The walk of life introduces us to all sorts of emotional experiences that shape’s us to be who we are.  For an artist like Mark Hildreth he takes those experiences whether happy or sad and expresses them artistically.  Mark’s new album, ‘Signs of Life’ takes us on an emotional journey filled with love, loss, happiness and more.  SayWhatNews had the pleasure speaking with Mark about his second album and his place in the entertainment world as a musician and actor:


SayWhatNews: Good day to you Mark.  Thanks so much for speaking with SayWhatNews.  Tell us in three words who Mark Hildreth is?


Mark: Love Conquers All.


SayWhatNews:  Mark, you started singing at a young age.  How did you discover you had the gift of song?


Mark: We had an old piano in our house and I taught myself Beethoven on it when I was 10.


SayWhatNews:  Your music is a blend of Gospel, Soul, Pop and R&B.  Who were you musical influences growing up?


Mark: My Dad used to play classic artists from the 70’s like Bob Seger, Billie Joel, Elton John (who is my biggest influence) and The Beatles. Later, Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.


SayWhatNews: In 2006, you won Singer/Songwriter awards and the Billboard World Song Contest.  How amazing was it for you to have your music to be recognized in that way?


Mark: It is an honor to be recognized and I was so appreciative of it.

SayWhatNews: I hear you recently signed a demo deal with Warne Livesey.  How did that opportunity present itself?


Mark: Warne Livesey came to my very first concert, and we have since recorded two albums together, the most recent of which ‘Signs of Life’ is being released right now!


SayWhatNews:  Back in 2008 you released your first album, ‘Complex State of Attachment’ and just released your second album, ‘Signs of Life’ on December 10th, 2012.  Can you tell us the difference between the two projects?


Mark: Signs Of Life is all about family, love and loss. It has a really distinct sound which I’m very proud of, and is a really honest representation of me and what is important to me. Complex State took 4 years to make (as did Signs) and is a journey of my early twenties and what I went through in relationships and getting to know myself

SayWhatNews: Mark, your new album, ‘Signs of Life’ as you mentioned earlier talks about key life topics like loss of family and falling in and out of love.  What inspired this album?


Mark: A dear friend of mine killed herself while I was making this album, and also my aunt Pat died of cancer and family suddenly became so important to focus on and appreciate.


SayWhatNews:  ‘Signs of Life’ is a very nice tribute to their memory. What do you want music lovers to walk away with after listening to your new album?


Mark: I hope to always make music that is as human as possible, that people can listen to and experience part of themselves more deeply. That people can see that there is someone out there who really works to make a better world, and that those who want to change the world for the better are not alone.


SayWhatNews:  Do you have a favorite song from your new album, ‘Signs of Life’?  If so which one and why?


Mark: Signs Of Life, the title track, is one of my favorites because it expresses so strongly how I feel for my family and those that I love.


SayWhatNews:  The album’s cover art for ‘Signs of Life’ is really cool and artistic.  Who designed it?


Mark: The album artwork was painted and photographed by an AMAZING artist and friend of mine, a film maker, painter, actor and designer named Chad Krowchuk (


SayWhatNews:  Mark, you are also known for your acting.  How did a self-taught pianist/singer/songwriter get into acting?


Mark: I started acting when I was 5 years old, and it was my first love. We were in the car with my Dad and they had a radio ad asking for blonde haired 5-10 year old boys to play the son of Pinkerton and Butterfly in the opera Madame Butterfly at the Queen Elizabeth Theater in Vancouver. I went to the audition and booked it and it was all UPHILL from there!


photo: Showtimes/Tudors -Mark Hildreth

SayWhatNews:  Your acting resume is quite impressive; which includes recurring roles on Showtimes ‘The Tudors’, ABC’s Sci-fi drama ‘V’ and films like ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Worlds End’ and much more.  What’s the funniest moment you’ve had so far working on the set of a TV show or movie?


Mark: I was working on The Tudors with Oscar-nominated actor Max Von Sydow, who played the priest in The Exorcist. At one point he was apologizing to me for forgetting one of his lines, and I just thought “Wow, THE EXORCIST is apologizing to ME?? Weird…”


SayWhatNews: Do you have any new acting projects on the horizon anytime soon?


Mark: I’m between projects as we do this interview, but I do have a movie coming out, a spoof of disaster movies called ‘End Of The World’.


SayWhatNews:  What’s next in the future for Mark Hildreth?


Mark: check out for more concerts in Los Angeles and other places, and more news on projects upcoming!