni Myles? Keni: I’m getting ready to put together a sitcom and a short film unrelated to music believe it or not... lol, there will also be a release of the is “2nd” project at the same time so I’m very busy these days


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