Lee Daniels Signs on to Direct Biopic About Brian Banks, the Falsely Accused Football Player

Director, Lee Daniels (The Butler) has signed on to develop/direct the biopic The Brian Banks Story about Football Player Brian Banks who was falsely accused of rape. 

Daniels who is best known for directing the movie Precious in which comedian/actress Mo' Nique won an Oscar for Best Actress in a Supporting Role and The Butler which grossed $165 million at the box office.

Amy Baer will produce the movie through her company, Gidden Media.

“Lee is a filmmaker who looks at challenging circumstances with honesty, compassion, and hope,” Baer said. “He has an emotional connection to Brian’s story that I’m certain will result in a powerful and redemptive film.”

In 2002, Brian Banks,16, an All-American high school football player with dreams of becoming a star athlete in USC's football program after verbally accepting an offer to attend the University of Southern California on a full ride, a four-year scholarship.  But those dreams were shattered when a fellow classmate and childhood friend, Wanetta Gibson, accused him of rape.  Gibson, then 15 years old, claimed Banks had kidnapped and dragged her across the school and then raped her when he accompanied her on-campus.

Banks always maintained his innocence, but decided to take a plea deal which resulted in him serving 5 years prison time and being on parole for 5 years plus having to register as a sex offender.

Thanks to the California Innocence Project, Banks conviction was overturned in 2012.  Banks went on to play four pre-season games for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons and is now a motivational speaker and activist/spokesperson for the California Innocence Project.

Banks had this to say about the news of his story hitting the big screen:

“All I ever wanted was to prove my innocence,” Banks said. “Telling my story in the form of a feature film is beyond my wildest dreams.”

First Look: Jennifer Love Hewitt Joins Criminal Minds

First Look: Jennifer Love Hewitt joins CBS hit crime drama, Criminal Minds.  The actress will make her debut as Agent, Kate Callahan during the October 1 premiere.

Executive Producer Erica Messer tells TV Guide that the Hewitt's character is "smart, charming and wise".

Looks like J. Love joining the cast has not changed the amazing on set chemistry the BAU team has.  Messer goes on to say that Jennifer fits right in with the BAU, just as she does on set. "The rapport feels like friends catching up."

First Look/Inside Scoop: ABC's Once Upon A Time Season 4 Frozen Storyline

First look/inside scoop: ABC's Once Upon A Time Season 4 Frozen storyline.

Once Upon A Time is riding the excitement train of the hit Disney movie Frozen, by bringing some of its characters to life on the small screen.  Season 3 ended with a sneak look at what to expect by showing us a quick glimpse of Elsa walking away from the camera freezing the ground with every step.  Now we have the first look of Elsa (Georgina Haig), Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) on the set and an inside scoop of the storyline.

First here are some of the on-set pics of Elsa, Anna and Kristoff :

The Frozen storyline picks right up where the events in the movie ended.  According to Executive Producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, Anna (Elizabeth Lail) and Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) are planning a wedding!  They reveal joking reveal to TV Guide that, "The happy couple is registered at Wandering Oaken's Trading Post and Sauna."

The premiere is set for September 28th on ABC.

TNT Quickly Renews The Last Ship for a Second Season After Becoming Cable's No.1 New Series for the Summer

TNT quickly renews The Last Ship starring Eric Dane for a second season after the hit drama became cable's #1 new series for the summer.  With the first season still with a few episodes left to air, the cast has received some amazing news--a second season as been ordered.

Plot: The crew of a naval destroyer is forced to confront the reality of a new existence when a pandemic kills off most of the earth's population.

Their mission is simple: Find a cure. Stop the virus. Save the world. When a global pandemic wipes out eighty percent of the planet's population, the crew of a lone naval destroyer must find a way to pull humanity from the brink of extinction.

Cast: Eric Dane, Rhona Mitra, Adam Baldwin and more.

Bonus news:

TNT's Major Crimes and Falling Skies have also been renewed.

Halle Berry's Star Power/New Show Exant Draws Black TV Audiences to CBS Summer Line-Up

Halle Berry's star power/new show Extant draws Black TV audiences to CBS.  Berry's transition from the big screen to the small screen has proven to be a great success and very popular with black viewers.  CBS's Extant is the only drama drawing 1 million black viewers out of all the major networks shows.

Thanks to Extant, CBS is coming in as the most watched TV network in Black households. It claimed 8.7 million black viewers for its 11 shows on the Top 25 chart. ABC was second with 4.6 million across seven shows, while NBC took third with 2.8 million for four shows.

Black TV Ratings for Week of July 21 – 27

Top 25 Broadcast Shows in Black Households

Rank | Program | Network | % of AA Homes | % of AA P2+ | No. of Viewers (000)

1 EXTANT CBS 6.3 3.0 1,144

2 CRIMINAL MINDS CBS 5.0 2.2 851

3 20/20-FRI ABC 4.8 2.2 844

4 BLUE BLOODS CBS 4.7 2.1 822

5 MASTERCHEF FOX 4.6 2.3 894

6 UNDER THE DOME CBS 4.4 2.1 824

7 NCIS: LOS ANGELES CBS 4.4 2.0 786

8 HAWAII FIVE-0 CBS 4.3 2.0 770

9 NCIS CBS 4.3 2.0 765




13 CSI CBS 4.0 1.9 728

14 HELL’S KITCHEN FOX 3.9 2.1 812

15 BLACK BOX ABC 3.8 1.9 735

16 BIG BROTHER-WED CBS 3.6 1.7 654

17 NY MED ABC 3.6 1.6 625

18 TAXI BROOKLYN NBC 3.6 1.7 653


20 MISTRESSES ABC 3.5 1.5 595

21 SHARK TANK-FRI 8PM ABC 3.4 1.5 580


23 60 MINUTES CBS 3.3 1.5 567

24 DATELINE FRI NBC 3.2 1.6 616

25 HOTEL HELL FOX 3.2 1.7 652

Source: Nielsen. Number of viewers ages 2+ shown in thousands (1,000 = 1 million). Rankings are based on share of black households. Representing more than 13.45 million television households in the U.S., the African-American television audience is the largest minority segment in Nielsen’s measurement samples. All times eastern.

