The experience of a life time is being part of something that changes the world and brings people together. Actress Sarah Clarke with her amazing talent has played a key role in the mega-hit Twilight Saga movies. With grace and class she has placed her stamp on the fandemonium excitement we know as Twilight. SayWhatNews had the pleasure speaking with Sarah Clarke about Twilight and her amazing ride as an actress in Hollywood:

SayWhatNews: Good morning Sarah. Its such a pleasure to speak with such a talented actress.

Sarah: Thank you.

SayWhatNews: Let's start from the beginning. What inspired you to become an actress?

Sarah: Many things, but mainly it was a trip to Italy I took my senior year of college. I had to pretend to be Italian for a year - so the pretending thing stuck with me.

SayWhatNews: Sarah, you were born in St. Louis, Missouri, when and where were you discovered?

Sarah: Mmm not sure. I moved to New York when I was in my twenties to go to theater school. I guess once I graduated and started working.

photo: Fox/24(Kiefer Sutherland & Sarah Clarke)

SayWhatNews: Your role as Nina Myers on the hit TV series '24', along side Kiefer Sutherland is what made you a household name. Did you know fans were saying Nina Myers was the "best role ever on TV"?

Sarah: No I didn’t. That’s very flattering.

SayWhatNews: How amazing was it working with Kiefer Sutherland who is such a talent in itself?

Sarah: It always feels nice to be appreciated. Kiefer was great to work with. I learned a lot from him.

SayWhatNews: '24' had a great run on TV. What was it like on the last day on the set when the final scene wrapped?

Sarah: Well for me it was very emotional, but then it was only the third season so for everyone else it was just another day at work.

SayWhatNews: Sarah, you have starred in several great TV series besides "24"; like "Las Vegas", "Trust Me" and "Men of A Certain Age". When reading a script, how do you know its the role you would like to audition for?

Sarah: If there is a good story to tell I’m always interested.

photo: TNT (Sarah Clarke, Ray Romano)

SayWhatNews: Speaking of "Men of A Certain Age" which starred Ray Romano, Andre Braugher and Scott Bakula. This was one of those under-rated TV show's that was really good but for some reason just couldn't get the audience. What went through your mind when you learned this past July that TNT had canceled the show?

Sarah: I was very disappointed because they had asked if I would come back for the third season. I was so curious to see what they had in store for me and I loved working with Ray.

SayWhatNews: Sarah you also just recently starred in "The Booth at the End" which is a web series about a mysterious man (Xander Berkeley) in an everyday diner who gets approached by people for his gift of granting wishes for a price. Tell us about your role as, Sister Carmel?

Sarah: This was a fantastic project to work on. Not only because it was with my husband, but because the writing was so good. Sister Carmel was, and continues to be, very mysterious to me. What intrigued me the most about her was her need to “hear god” in her life and what that really meant.

SayWhatNews: Sarah, you know I have to ask about "Twilight". You play Renee Dwyer, Bella Swan's mother. Had you read the books before you got the role? And how did you learn about the role of Bella's mom?

Sarah: I read Twilight because Catherine Hardwicke asked me to. I loved the first book but have to admit that I was under-whelmed about the character of Renee. It was Catherine who convinced me that there was more to her. She grew on me as the movies went on, but I still find her lack of presence in Bella’s life very annoying.

SayWhatNews: Speaking of Renee's lack of presence in Bella's life...... Bella's mom really has no major part in her life when she moves to Forks except for emails and a few phone calls. As a mother, what are your thoughts on Bella and Renee's distant and some what hands off mother/daughter relationship?

Sarah: Yeah it’s weird...being a mother of two girls myself I found it very frustrating...I finally had to make peace with it and decided that Renee was a different mother than myself. I also have to remember that Bella was 17..and not by then there is a lot more independence.

SayWhatNews: In 'Twilight Saga: Eclipse', we finally get a look at the bond Bella and her mother have when the two share a very special moment on the patio when Renee gives Bella a gift during her visit. Do you feel this was a key moment for the two characters?

Sarah: Absolutely...I think the key to understanding their bond is that there is a mutual respect of personal and emotional space. Renee really does see Bella as an adult and an equal to her...that’s why she doesn’t crowd her.

photo: Summit Entertainment Breaking Dawn Part 1 (Sarah Clarke, Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson)

SayWhatNews: "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" hits the theaters in November and fans are counting down the days. What has it been like for you to be part of such a phenomenal movie?

Sarah: It’s been a blast.

SayWhatNews: In a recent interview, Taylor Lautner said he had watched "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" and was pleased with the movie. Have you seen it yet and if so what do you think?

Sarah: No! How did he get to see it? I’m jealous.

SayWhatNews: I guess he knew someone inside. (lol) Sarah you have been in all the "Twilight" movies. What's it like experiencing the fandemonium that follows the movie with the "Twi-hards", Team Edward and Team Jacob and the Twilight conventions?

Sarah: Nothing I ever expected.

SayWhatNews: The end of "Twilight" is near. Can you tell us how it was on the set the last days of taping "Breaking Dawn: 1&2"?

Sarah: It was exciting and bitter sweet. I think a lot of people were really happy and sad to see it all end.

SayWhatNews: What next in the future for Sarah Clarke?

Sarah: No idea...just looking for the next job.

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