B&B Casting Call For New Contract Role

Bold and the Beautiful just put out a casting call for a new male character. Soap Opera Digest reports that, CBS’ “The Bold and the Beautiful” has issued a casting call for a “new, hot guy.”

Here is the casting breakdown the show is seeking: a “Male. Caucasian. 25-28 years old. Heart throb. Very Masculine. Edgy. Not afraid to get the job done. Bit of a cad.” It is a contract role.

Sounds juicy....looking forward to seeing who is the next guy to heat up the set of B&B.

B&B: Adrienne Frantz Dropped to Recurring Status

Have you guys been missing Amber Moore and all the drama that follows? Well it looks like Amber has been put on pause for a moment. Adrienne Frantz has been dropped to recurring from contract status.

The soap star is going to use her free time for school. Frantz has been accepted to an improv and comedy school affiliated with the Groundlings.

B&B: Sean Kanan Gets Married in Italy

B&B's Sean Kanan (ex. Deacon) married longtime girlfriend Michelle Vega in Italy. The two married back in July. Looks like Hope and Liam weren't the only ones having an Italian wedding.

Kanan says, "We covered probably 15 different cities and small towns and had our honeymoon in Sicily," smiles the actor. "We had an unbelievable time."

People have been asking will Deacon return to be Hope's father. Sorry guys' looks like Deacon had a very short return on B&B.

Kanan tweeted the following:

"I want to thank all of you for your support. Returning to Bold was a great experience. Apparently Deacon's time there has come to an end."

B&B's Texas Battle Reveals New 2013 Calendar

B&B's Texas Battle is ready to heat up your New Year with his new 2012 calendar. You can enjoy Texas every day of the year with his sexy 12 month calendar.

**Its on sale now Click here to buy

B&B Recap for the Week of 8/6 - 8/10

Hope is still angry over the shocking video of Liam and Steffy making out on her wedding day. Liam finally goes to her after sulking for a day or two and begs for her to come home. Hope lashes out at Liam explaining why she feels so betrayed. The perfect wedding day never existed for her so she states that in order for them to move forward they must have a new wedding to start a new life. Hope demands that Liam be honest going forward and to not have any dealings with Steffy emotionally. Liam agrees and leaves with a tear running down his face.

On the other side of town. Marcus is enjoying his new found freedom with Daisy since the video Thomas found helped clear him of all charges for running down Anthony. Anthony even has apologized for wrongly accusing him.

Steffy has made up in her mind that Liam is going to have to finally choose between herself and Hope. She even packed a bag and brought it to Liam's just in case he welcomes her back home. While waiting for Liam to return from visiting Hope. Steffy gets a visit from Thomas and explains to him that if Liam chooses to wait around for Hope to come back to her senses she will leave town to some tropical island for a while. Later after Thomas leaves. Liam returns all upset and of course Steffy gives her two cents about the situation. Steffy finally tells Liam to leave Hope alone and be with her. The two once again kiss even after Liam promised Hope no more getting it on with Steffy.

B&B Teasers for the Week of 8/13- 8/17

- Hope makes plans for her do-over fairytale wedding.

- Hope is suppose to meet Liam but is held up because of Stephanie's health issue.

- Liam starts doubting Hope once again and thinks she is a no-show.

- Steffy comes to the rescue again takes Liam out for some fun.

- Brooke suspects Steffy has something to do with the groom not being at the wedding.

- Liam may have some regrets after his night out with Steffy.

- Katie finally questions Bill about Deacon's shocking appearance in Italy.

GH: Sebastian Roché and Ingo Rademacher Back As Jerry & Jax

Sebastian Roché and Ingo Rademacher return to General Hospital as Jerry & Jax. Roché made an surprising appearance on August 3rd raising many questions. The one question I have is he the one behind Robin's faked death and kidnapping ti Switzerland? Hmmm you never know with Jerry, he is always up to no good.

Ingo Rademacher was last seen on GH back in January when we learned he really did not perish in the explosion. But the GH heart-throb disappeared quicker than he arrived. Now news has broke that Jax will be back on the scene this August.

The Roché and Rademacher teased fans on Twitter the other day with this collage of photos of the two of them relaxing outside on a cool looking patio tweeting:

@IngoRademacher tweet said, “Me and me bro. Aka. The jacks brothers,” while @sebroche read, ”The irreplaceable Jacks brothers take Mammoth !”

GH: Coming's & Going

Its finally been confirmed that Kirsten Storms is returning to General Hospital to reprise her role as Maxie.

Sadly this means good-bye to Jen Lilley who has played the role as Maxie since the sudden departure of Kirsten Storms. Lilley's last air date was August 10th.

I will say this; Jen Lilley played the heck out of the role of Maxie making it her own. Well done Jen, you will be missed.

GH: Recap for the week of 8/6 - 8-10

Sonny has Milo bring Trey to a boxing ring to scare him the old fashion mob way. Of course Milo had to go old school and covered Trey's head with a bag. Trey and Sonny had a few choice words in the ring about Kristina. Trey even mentioned marrying Kristina not knowing that would send Sonny over the edge. After a few sparring rounds Sonny knocks Trey out with one punch.

