An idea can transform into a vision and a vision can become an artistic expression of ones skills and talents.  Up and rising Film Director Michael Sterling took his vision and made it into reality with his abilities to execute a task and make things happen.  The Director who has been donned the “Youngest Urban Video Director” on the rise is set to make his mark in the film world with his debut film, “Behind de Pole” starring De’aundre Bonds (Gangster Squad), Cherie Johnson (Punky Brewster), Omar Gooding (Baby Boy) and Samuel Monroe Jr. (Tales from the Hood).  With his mission to change the game Michael Sterling is most definetly one to watch.  SayWhatNews sat down and spoke with the young Film Director and discussed his soon to be released film:

SayWhatNews:  Good morning Michael, thanks so much for interviewing with SayWhatNews.  First tell us who is Michael Sterling?

Michael: I’m a hard working entrepreneur and my mission is to change the game.

SayWhatNews:  Michael you have been donned the “Youngest Urban Video Director” on the rise.  How does that make you feel /or inspire you?

Michael: It inspires me, because it means that I now hold the responsibility to live up to my product.

SayWhatNews:  So how did a Photographer turned Graphic Designer/Artist from Houston start writing screenplays?

Michael: I got a hell of a vision. I’ve always had an artistic eye and I’m talented in many different areas.  I knew I could do a movie if I put my mind to it…just needed a plan to execute.

SayWhatNews:  At a young age did you ever have an interest in the movie industry?

Michael: Yes, when I was younger, I visited family in Los Angeles and they took me to Universal Studios.  Just being on an actual live film set had a lot of influence on me.

SayWhatNews:   Michael you are the CEO of your very own production company, “MSCN Productions”.  What is the mission of your company?

Michael: To create jobs and an outlet to serious actors/actresses to break into the industry.

SayWhatNews:  Your debut film, “Behind De Pole” is set to be released on August 15, 2013.  Why did you want to do a film about what goes on behind the scenes of the glitz and glam of the Exotic Dancing industry?

Michael: The last three years of my life, I’ve been exposed to the exotic dancing industry. It’s more than just what meets the eye and I knew that this was a story that needed to be told.

SayWhatNews: The film, “Behind De Pole” has several very talented seasoned actors starring in it like: De’aundre Bonds (Gangster Squad), Cherie Johnson (Punky Brewster), Omar Gooding (Baby Boy) and Samuel Monroe Jr. (Tales from the Hood).  How did you decide on casting this amazing cast?

Michael: They are amazing actors. I grew up watching them on TV and purchasing tickets to see their movies. It was crazy that I was able to get my hands on them. I found a way to contact them and the rest is history.


"Behind de Pole" An exotic roller coaster about 4 ambitious women who get caught up in Houston's exotic dance scene, finds out that it's not what they expected. Struggling to make ends meet and facing difficult life choices the women are forced to do the unthinkable.
Based on a true story.

Director: Michael Sterling film and Mscn production.

Cast: De'Aundre Bonds, Samuel Monroe Jr., Omar Gooding, and Cherie Johnson.

Release date: August 15th

SayWhatNews:  Michael you have been known for saying, “Team No Sleep”.  What’s behind this catchy motto of yours?

Michael: I can’t sleep. There’s always work to be done and as long as I stay awake, I stay ahead.

SayWhatNews:  I hear you are working on your second film, writing a book and a few other projects are in the works.  Can you give us some details on your next film/book and etc.?

Michael: The book is going to be an ongoing trilogy of my life and the next film is called “The Invasion”. It’s about a man who puts a hit out on his wife and makes it seem like a home invasion.

SayWhatNews:  What’s next in the future for Michael Sterling?

Michael:  More movies.

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