Blending different genres of music takes a smooth strategic technique that only some are truly able to master. KopaTechnic brought together three different artists and mastered the blending of different genres of music to create a perfect blend of Electro/Soul/House/Pop/Hip-Hop. SayWhatNews had the opportunity to speak with KopaTechinc about their sound and new group:

SayWhatNews: KopaTechnic is in the house. Hello Amber, RK and Jimmie. Thanks for sitting down and speaking with SayWhatNews. First introduce us to the band and tell us what each member brings to KopaTechnic?

Amber & Jimmie : RK Jackson is the musical genius creating the tracks.

RK & Jimmie: Amber Dirks lends her soulful voice and lyrical writing skills.

Amber & RK: Jimmie Alston works in his rap/spoken word and lyrical writing skills to the project.

KopaTechnic: We all bring different styles of music to the table, such as House, Deep House, R&B, Dance, Jazz, Hip Hop and Pop and with that we have a vibe that is continual.

SayWhatNews: Amber, you did an interview with us back in October 2007. Tell us what have you been up to; last I heard you were singing with Jacinta in the group Wild Jaam?

Amber: How the years go by in a flash (laughing) but having fun though. Since the “WILD JAAM” project, I have released 3other singles “Rejoice”, “Standing Up” and “Feel The Love”. I have also been touring extensively as a guest vocalist for the well Respected and Loved group, “Sister Sledge”. In between all of that, I continued to write and spend time with Family and Friends.”

SayWhatNews: Well, Amber you have certainly stayed busy with your music projects. Now, RK Jackson, a platinum selling music producer who has worked with another friend of SayWhatNews, Ce Ce Peniston and Madonna. Tell us how did you get your start in the music business?

RK: The first record I did was for Star Search finalist Marshall Titus for a record label in London. The next project soon after that was co-writing “Finally” and from there I signed a publishing deal with Universal Music and Zomba Music. I have been working professionally ever since.”

SayWhatNews: RK, I grew up idolizing Madonna. Her “Like A Virgin” concert was the first concert I went to in the 4th grade, lol. Tell us what was it like working with such an iconic artist?

RK: It was a humbling experience. The one thing about Madonna, she works like the Wizard Of Oz, in other words when it comes to remixes she is more behind the scenes but to have her sign off on work that I have done and giving a thumbs up was one of the highest points of my career.”

SayWhatNews: Jimmie Alston, you are a lyricist/rapper. As a rapper who influenced you growing up and inspired you to join the rap game?

Jimmie Alston: The rapper’s that inspired me the most are Eric B and Rakim from New York with their New York rap style and also Tupac with his versatile style.

SayWhatNews: Jimmie tell us about your musical background. Have you worked on any solo projects?

Jimmie Alston: I have worked as an lyricist on a few projects as well as helped create melodies.

SayWhatNews: Now, Jimmie most rappers stick to Hip-Hop and they may do some collaborations with R&B and even Pop artists. How did you differentiate from the norm and end up doing Electronica/Dance/Pop music?

Jimmie Alston: When I started collaborating with RK Jackson, I found that the music that was being created just had a faster tempo and I was able to adjust easily.

SayWhatNews: The group’s name is KopaTechnic, where did that name come from and does it have a meaning?

KopaTechnic: We thought “Copasetic” was a great way to define who we are as a group and since our music, as we define, is Electro Soul which encompasses elements of House, Deep House, Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Jazz, and Pop that we can create electronically we also use live instrumentation on our project.

SayWhatNews: So, how did a platinum/BMI award winning music producer, an international recording artist and lyricist end up in a group together?

Amber: Even though RK is from Chicago and I was born in Holland and raised in N.Y. and Jimmie Alston is from Fayetteville North Carolina we all met in Arizona. We were all working on separate projects until we started collaborating.

SayWhatNews: RK you were the one who reached out and asked Amber to join the group. Why did you choose Amber out of so many others?

RK: Amber and I worked together previously on a project and I knew her work ethic and I knew her talent would be an asset to the project and if anybody has seen Amber live they know the energy that she projects to the show.

SayWhatNews: The first single “When I Hit The Club” is a great song for the dance clubs. What inspired the song?

KopaTechnic: Who doesn’t love a club beat….we wanted to build this song for the people that go to the clubs.

SayWhatNews: KopaTechnic debut album “Welcome To KopaTechnic” was just recently released on July 6th. Tell us what fans can expect from this album?

KopaTechnic: Our first album, “Welcome to KopaTechnic” encompasses all of our musical passions. This consists of House, Deep House, Dance, Pop, R&B and Hip Hop Flavors lending to an eclectic blend of pure Musical Bliss.

SayWhatNews: Have you decided on which song will be the next single?

KopaTechnic: We will be releasing 2 songs and they are “On My Mind” for the clubs and “Journey Through Vegas” for US Radio.

SayWhatNews: Where can fans get their copy of the new album “Welcome To KopaTechnic”?

KopaTechnic: Our album can be found on all major musical online retailers. We are currently working on plans for US and Worldwide CD distribution.

SayWhatNews: Amber is known for touring all around world. Are there any plans for KopaTechnic to go on tour?

RK : We most definitely plan on touring both Nationally and Internationally and we are starting with dates in Phoenix and New York. Please check our website for more information at

SayWhatNews: Now that the album has been released, what’s next for KopaTechnic?

KopaTechnic: We are continually writing and building our tour with dates throughout 2011.

Thank You “SayWhatNews” for providing us an opportunity to be heard. We welcome fans to add/ check us out on; KopaTechnic website

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