Sonny had no clue that Trey and Kristina spent the even together. Nothing was showed but the two were wet and in towels later making me believe the two shared a night together. After speaking with Sam about her new relationship with Trey, she decided to go tell her Father Sonny about the news to discover a bruised Trey at the boxing ring.

Olivia comes out of her LSD coma and finds herself hallucinating. She first sees Heather as her reflection in the mirror and later believes she see's a very pregnant LuLu.

Carly attempts to find Todd a woman to help him get over Blair. Johnny almost tells Starr that he is the one who killed Cole and her daughter. Heather almost tells Sam her baby is alive but Alexis refused to make a deal with her to tell her secret in exchange for representation as her lawyer.

GH: Teasers for Week of 8/13 - 8 /17

- Sonny wants to take things to the next level and pops the question to Kate.

- Is LuLu pregnant? Lulu tells Dante the results of her pregnancy test.

- Heather still plotting makes a deal with Todd.

- Luke finally on Heather's case and demands to know who was working with Heather.

- Is Jax back or has she seen Jerry? Carly is scared for Josslyn

- Jason and John McBain join forces.

- Ewen looking like he is hiding something, raises Jason's suspicions.

Y&R: Recap for the Week of 8/6 - 8/10

Victor is still missing and Nikki finds herself leaving Jack on their wedding night to call Victor. Leaving a very concerned message on Victor's voice-mail, Nikki goes to the ranch the next day. Sharon who seems to have no concern if Victor is dead or alive upsets Nikki and Nikki takes action and calls the police. Nikki goes back to the trail where Victor was riding his horse and finds his cell phone. She decides to send Sharon a text from Victor's phone stating the marriage was a mistake and its over. Nikki reveals to Victoria what she has done and the two have a big laugh over it.

Avery calls Sharon about the pre-nup. A very upset Sharon vents to Tucker about how she can't believe Victor used and abandoned her...the text from Victor (really Nikki) did not help matters. Sharon denies knowing where the pre-nup is and finds it after breaking into Victor's locked briefcase. She asked Tucker to help but he said he wanted no involvement but would like to watch. Tucker leaves Sharon and Sharon turns into a evil money hungry duped wife and decides that there is no way in h*ll Victor is leaving her broke so she sets the pre-nup papers on fire and throws them into the fire place. Nikki walks in and demands to know what she is doing.

Nick catches Phyllis in the act. Phyllis up to her old tricks pays off the blackmailing doctor a lot of money. She tries to lie about it but Nick puts her on the spot telling her he saw it all even the Financial Adviser leaving the condo. Phyllis is forced to tell Nick everything about the taped session of her admitting she did hit Paul and Christian and how she was being blackmailed into paying more money. A furious Nick attempts to stop the wire transfer but failed.

Phyllis goes to tell Avery everything after Nick told her to. Avery felt blindsided again by her lying sister and quit on the spot. She said she could no longer be her attorney but could continue to be her sister. Of course Phyllis felt betrayed and abandoned again (boy she needs to see someone about this). Avery decides to take Heather up on her offer and accepts the job as Paul's attorney.

Eden finally gets hypnotized. During her session she begins to relive the last hours before Ricky's death. Eden begins to fight the air and screams for help. Christian, Daniel and Kyle look on in horror trying to imagine what horrible things Ricky did to Eden that terrible night. Kyle attempted a few times to end the session but Christian and the doctor wanted to continue. Once Eden seemed to loose control Kyle demanded that it end. Poor Eden still could not remember the details of that night but she did remember how terrified she was and that she did find Daisy's ID and wallet.

Y&R Teasers for the Week of 8/13 - 8/17

- Avery convinces Paul not to plead guilty.

- Lauren post Paul's bond and he is finally released.

- Nikki and Sharon go to blows again: Nikki's suspicion that Sharon burned papers from Victor's briefcase. Nick gets a call from the ranch about a fight and winds up in the middle of it. He sends Nikki to the police with Victor's phone, and warns Sharon if she's lying about the papers, she's truly playing with fire.

- Phyllis discovers Daniel and Heather have feelings for each other and sticks her noise where it does not belong.

- Is it over already between Nikki and Jack. Jack surprises Nikki with a honeymoon and Nikki refuses to go because she needs to go looking for Victor. Jack warns if she goes he will not be waiting when she returns.

- Dr. Tim dies and Phyllis tries to cover it up.

- With Tucker's help Sharon makes a power play at Newman.

- Victor gets help from a nun, Sister Celeste (Bonnie Franklin, One Day At A Time)

Anthony Geary Makes Daytime Emmy History

Legendary soap actor Anthony Geary makes Daytime Emmy history. Geary has won the leading actor award 7 times, making him the only actor in history to win the leading actor award that many times.

