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It’s so empowering when you watch a person take their love for something and turn it into multiples of other amazing things. Actor Matthew Fahey took his love for acting and started his acting career at a young age; then turned that love into a production company which handles all aspects of producing/directing /writing. SayWhatNews chatted with Matthew about his production company, new projects and his hit MTV show, Awkward:

SayWhatNews: Hey Matthew, thanks for speaking withSayWhatNews. First tell us who is Matthew Fahey?

Matthew: I am an actor on the show Awkward and I also own a production company called I-95 pictures.

SayWhatNews: I here you caught the acting bug fromyour brother Jozef, who was performing on Broadwayat the time. At what age did you discover your love foracting?

Matthew: I was 12, I really loved doing it and then around 14 I realized okay…this is a job that I could do for the rest my life. So I really started taking it serious and fell even more in love with acting.

SayWhatNews: Your first acting debut was in thefilm, “It Run in the Family”. How did you hear aboutthe role and tell us about your experience during theaudition?

Matthew: It actually booked off of pictures for that role. It was awesome working with Rory Culkin. He's been such a great actor from a young age and I wasn't much younger than him. Just seeing how good he was and how young he was, just inspired me to be better.

SayWhatNews: Matthew, instantly you found success on the TV screen because you appearedin one hit TV show after another like: “Without ATrace”, “Dexter”, “Cold Case”, “Justified”, “Grey’sAnatomy” and many others. How amazing was it foryou to see that your acting career was getting off to agood start?

Matthew: Everything that I book big or small is a blessing, I've been able to work with so many great people and just in so many great shows it's been amazing.

SayWhatNews: Your first big screen debut was inthe film, “Kinsey” acting alongside film legend LiamNeeson. What was that experience like?

Matthew: I got to play young Liam Neeson and work with Academy award winning, director Bill Condon. To work with those two people of their stature was amazing!

SayWhatNews: Matthew, many fans know you from thehit scripted MTV show, “Awkward” as Ricky Schwartz.How did you hear about the role and tell us about theaudition process (how many call backs & etc.)?

photo: MTV/Awkward-Matthew Fahey as Ricky Schwartz

Matthew: Originally I auditioned for a different part. They brought me back in for a call back for Ricky and I guess it went really well!

SayWhatNews: Your character Ricky Schwartz is knownas the “King of Geeks” and an undercover playboy. Isthere anything about Ricky that is similar to the realMatthew Fahey?

Matthew: I am also a nerd. I love video games and comic books. I can't say I'm a player and treat girls the way he does. My mom brought me up to be respectful.

SayWhatNews: Season 2 of “Awkward” premieres onJune 28th on MTV at 10:30pm. Can you tell us what to expect from the new season and provide us with some story details?

Matthew: Well you can expect last season times a million, because the season is more drama and more comedy. Last season they raised the bar, this season, it's been raised even higher!

SayWhatNews: In between takes during filmingof “Awkward” what do you and the cast members like todo for fun?

Matthew: We all have a great time on set. We're always cracking jokes, laughing, and playing games against each other on our phones. It's a really fun set to be on!

SayWhatNews: Recently you appeared on TNT’s new hitshow “Rizzoli & Isles” alongside actress Angie Harmonportraying Detective Vince Korsak’s son. Will this be are-occurring role?

Matthew: As of right now I do not think that it is recurring, but you never know so keep your fingers crossed!

SayWhatNews: At this year’s Sundance Film Festival2012 you had two films featured: “Excision” withAnna Lynne McCord (90210), Ariel Winter (ModernFamily), and Oscar winner Marlee Matlin and “The FirstTime” with Brittany Robertson (The Secret Circle), Dylan O’Brien (Teen Wolf) and Victoria Justice (Victorious).How amazing was it to have two films featured and whatwas it like to be a part of such an historic film festival?

Matthew: It was incredible to be at Sundance! It was everything I thought and more. To be able to say that I had two movies there was a huge accomplishment. They weren't the biggest roles, but I am so blessed to be able to have experienced filming both movies and being at Sundance to show my support!

SayWhatNews: Matthew you have several films comingout. How did you find the time to found your own filmproduction company, “I-95 Pictures?

Matthew: Well luckily I have a couple other people working with the company. My brother kind of took over as the CEO, and has done an amazing job keeping the company running!

SayWhatNews: What is the mission of “I-95Pictures”?

photo: I95 Pictures/Matthew Fahey, Jozef Fahey, Jordan Ross, Dewar McNamara

Matthew: Our mission is to be able to produce, direct, and write our own projects and get them out there. To be able to produce the content that we want!

SayWhatNews: Just recently I-95 Pictures producedand released an anti-bullying video which is playing inschools all across Nevada and will soon be releasednationwide. How important was it for you to do thisproject and why?

Matthew: The music video is performed by a girl named Ellie Smith. She's a wonderful singer and she's working with a great cause. Everything that she's doing with the campaign--the music video being out, hopefully it is now changing some people's minds about bullying and just really saving some people.

SayWhatNews: Matthew it’s very apparent that you area multi-talented actor, producer and entrepreneur. Whatdo you like to do in your spare time for fun?

Matthew: I play a lot of basketball, football, fishing, and surfing. So just trying to stay active!

SayWhatNews: Whose CD is on constant play in yourcar or IPod?

Matthew: Right now I would have to say Mac Miller and Pablo Blaqk.

SayWhatNews: If you had front row seats to concertwho would be on stage?

Matthew: They're so many people that I would love or would have loved to see in concert. Atmosphere, The Beatles, Jeff Buckley, and way too many more!

SayWhatNews: What was the last movie you went tosee at the movie-theater?

Matthew: I just saw Prometheus last night and it was a good movie. It was entertaining!

SayWhatNews: What’s next in the future for MatthewFahey?

Matthew: I’m just trying to stay positive and keep working. My production company is shooting a web-series, ( starring Devon Werkheiser (Greek), Justin Deeley (90210) and Taylor Spreitler (Melisa & Joey), in addition to an amazing young and talented ensemble cast! We have 2 episodes up and the 3rd episode coming very soon!

I95 Pictures website

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