GH Recap for the Week of 12/12 - 12/19

- Michael and Sam fly to Chicago to see Abby who was hurt in an construction accident. Michael discovers Abby is dead in the morgue. An emotional scene to watch as Michael breaks down in disbelief that Abby is dead. Michael grabs on to Abby's dead body and holds her close in his arms sobbing. A helpless Sam watches. Michael blames him self for sending Abby to Chicago. Sam tries to help Michael deal with his emotions telling him to not hold them in. Michael then decides to call Abby's mother.

An upset Michael hangs up and tells Sam how he can't believe that Abby's mother didn't love her. A mother should love her child, no matter who the father is. Sam is struck by this and sits on the bed to steady herself. An emotional Sam who is already dealing with her own demons from the rape breaks down and starts crying. When Michael sees the stricken look on her face, Sam admits that Franco raped her during her and Jason's honeymoon.

- Robin goes to Jason for help. She wants to disappear and go far away so her family doesn't have to watch her die. We learned that crazy Lisa Niles a while back had switched Robin's HIV meds and Robin may die just like Stone did many years ago because none of the AIDS preventative medicines will work.

- Jason watches the DVD that Franco sent and the message is so warped and cryptic. Franco says he can't be positive, but he's pretty sure congratulations are in order. He adds, "We're going to be a daddy."

- After weeks of not wearing her engagement ring, Lulu finally wants to do it right. She goes to Dante at the police station and explains everything. Lulu is now ready to become Mrs. Dante Falconary. Dante announces to the entire police station that he and Lulu are getting married.

GH Teasers for the Week of 12/19 - 12/23

Monday December 19:

Michael tries to comfort Sam.

Jason makes his way to Chicago.

Matt interferes with a potential Christmas family celebration for Liz and Lucky.

Robin avoids answering Patrick's questions.

Matt grows frustrated over his work.

Tuesday December 20:

Maxie takes matters into her own hands.

Carly takes Shawn to the hospital.

Lucky and Liz have an argument.

Wednesday December 21:

Dante and Lulu decide to take a sobering trip to lower Manhattan.

Matt makes nice with Maxie.

Sonny takes on a new role.

Thursday December 22:

Sonny and Carly console Michael.

Sam questions Jason about Franco.

Spinelli invites Maxie to spend the holidays together.

Friday December 23:

Dante and Lulu’s special day...with a surprise.

Robin receives an important phone call.

Jason and Sam renew their love.

Coming up:

Dante and Lulu plan to get married immediately.

Sonny offers Jason support.

Maxie and Liz throwdown.

Elizabeth turns to Ewen for help.

Shawn comes under fire.

Maxie interrupts Liz and Lucky's Christmas.

Sonny and Kate are interrupted with news.

Liz slaps Maxie.

Lucky advises Ethan about the Woman in White.

Monica offers Robin her Chief of Staff job back.

Sam realizes Jason saw the DVD.

Olivia gets excited about the Christmas Eve wedding.

Franco has another gift.

Carly gets Shawn something.

Ethan gets a message from the Woman in White.

Olivia tries to help Lulu in the kitchen.

The Metro Court is the site of a New Year's Eve party.

GH Comings and Goings

General Hospital's comings and goings:

- Ingo Rademacher is returning as Jax. No official air-dates announced yet.

- Finola Hughes is returning to "General Hospital" as Anna Devane in February.

- Kimberly McCullough is leaving General Hospital as Robin Scorpio Drake early 2012. Maybe this is why Robin's mother Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) is returning.

- Jonathan Jackson leaves General Hospital as Lucky in December. Will Elizabeth find love with the new guy from Shady Brooke?

- Christopher Meyer joins General Hospital as TJ.

- There's a new doc coming to town. Nathin Butler joins General Hospital as Dr. Ewan Keenan.

- The plot thickens at Wyndemere as Alyshia Ochse plays the Woman in White. Who is the woman in white that Ethan is so intrigued with? She looks like Laura Spencer, could she be her unknown daughter (Maybe Nicholas twin sister).

Remember When Passions Juanita Vazquez Went After Theresa

Remember when Juanita Vazquez ran havoc on Passions and did all she could to get revenge for the death of her husband and poor Theresa was key in her plans. Juanita even went as far as trying to keep Teresa and Ethan a part by working with Gwen.

Juanita did all she could to keep Theresa from leaving Mexico to go back to the states.

Juanita and Theresa face off in the basement church. Juanita was wanting revenge against Theresa's mother who she blamed for the death of her husband.

In the church basement, Juanita levels her gun at Theresa. "Please don't kill me. I'm a mother," Theresa begs. "That won't help you," Juanita says. She was a mother too but Theresa's mother ended that. She describes how fun it will be to shoot Theresa and then kill all of her family and friends. The church starts to shake.