One on One with Alicia Minshew

cover/photos: Paul Gregory

Personality, beauty, brains, courage, talent and a sense of humor can take you very far in life. The key is to not allow rejection or any obstacle to stop you from achieving your dream. Actress Alicia Minshew's journey to becoming an actress is a perfect example of how to keep on striving for your dream and not let anything stop you. SayWhatNews sat down with the former All My Children star and discussed her family, career and life after the Soaps:

SayWhatNews: Hi Alicia, it’s such an honor to speak with you. First tell us in three words who is Alicia Minshew?

Alicia: Aw thank you! It is my pleasure. Okay-in three words Alicia Minshew is: Silly, Sensitive and Nutty!

SayWhatNews: If you don’t mind I would like to start at the beginning for our readers who might not know your background? Alicia you were born and raised in South Florida. Do have any siblings?

Alicia: I have 3 sisters! We are all very close and very different! I have a very tight knit family and feel that family is the most important thing! I grew up in South Florida and ALWAYS knew I wanted to act! So I started doing plays in high school and that lead to me getting the acting "bug"! I then starting modeling and doing some commercials in Miami, meeting my manager, and that lead to the big move to NY where I booked AMC! It did not happen overnight! Years of hard work and auditions and acting classes! My family supported me the whole time-which was so important.

SayWhatNews: What was it like being the third girl of four girls with a father who is an Episcopal Minister and a mother who is a Pilates Instructor?

Read entire interview here

GH: Kassie DePavia Finally Returns to Port Charles

Finally, Blair Kramer (Kassie DePavia) will be returning to General Hospital. The former One Life to Live star/character will be reprising her role after a shocking short stint in Port Charles in March of 2012. Fans were shocked to learn that DePavia had not been offered a contract on GH and that she was only there to introduce her character's daughter Star Manning to GH fans.

The news just was recently confirmed by ABC soap's executive producer, Frank Valentini, who made the announcement on Twitter:

"You're hearing it here first, Kassie DePaiva's Blair will visit GH this summer!"

Now listen up ABC/GH, DePaiva deserves a contract. You dropped the ball not having Blair by Starr's side during Sonny's trial when he was accused of murdering Cole and Hope; Starr needed her mother. Kassie DePaiva would add to the great cast. Her character would certainly mixed things up a bit.

GH: Comings & Goings

Daytime Vet Richard Steinmetz will be joining GH. Steinmetz who is best known for his role as Martin on "Passions" and as Jeff on "Loving", has been cast in a brand new role for the series. Executive Producer Frank Valentini told Soap Opera Digest, "Richard is playing the son of a former character who will have a big story with Sonny [Maurice Benard]."

His air date has not yet been released.

Finola Hughes is staying in Port Charles. The actress who has been playing Anna Devine off and on since 1985 has been placed on contract. So it looks like Anna will be the new police commissioner for a while. Hopefully she will be around long enough to learn her daughter Robin is still alive and has been kidnapped.

Jason Cook is out as Matt. I think we all saw this coming. Cook's character over the past several months has not had a lot of screen time. So it looks like Maxie's hubby will be remaining in jail for the murder of Lisa Niles.

GH: Kirsten Storms In Talks to Return to GH

Looks like Kirsten Storms could be headed back to the set of GH to reclaim her role as Maxie Jones sometime in the near future.

Soap Opera Digest reports that Storms "is in talks to return to the show."

Storms health issues were revealed during the reality show Dirty Soap. During an episode it was announced that Storms was diagnosed with endometriosis which caused the actress to leave her role on General Hospital. Storms has been gone since September and the role has been played by Jen Lilley.

In January, Storms was suppose to return to GH but the actress suffered a setback.

General Hospital Gets Time Slot Change in the Fall

General Hospital gets a new time slot for this coming Fall. The new time change was brought about by the cancellation of the Revolution and the addition of Katie Couric's new talk show.

ABC has confirmed that General Hospital will be airing in a new timeslot in most television markets starting this fall via Twitter:

"Hey GHers! We're letting you know first -- beginning MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 10th, we're moving into our new time slot at 2ET | 1PT/CT,".

If you remember, The Revolution debuted in January 2012 as a "replacement" for One Life to Live, which angered fans causing them to rally together created petitions to boycott the show. Well, since the premiere of the show, its ratings have been disappointing.

The change begins on September 10.

GH Teasers Week of July 2

Monday July 2:

Kristina flirts with Trey. McBain ends up in a sticky situation. Michael and Starr continue to deny their feelings.

Tuesday July 3:

Starr and Trey have roommate issues. Sam confides in Kristina. Sonny wants revenge.

Wednesday July 4:

Re-run alert: Sonny and Carly catch Johnny and Connie in bed together.

Thursday July 5th:

Anna interrogates Tracy; Todd thinks about making a confession; Alexis makes an unexpected return.

Friday July 6th:

Sam and McBain share a kiss after Sam finds McBain drinking heavily. He feels its his fault his sister was killed.

Jason beats himself up for losing Sam; Patrick has a traumatic moment with Emma, witnessed by Maxie.

Soap News page 2

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