LaidEe P Interview

LaidEe P is a popular Underground rap artist whose rhymes can’t be touched. Her fast flow and head bobbing beats makes you want more. The P stands for Pimp but Platinum is her first name and that is what her album will go once she gets signed to a major label. It is so refreshing, a Rapper who wants you to know her talent and not her bra size. Rapper LaidEe P gets real with SayWhatNews. Check out LaidEe P at (link at bottom)

SayWhatNews: Tell us about you. Who is LaidEe P.?

LaidEe P: Who is me?! Well, I'm a Female Hip-hop MC. One of the youngest in the game I guess you can say. Rappin the way north of the Midwest to the fullest!! Like an internet Celebrity on Myspace!

SayWhatNews: You wear several hats. So tells us how do balance being an MC, DJ, Dancer and a Youth Coach of an all Hip-Hop organization?

LaidE P: Just like the hats, how does anyone manage to wear a new one everyday?! If you love something more then a passion you manage to make time for it all. For example, Mon-Fri I coach Hip-Hop to the kids yet either before or after their practice I record some music. Thurs-Sat. and some Sundays I DJ, again before or after I record! As for dancing, I do that anywhere anytime... I'd admit I'm that chick who's shaking it in her bedroom in front of the mirror! lol. All my jobs include me dancing, but in high school I was actually on a dance team, which took 6th place in nationals for hip-hop. I'm a busy body; I love to keep it all coming...

SayWhatNews: Do you find being a female MC in an industry that is made up of mainly male MC's that you have to work even harder to prove your ability as a lyricist?

LaidEe P: Most females say yes to this. But personally, it's because most female's words are just about "how slut they r, how best they sex is, how good of (head) they give, or what chick they better than," blah blah blah and of course if you spit like every other chick like that it’s going be hard for you to get in. But on my extant I spit like a damn dude. Real life sh@$, fun sh@$, and crazy mess you know!? Yes it’s hard to get up as a female, yes we get looked at a lot harder whether or not if we REAL or CAN HANDLE IT... but that's only because most females make us get that damn image!

SayWhatNews: Some MC's say their rhymes just flow; do your rhymes come easy?

LaidEe P: It takes me no longer then 30mins to an hour to write a whole song. I'm not say it just flows; I just have a real creative mind. One thing I do different thenmost MC's is I type up my music, because writing slows me down. I type so fast free handed so then the words will be jotted down just as fast as I'm thinking them. Plus my way is on a serious ass lifestyle note, but still I make it crazy n fun youknow. So it’s a bit easier to jus 'mess around' with my words!

SayWhatNews: Your rhyme and flow is hot. Which male MC would you challenge in a free style battle?

LaidEe P: Funny that you asked this. Because if there is anything in life I'm shy doing... ha-ha is free styling. OMG! I have ever only been able to bust out crazy a@$ words if I'm in the car with my girls, drunk, or just on stage n on the spot! but now that I'm used to the stage, it’s kind of harder to pressure me to bust a few! Ha-ha... But if I can over come this sh@$... umm... I'd smack up Jigga Hov fa sho! :)

SayWhatNews: Which MC or Singer would you like to collaborate with on a track?

LaidEe P: No doubt about it, I'm bringing TLC back for a hot ass track one of these days damn it. I've already got a lil Bumper with Chili, on the underground note, so now I gotta bust in with her and T-boz for the real big screen effect, put it in remembrance of Left Eye ya know!?

SayWhatNews: You mentioned that TLC, MC Lyte, Salt N Pepa and Aaliyah helped you tune your craft as an MC and Dancer, what artist out there today influences you?

LaidEe P: Beyonce! I'm kind of a lil obsessed with her right now. Ha-ha... when her Bday album came out, I was bumping that straight for MONTHS! She's crazy right now, and I respect her to the fullest. Then there's Alicia Keys, Man... I can’t even explain the talent she has and gives off, just gives me the chills! Still for ever a fan of them Bone Thugs, man I could go on... but I’m ma cut it! Ha

SayWhatNews: What comes to mind when you hear the word Hip-Hop?

LaidEe P: Life!

SayWhatNews: Which would you consider, signing with a major label or an independent label and why?

LaidEe P: I want to be signed to a Major label on the real, and then maybe have the side signs with the independent. Because you get more out of having the Major more on yourback you know!? Then when you also got on your side the independent then its more smaller of a group and you can focus more... Either way I'm still unsigned. WHERE YALL AT?!

SayWhatNews: There are still a lot of people not familiar with underground music. What is the one thing you would want them to know about the music and the fans?

LaidEe P: -It’s the same as the people above us on the streets. T.I, Beyonce, Bone Thugs, all of them once were apart of the underground world. Its pretty much like our stage and environment for us as we're trying to get up there. We just have a fan base of people who really enjoy music. Our fans go to the extant to find new music, that isn't always on the radio or TV or in the clubs. Yes some underground music getsbumped in them big places, but all because of the underground true music lovers. Man I thank Myspace for helping us 'undergrounders' man! Woooh!

SayWhatNews: What goes through your mind when you see people vibe to your music?

LaidEe P: It’s a feeling I can’t even explain, all I can think is “Wooh, Girl you almost there!"

SayWhatNews: What's in the future for LadiEe P.?

LaidEe P: The Grammy's!! Bringing it!! :) Check out LaidEe P's music

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