Theresa tells her she doesn't want to do this in a church while God is watching. She asks Juanita to just kill her and let everyone else live. Juanita turns the offer down; everyone already thinks she's dead anyway. Theresa begins praying to Ethan, sure that he will hear her in his heart. Juanita is getting bored with all the whining and is ready to pull the trigger.

Michael E. Knight and Robin Riker Starring in The Cost of the Erection

Hollywood, California - Former Soap Stars, "All My Children's" Michael E. Knight (ex-Tad) and "The Bold And The Beautiful's" Robin Riker (ex-Beth) will star in Blank Theatre's "The Cost Of The Erection" by John Marans. Daniel Henning will direct the production which will first be presented on February 4 and will officially open on February 11 until March 18.

"The Cost Of The Erection" is a story about "wealthy wife of a Manhattan architect Susu Ziegler, who has purchased an exclusive Manhattan raw space apartment overlooking the Hudson. She hopes to have her architect husband design this tricky space, but with their marriage on the rocks, she forces him to compete against a younger, hotshot architect. This sexy, funny tale is told in a heightened theatrical style, compressing and playing with time and space, and ultimately examines what makes a marriage work. Or not work."

The cast will also feature Kal Bennett and James Louis Wagner. The design team will include Cameron Zetty (set and lighting), Rachel Engstrom (costumes), and Warren Davis (sound).

click here for more information and tickets

OLTL Recap for the Week of 12/12 - 12/19

- After having a heated argument Destiny joins Roxie, Shaun and David on the Blanca Morales Show to try to save Fraternity Row. Destiny still mad over Matthew saying he wants to put the baby up for adoption, Destiny puts Matthew on blast on Live TV for being a dead beat dad to her unborn baby. This was so funny. Matthew threw the remote up in the air after he was embarrassed in front of millions.

- Sam is caught watching Blanca's show by Blair and she lets him know the show is for grown-ups. Todd show's up with Jack and Sam gets so excited saying, "I knew you didn't kill my Daddy". A guilty Todd tries to make the best of things as they decorate the tree. Jack being the continuous throne in Todd's side tells Todd to tell same the story of how he gave Blair a special gift (returning the baby he stole to her on Christmas).

- John rushes Tea to the hospital after she collapses in his office. The two bond as John tells how scared he was when Natalie was pregnant with Liam. The doctor reveals the baby is ok, Tea was just experiencing cramps and needs to slow down and stay away from stressful situations.

- Jessica and Natalie reminisce about the past as they decorate the tree. Their relationship continues to thaw and the two decide to work on their relationship as sisters. Jessica suggests Natalie give John a chance to forgive her - like she gave her.

OLTL Teasers for the Week of 12/19 - 12/23

Monday December 19:

Fraternity Row Fantasy Episode.

Roxy's dreams come true...

After passing out she wakes up as Lorraine from "Fraternity Row."

Lorraine is married to David Vickers.

Viki and Clint are Lorraine's maid and butler.

Tuesday December 20:

Cutter finds Gigi gone.

Tea urges John to open up about Natalie.

Clint has to choose between Kim and Viki.

Wednesday December 21:

Shane admits he's hoping to give Rex a very special gift - justice for Gigi.

Jack confesses everything to Neela.

Viki finds Kim and Clint kissing.

Thursday December 22:

Jack asks Todd to spend Christmas Eve with their family.

Shane meets with Neela.

Cutter confesses the truth.

Friday December 23:

The truth about Stacy is finally revealed after fate conspires one more time to bring Rex and Gigi together. Only this time, Rex finds out that she really IS Gigi, not Stacy. Be there for the moment when they both learn the whole truth and end up back in each others arms at last.

John and Natalie prepare to discuss their relationship.

Irene gives Todd a warning.

"The View" Salutes 43 Years of "One Life to Live"

The View salutes 43 Years of "One Life to Live". On January 13, 2011 the ladies of The View will do a whole show celebrating OLTL before the final broadcast of One Life airs later on that day. Longtime cast-member Erika Slezak (Viki Lord) will co-host, and legendary creator Agnes Nixon will also be in attendance.

Bob Woods (longtime police chief Bo Buchanan) and Robin Strasser (Viki Lord's arch nemesis Dr. Dorian Lord) and Hillary B. Smith (Nora Buchanan) has also joined the show!

The View will have exclusive previews of the One Life to Live series finale, as well as footage from the final days of taping, plus interviews with your favorite OLTL stars.

Loving Llanview – Celebrating 43 years of OLTL Event – Tickets on Sale now!

The days countdown as we soap fans have to say good-bye to our favorite afternoon soap OLTL. But don't fret there is a special event allowing fans to see some of their favorite Llanview residents: Loving Llanview – Celebrating 43 years of OLTL Event – Tickets on Sale now!