Warner Brothers Set to Make Two More Leggo Movies for Release in 2018 & 2019

Warner Brothers set to make 2 more Leggo Movies for release dates in 2018 & 2019.  After having great success at the box office grossing $450 million and receiving great reviews from critics/fans, Warner Brothers announces a Leggo Movie 2 and more:

According to CinemaBlend.com: The studio has just announced that they will be releasing two untitled animated films on May 25, 2018, and May 24, 2019 - and The Hollywood Reporter has word from an inside source that both titles will be LEGO related. It has already been announced that The LEGO Movie 2 will be coming out on May 26, 2017, so there is speculation that the 2019 date could be WB possibly getting ready for The LEGO Movie 3. There is also already a Ninjago project in the works - a "spin-off" in certain senses of the word - so it's possible that the 2018 date is for Ninjago 2 (though that would mean that the company's confidence in the property is through the roof).

We will keep you posted once more details are released.

Simpsons Marathon Airing On FXX #EverySimpsonsEver

The Simpsons are headed to FXX in August and this Fall for a full marathon of all the episodes aired during its 25 year reign on TV including the Simpsons movie. 

The full 25-year run of "The Simpsons" will arrive on cable channel FXX with a summer marathon, to be followed this fall by a digital extravaganza that could turn other TV shows yellow with envy. A website and app dubbed "Simpsons World" will allow on-demand access to all of the 500-plus episodes of Fox's animated comedy and enable users to search through the life histories of Mr. Burns, Bart and other lemon-hued Springfield residents. "I'm not going to over promise, but I think this website will provide you with affordable health care," longtime "Simpsons" executive producer Al Jean told a TV critics' meeting Monday. He said the accompanying app "completely blew me away." SimpsonsWorld.com and content available through FXNOW apps for devices including iPhone, Xbox and smart TVs are set to debut in October. FXX's marathon showing of all "Simpsons" episodes and "The Simpsons Movie," in chronological order, will begin Aug. 21 and air 24 hours a day through Sept. 1.

Beginning on Sept. 2, FXX will regularly air "The Simpsons" throughout its weekday and weekend schedule, with a Sunday "mini-marathon" of eight episodes. "Simpsons World," the encyclopedic book by series creator Matt Groening, was the "bible" for the digital content, FX Networks executives said. Fans of Sideshow Bob, for instance, will see "curated" material that includes a list of his attempted murder victims Krusty the Clown and Homer Simpson, among others. Clips and the treasure trove of "Simpsons" factoids can be shared through social media. FXX announced last November that it had secured exclusive cable and video-on-demand rights to TV's longest-running scripted show and winner of 28 Emmy Awards. For the first time in 20 years, however, the show missed out on a top-series nomination for this year's awards, airing Aug. 25. FXX will get future seasons of "The Simpsons" that air new on Fox.

Source: NYDailyNews.com

Superman -vs- Batman Movie Gets New Release Date; Plus 9 Unknown DC Movie Dates Revealed

Superman -vs- Batman: Dawn of Justice gets a new release date.  The initial release date was set for May 6, 2016 the same as Captain America 3.  Now we all know the studio heads were not going to allow two mega superhero movies release on the same date--the real question was which would make the move first and change their release date. 

So, Warner Brothers made the first move and changed Superman -vs- Batman movie to March 25,2016.  Shocking isn't it?  You would think they would want the most anticipated  superhero movie ever, starring 2 of the most loved and favorite heroes to-date (Superman and Batman-not to mention my girl Wonder Woman who is the #1 female superhero) to be released in the Summer.  But Warner Bros. are making a huge power move knowing that international and domestic box office numbers are both important in the total worldwide numbers.  I'm sure there is a bigger game plan here we don't know about, like maybe a early DVD release date coming soon after. 

Now the new date for Superman -vs- Batman wasn't the only news Warner Bros dropped today. It also unveiled a whole slew of release dates for DC Comics films:

Untitled DC Film  - 08/05/16

Untitled DC Film  - 06/23/17

Untitled DC Film  - 11/17/17

Untitled DC Film  - 03/23/18

Untitled DC Film  - 07/27/18

Untitled WB Event Film - 11/16/18

Untitled DC Film  - 04/05/19

Untitled DC Film  - 06/14/19

Untitled DC Film  - 04/03/20

Untitled DC Film  - 06/19/20

Untitled WB Event Film - 11/20/20

Hmmm now the guessing game can begin.  Which DC comic stars will hit the big screen next?

Hunger Games Mockingjay - Part 1: Character Posters - First Look

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1 character posters revealed:

Lionsgate publicity for the mega franchise is full gear with the release of District 13 character posters and a new website featuring stars Philip Seymour Hoffman, Julianne Moore, Elizabeth Banks, Jeffrey Wright, Sam Claflin and Woody Harrelson in their district 13 costumes.

Here are the first look at the posters including character posters for District 3,4,6,7,10,12 and President's Snow official poster:

Plot: Katniss Everdeen reluctantly becomes the symbol of a mass rebellion against the autocratic Capitol.

Cast: Jennifer Lawerence, Josh Hutchinson, Liam Hemsworth and more.

Release date: November 21st

First teaser trailer: