Lisa Lavie Interview

It has been sometime since an artist’s voice has moved my soul the way Canadian born R&B singer Lisa Lavie has. From the first note, her vocals had me hooked and ready to groove. My favorite song “Maple Leaf”, with its soulful and jazzy sound reminds me of Taylor Dane. Although this talented singer/song writer has not yet been signed to a record label, she is truly making her own path. You can check Lisa out at or at Get ready for the Lavie experience because this girl can really sing.

SayWhatNews: Lisa you have such an amazing and soulful voice. When did you first realize that you had the gift of song?

Lisa: I starting singing when I was 10 but I never really took it seriously at that age or considered it as a career until I was 16. That's when I thought to myself "You could really have a shot at this".

SayWhatNews: Did you always want to be a singer or did you have another career in mind?

Lisa: I always dreamed of becoming a Pediatrician or a Marine Biologist but I soon realized that a lot of schooling would beinvolved, that's when I shifted course….lol

SayWhatNews: What artist did you grow up listening to?

Lisa: I grew up listening to Mariah Carey, Boys II Men & Brian McKnight. They are all definite influences in my music and vocal style.

SayWhatNews: Do you have a particular regiment to maintain your voice?

Lisa: Not really, I've always been carefree with the maintenance of my vocal chords…lol. However, I have to curb the way I think. We always tend to take advantage of our health till something goes awry. I definitely have to get on top of that.

SayWhatNews: How is it that a talented singer like your self has not been signed to a major record label, especially since there are not a lot of true talented singers out there like Whitney Houston or Mariah Carey?

Lisa: Honestly. The labels are all scrambling to stay afloat of this new wave “Called the Internet". There are so many innovative ways of getting music out and everyone is jumping on that wave and surpassing the Big Boys and creating a movement of their own. No one is taking chances anymore. They are all just afraid of losing their jobs…My time will come, I believe that, but it might take a minute for people to jump on my train. Till then I'm riding Solo, nonetheless making anImpact with or without them "THE MAJORS".

SayWhatNews: Is it true the music industry wanted you to change your singing style?

Lisa: Some record labels thought that maybe I should sing more"Gangsta" …lol. Be more Hip hop is what they would say. IMAGINE ME GANGSTA... That's so funny….People would be like "OK little Canadian white girl"…lol

SayWhatNews: Hearing your song on the radio for the first time must have been so surreal. Can you tell us about that very moment when you realized it was your song playing?

Lisa: The Dj sent me a message giving me the heads up…However it didn't really hit me until I actually heard it on air for myself…I was so overwhelmed with excitement. I could hardly contain myself as you could tell in my Youtube Video…

SayWHatNews: You were discovered by Grammy Award winning Ben Margulies who helped launch the career of Mariah Carey with her hit songs, “Vision of Love”, “Someday” and “Love Takes Time” in a unique way, tell us about it.

Lisa: Well, out of the blue I received a phone call from a friend who had passed my demo tape of songs that I had written when I was 16 years old onto him… He told me that Ben listened to my songs and loved what he heard and wanted to work with me… At this point I was already so jaded by people in the business making broken promises to me that I didn't believe a word of what he was telling me. We hung up, and I ignored his calls for months. Till finally that call came again only this time Ben was on the phone. That's when I realized this was serious. He had me sing to him from my cell phone, and then asked me to fly out to California ASAP. I few out the next day and that’s' when the record making process began…. ;)

SayWhatNews: Ben Margulies has been quoted of saying, “I’ve worked with a lot of great singers and Lisa’s got everything it takes to be a Superstar.” How does that make you feel when you receive such phrase from a mega song writer/producer?

Lisa: It feels great to hear that. It reaffirms my belief that I will reach great heights and that it's not only in "MY HEAD"…lol

SayWhatNews: You have had songs to appear on two hot movie soundtracks ‘Stick It’ and ‘The Guardian’, starring Ashton Kutcher and Kevin Costner. How mind blowing is that?

Lisa: It's absolutely crazy. I was overly excited when we received the call that "YES" it was for sure going in the movie... Yet another moment that I had to contain myself and another step forward in making my dreams a reality. ;)

SayWhatNews: What was going through your mind while you were signing your contract with BMI to become one of their song writer’s/publisher’s?

Lisa: My exact thoughts were: "Lisa, Wow, You are sitting here with the president of BMI “Del Bryant" who has such faith in you and your music and you are now taking your first steps in getting your songs heard to the world. How amazing is that…

SayWhatNews: Have you had the chance to write any songs for any artist we might know?

Lisa: Not yet, but I definitely plan to in the very near future. ;)

SayWhatNews: What is in the future for Lisa Lavie?

Lisa: Follow me while I take you on my journey:I'm thinking big, Like Ummmm, Touring the world,Selling Millions of albums or downloads, making kick ass music,writing for Movies, Artists, whatever gets my creativity going…Honestly without sounding too Pageant "like". I would love to make a difference somehow... I know, I know Corny, but true…My journey doesn't end there, but this is as far as I can see @ 4am…lol Learn more about Lisa Lavie's music

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