Celebrity Events Group is producing another soap star extravaganza, so you have the chance to see ten of the most fabulous stars of One Life in person including: Jerry VerDorn, Michael Easton, Kassie DePaiva, Melissa Archer, Trevor St. John, John-Paul Lavoisier, Gina Tognoni, Ilene Kristen, Kim Zimmer, and Sean Ringgold.

Where: Theatre at Westbury in Long Island, New York

When: 7 – 11:30 PM Saturday night, January 21st

Event details:

From 7 - 9 PM Fans will be up close and personal with their favorite stars in this interactive, high energy, completely unscripted event. Fans will participate in an engaging question & answer session and Llanview trivia. This is followed by a highly emotional “walk down memory lane” where stories from on and off the set are shared.

AUTOGRAPH & PHOTO SIGNING SESSION: 9:30 – 11:30 PM (Only available to ticketholders for the show.) This is the chance to meet the actors! Fans should come with a camera, as they can take a picture with each actor AND get an autograph. This exclusive post show event is open to just 250 fans and admission can be purchased through or by calling 1-866-364-0330. Spots reserved on a first come, first served basis—this event is always a sellout, so fans shouldn’t wait!

TICKETS to the show are: $45, $75 and $175 (Gold Circle) Tickets available at charge by phone at 800-745-3000 or at the Westbury Box Office. Passes to the photo/autograph signing session can be purchased for $125 on the show website only or by calling 1-866-364-0330. No ticket will be issued for this event—passes can be picked up the evening of the event in the theatre lobby. Only ticket holders for the show are eligible to attend. Click here for more information and tickets

Y&R Recap for the Week of 12/12 - 12/19

- Patty walks in on Jack and Genevieve having sex under the Christmas tree on the floor. Shocked, Patty leaves the room to gather herself around the corner in the hallway. She steps back in finding Jack proposing to Genevieve. Patty holds herself and cries.

- Nick finds his mother Nikki on the floor of the athletic club passed out drunk. He gathers her up and takes her to her room. Later Nick runs into Deacon. Deacon taunts Nick about what Nick should refer to him as (Daddy, Father and etc.) Nick gets mad and punches Deacon. The two brawl it out on the floor. Adam and a member of the board see this (looks like Nick will lose to Adam over who will run Newman Enterprises at the next board meeting). Nikki comes down stairs from her room and stops the fight defending Deacon.

- Neil marries Sophia. After the two recite their vows Neil disappears causing Sophia to worry. Neil goes looking for Devon who later showed up at the wedding with Tucker. Tucker comforts Sophia and tells her not to worry because Neil is a good man. Later Neil goes home to find a very upset bride. The two talk and Neil reveals his concerns over the vows because they were pretending like they were a normal couple having a normal wedding. Sophia thinks Neil wants out of the wedding. He assures her that's not the case and that he is committed to being there for their son. Neil says his vows over but this time speaks of son Moses and his commitment to him growing up around love.

- During Neil and Sophia's wedding Lilly and Caine find themselves remembering their wedding and special moments.

- Victor has to go back to court facing 25 years to life for the murder of Diane. Victoria and Nikki learn of the news and rush over to the court room. Nikki interrupts the hearing and yells he is not guilty. Will Nikki confess to killing Diane because she now knows Victoria did not do it?

- Nick rushes to find Ronan to see if he can stop Victors hearing again like before. Not knowing he was going to see Phyllis coming out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her saying hey there's no hot water.

Y&R Teasers for the Week of 12/19 - 12/23

Nikki admits in court in front of the judge that she is one who killed Diane Jenkins. Victor pleads for the judge to a her claims because she is an alcoholic who has fallen off the wagon and is drunk right now.

Monday December 19:

Patty rips up the blanket Jack and Genevieve were using and screams.

Jack and Gen share their engagement news with Ash and Billy.

Nick, Phyllis, and Ronan decide to work together to find the real killer.

Nikki's sent to jail after her outburst in court.

Nick and Vikki talk to Nikki and then confront Deacon.

Nikki flips out when Deacon visits her in jail.

Ronan confronts Victor in jail after he arranges for him to get a job offer in Hawaii. Ronan informs him he won't stop digging until he's found the killer.

Patty makes another pillow.

Tuesday December 20:

Chloe warns Kevin that Angelina is not singing at their wedding.

Nick and Adam face-off in the boardroom.

Tucker is the deciding vote on the Newman board and hasn't make up his mind yet.

Nikki tells Victor she's determined to find out what happened to her that night.

Wednesday December 21:

The children's Christmas pageant is held.

Nick is angered after Sharon runs into Adam.

Devon is given a Christmas surprise.

Thursday December 22:

Chloe and Kevin's wedding plans don't come off as hoped.

Sharon connects with Victor.

Nikki hits the bottle again.

