How can I put into to words the talent of this up and coming Artist. Ryan Huston sound is truly amazing; he brings a real essence back to music. Ryan Huston has taken the internet by storm with his acoustic/alternative/rock music. He is not only a singer, song writer and guitar player he produced and arranged his own music. Ryan has used Myspace as his main tool to get his music out there and his legion of online fans continues to grow. Ryan Huston is a true artist that will most certainly go far in the music industry.

SayWhatNews: Tell us about Ryan. Who is Ryan Huston?

Ryan: Well, I am an acoustic musician who grew up in Northern California. I recorded my first acoustic album in my room with whatever I could find to use, including a $200.00 microphone and some mixing programs on the computer. So one day I decided to upload songs from my acoustic album "Right Songs for No One' to Myspace just to see what others thought of my music. Since that day, I have surpassed 4 million plays and I am currently meeting with Major Labels with the hopes of finding a home. So it's going very well for me at the moment, thank you.

SayWhatNews: What was it like growing up with a barbershop vocalist and a choir singer for Parents?

Ryan: It was as normal as a childhood gets I guess. The only difference was in mine, there was an obvious musical presence whether it was my dad singing around the house or my mom. We would also attend musical functions on a regular basis. I wasn't really interested in that type of music however I do believe growing up around music did influence my later career choice and path.

SayWhatNews: At what age did you discover you had musical talents just like your parents?

Ryan: When I was young I knew I could hold a note. I was always around singers so it was easy to listen and compare. My voice isn't anything amazing, but with the type of music I like to perform, I like to think it works.

SayWhatNews: Ryan, what went through your mind when you discovered your first guitar in the trash while walking home from school?

Ryan: I was ecstatic! I really had wanted a guitar for some time so to find one just sitting there in an open ended dumpster was just like finding gold to me.

SayWhatNews: Did you always want to play the guitar?

Ryan: A major influence on me learning to play the guitar was my cousin Jay (White). My sister and I grew up very close to our cousins and one day I saw him playing a guitar, I thought it was the coolest thing. That was day one of me really wanting to play.

SayWhatNews: In 2005, you recorded and released your debut album “Right Songs for No One” after spending many years teaching yourself how to play the guitar and later went to college for music. How surreal was that accomplishment after putting in all that hard work to tune your craft?

Ryan: Finishing the CD was huge for me. At the time, I was working and going to college. My work was a type of place that closed for the month of January, so during that month I locked myself in my room and wrote and recorded the album. It was a very surreal feeling as I finished the album. I loved the idea that I had this little compact disc that expressed my "art" and emotions. It was a CD I was very proud of and meant a lot to me.

SayWhatNews: With the help and support of your Manager/GirlfriendMarie Matteucci, you have become an internet sensation. How does it make you feel knowing you have that special someone who sees your vision and supports your dream 100%?

Ryan: Having her by my side has been invaluable for me. Just having someone who you trust and respect completely is so huge. We are in this together; she is my best friend and manager and I wouldn't be where I am without her.

SayWhatNews: Myspace has been your main marketing tool for your music. Tell us what went through your mind when your music reached 2.5 million plays?

Ryan: It wasn't the 2.5 million mark so much as the 1 million mark. When I saw the music player had just reached the 1 Million plays mark, I was just so amazed that that many people had listened to my music. "My" music, I originally uploaded a few songs off of my CD to Myspace just to get some feedback from people. I had no idea it was going to where it is now. It's incredible.

SayWhatNews: How many hours a day do you spend networking and responding to fans on Myspace and other networking websites?

Ryan: Myspace is most definitely time consuming. I probably spend anywhere from 8-10 hours a day doing Myspace-related tasks; anything from commenting people to responding to emails. The music page is a non stop frenzy of activity and I take pride in interacting personally with my fans.

SayWhatNews: The producers of the Target music compilation CD “Acoustic Mood” found you on Myspace and asked you to add your song on that project. Tells us about that experience, it must have been real exciting.

Ryan: It was really exciting. The thought of my music being sold nationally in Target stores was incredible to me. It was my song "Thank You" that was used and it was placed among much respected artists such as; Sarah McLaughlin, Howie Day, Shawn Colvin...etc. I was 1 of 2 artists on the album who were not signed with a major label and it was a huge accomplishment for me.

SayWhatNews: When SIRIUS Satellite Radio began playing “Acoustic Mood” album, your song “Thank You” plays requests was so overwhelming that SIRIUS added your song in rotation. Can you describe how you felt after finding out your song was in such high demand on satellite radio?

Ryan: Well I remember I would get many comments a day from people saying "Oh was out today and heard Thank You playing on Sirius." It was another milestone achievement for me to be in the rotation on a satellite radio with millions of listeners.

SayWhatNews: The last we heard you were in current talks with music labels; can you tell us the current status, have you been signed to a label yet?

Ryan: I haven't signed to one yet as we are still holding meetings to this day. We've met with some already and are in the talks to meet with more. It's a very lengthy process. There are initial meetings, and then if they like you there are more meetings. It all takes time but is definitely worth it.

SayWhatNews: The majority of your time has been focused on promoting your music on the internet. Do you have any plans on playing more music venues anytime soon?

Ryan: Right now my main focus is the next album. I love playing live and if the right show comes along, then I’m always open to it. I'm just not venturing for shows at the moment. Finishing the album is my top priority.

SayWhatNews: On a lighter note, I read you have a T-Shirt that says Myspace Celebrity. Is that true and if so how often do you wear it?

Ryan: You know, I originally bought that shirt simply with the intent of poking fun of myself because at the time, my music following was not as big as it is now. So these days, I don't actually wear that shirt too much anymore with the fear of people not "getting the joke" and actually thinking I'm too into myself. It was funny while it lasted.

SayWhatNews: Do you have any other talents that your fans don’t know about?

Ryan: Ummm, I grew up playing a myriad of sports and was on the all star team in baseball every year I played. Also I'm kind of an expert in Photoshop.

SayWhatNews: Ok I have to know, can you cook? If so what do you consider your specialty dish?

Ryan: I can and do cook. I guess my specialty dish would have to be . . . hmmm. . . . Fajitas I guess.

SayWhatNews: What’s in the future for Ryan Huston?

Ryan: Well, as I work on the upcoming album we are also continuing to shop to major labels. Hopefully we'll find a home this year, but regardless, the next album will be out soon enough. Thanks Ryan Huston Website Ryan Huston Myspace

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