One can tell so much by a man’s life story and experiences and how they make things happen regardless of the obstacles head. SayWhatNews speaks candidly to Film maker Marlon Campbell about his upcoming projects and his public feud with cousin/film and play writer Tyler Perry.

SayWhatNews: Thanks for speaking with SayWhatNews. In three words describe who Marlon Campbell is.

Marlon: Driven, Hardworking and Honest.

SayWhatNews: Growing up did you want to be in the film and music industry?

Marlon: No. My first desire was to be an Architect.

SayWhatNews: Wow, you went in a total different direction. What type of movies and music influenced you?

Marlon: All. I’m completely well-rounded, when it comes to film and music. Film, everything from Ghost to Bad Boys, and music, everything from Lionel Richie to Maroon 5.

SayWhatNews: In the 80’s and 90’s you collaborated with The Emotions, Nirvana, LL Cool J and many others; tell us how you were able to work with some of music’s great talents?

Marlon: Well, most of them were through concerts. I was a strong performer back then. The Emotions I was working with; in regards to music business in Japan, producing and writing.

SayWhatNews: In 2005 you worked with the famous and very talented Whitney Houston. Tell us about one of your most memorable moments working with Ms. Whitney.

Marlon: We were in Barcelona and running late for a show, everyone was concerned because the crowd was getting a little anxious. Whitney walked on staged grabbed the mic, “is everyone ready” she asked, and delivered a great performance. What was special about this was, she had arrived late from Paris hospital and was suffering from dehydration. What a professional I thought.

SayWhatNews: As they always say the show must go on no matter what. How did you get the role of “Dwight’ on NBC’s Crack?

Marlon: Leon Spinks, who was one of the producers, knew my promoter Don Hess. I had a very clean image and Spinks and NBC thought I’d be good for the show. It was a great experience.

SayWhatNews: Marlon you have performed on live stage in William Shakespeare “Macbeth”. Would you ever consider doing a live show again or maybe write/direct a play?

Marlon: I would absolutely love to do a live show again and/or direct one. The experience was priceless.

SayWhatNews: How hard was it to transition from music to film?

Marlon: It was an easy transition. I knew film was something I wanted to pursue for many years. Music helped tremendously with the transition.

SayWhatNews: When did you get the urge to write scripts for film?

Marlon: You know, it has always been a part of me. Even during the time of writing music; on many occasions I found myself in this mental state of making the songs theme…a movie or if I’m flying on long flights to Europe or somewhere, movie ideas would run through my head like average thoughts. I knew I was destined for the film industry.

SayWhatNews: Now according to your bio, in 2003 your film distribution company Majer Film Werks released Tyler Perry’s first film. Marlon its known that you are Tyler Perry’s cousin and that there is a family feud brewing according to Can you speak about what happened?

Marlon: Well unfortunately come success comes change. So for Tyler and I, who grew up extremely close, we’ve had a tough time finding common ground. A reporter broke the story (against my wishes!!!) that “Tyler’s cousin is doing a film” after learning about our relationship from the days of us distributing his stage plays. All of a sudden there was a media frenzy around myself and the film. It begun to take away some attention from his project and escalated from there. But no matter what, as far as I’m concerned, we’re family and when he’s ready to talk, so am I.

SayWhatNews: Why did Tyler Perry’s lawyers issue a statement telling you to remove the information about your company being the first film distribution company to release Perry’s film because it was untrue?

Marlon: Because it does not match the information given to the public and I believe he looked at it as a threat. I never claimed to have been the nucleus of Tyler Perry but that’s the way he interpreted the media reports. Unfortunately, he made comments that were not true in the document, so I authorized the release of invoices and successfully defended myself in the media. I was very disappointed that it got to that point.

SayWhatNews: Ok, enough about that. Marlon you finally sat down and completed your movie script for “Oblivious” which is due out the Summer of 2009. Tell us about the film and what can movie goers expect.

Marlon: The film is about two childhood friends getting caught up in an International Incident shortly after turning their lives around for the better. It’s a story about doing the right thing under the most extreme circumstances…full of action and suspense…with a surprise ending! Movie-goers can expect to be on the tip of their seats, biting their nails the entire time.

SayWhatNews” Marlon you wear many hats and one was at one time being the CEO of 404 Gaming Company Multi-Player Online Game. What does this company do exactly?

Marlon: The company developed online games. I really enjoyed my time as CEO of the company. It helped teach me how music, film and gaming all work together.

SayWhatNews: Now it was reported that you were involved in an upcoming reality show called “Blaque in The House” which follows the R&B group that TLC’s the late Lisa Left Eye Lopes founded. Is this show still in the making or has been put on hold?

Marlon: It is still in the making. The process is taking longer than expected because of various reasons but hopefully it will be out in early 2009.

SayWhatNews: What is next for Marlon Campbell?

Marlon: After Oblivious, a 30 day vacation and back in pre-production for my next film “Beyond The Cliché”.

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