Friday December 23:

In Nikki's Christmas episode, she is taken on a journey through her life by an angel.

Week of December 26:

An unexpected wedding takes place.

Sharon makes a decision.

Adam and Sharon make love.

Nikki invites trouble by playing games with Deacon.

Angelo makes Gloria an offer.

Victor makes a stunning proposal.

Y&R Comings and Goings

- Jamia Simone Nash returns as Ana (Devon's little sister) on December 21. What will this mean for Devon who is already coping with his Mom Harmony back in town plus learning Tucker is his bio-dad?

- Missy Yager plays a Guardian Angel on December 23. Can Yager's guardian angel help Nikki see the light and help her get back on track with her sobriety?

Days Recap for the Week of 12/12 - 12/16

- Jenn wants to expose EJ's background to the voters but Abe and Lexi adamantly refuse to stoop to his level. Jenn argues, "EJ needs to be exposed for the crook he is in designer clothes."

- Kate finds Sami at the square. She read about the kidnapping in the paper. Sami says Will's fine and thanks her for her advice with Madison.

- At the Children's Charity Foundation, EJ gives a speech about raising money for the after school recreational activities. He assures them the struggle is over. They've raised enough money to pay the center and art school facilities. His speech is met with applause.

- Brady wakes up to an empty bed and calls for Madison at the hotel. She turns up with breakfast and he admits he thought she took off.

- Marlena and John are pulled into a meeting in a room at the jail. They're surprised to see Stefano and EJ. John thinks Stefano should take a hike and take his errand boy with him. EJ says Basic Black could go under because of the scandal and Stefano wants to buy the company. If John sells, EJ will drop the civil suit. John knows this generous offer is a cover up. It'll also buy EJ the mayoral seat. John would rather see them in hell.

- Sami is miffed about the church being unavailable. He's fine with waiting and asks what the rush is. She apologizes for being a 'Debbie Downer' and Sami wants to show her family they're committed like the Horton's were, so Rafe suggests they take their vows at the square. On their 50th anniversary they can renew at St. Luke's. Sami chokes up. "There are no words to tell you how much I love you." He thinks they need to rehearse their honeymoon night and picks her up, dragging her to the bedroom.

Days Teasers Week of 12/19 - 12/23

Monday Dec. 19th

Sami over hears Madison and Brady talking about their heated lunch hour. Sami doesn't like that Madison and Brady are together and confronts Madison, who tells her, "If you feel so strongly maybe it's time for you to look for another job."

Brady and Sami have it out in the square. Kate eavesdrops as Brady tells Sami to suck it up or leave the company. Kate offers Sami help.

"So that's been that son-of-a-bitch DiMera's plan all along," John gripes. John vows to stop DiMera's plan even if it means going broke.

Nicole asks EJ pointedly, "Are you responsible for embezzling all that money?" Secrets unravel as EJ tells Nicole he has none.

EJ has a surprise massage for Nicole.

EJ stops Nicole from hitting Kate upside the head with a can of soda.

The secret IOU comes into play against Stefano when Rafe and Carrie encourage Marlena to get John to use it.

Madison keeps a cryptic call from Brady.

Rafe and Sami prepare to renew their weddings vows.

Bo and Hope seek Marlena's consent in confronting Stefano.

Abigail and Melanie fight feelings of forbidden love toward Chad and Austin.

Tuesday December 20:

Maggie senses there's something Melanie hasn't told her.

Lexi asks if Daniel is asking for patient/doctor confidentiality. He furrows his brow and tells her, "Yes."

Maggie's gift to Daniel is met with a different reaction than the presentation Hope makes to Stefano.

Daniel turns to Lexi for medical results and friendly support.

Marlena's torn by her friends' request. Hope argues with Marlena, "It could be our best shot of ending this nightmare." Marlena interrupts, "If it works."

Wednesday December 21:

Marlena has a difficult time believing new evidence could exonerate John.

Sami can't believe Kate's offer is legit.

Brady and Madison grow closer over their troubled childhoods.

Thursday December 22:

Everyone looks for advice in the wrong place.

Mel reluctantly helps Abby with Chad.

Chad turns to Austin for help with Abby.

Rafe gets support from Carrie regarding Sami.

Maggie tries to be there for Daniel.

Daniel leaves Salem.

Friday December 23:

Sami and Rafe prepare to renew their vows in the town square.

A surprise appearance from EJ, Will's unlikely date, and the verdict on the new evidence in John's case threaten to make their night anything but a silent one.

Coming up:

Will brings Marlena as his guest to the vow renewal Christmas Eve.

EJ arrives at Sami's vow renewal and Will gets pissed when he sees him with Sami.

Abe officiates at Sami and Rafes's vow renewal ceremony.

John is freed Christmas Eve and finds Marlena underneath the mistletoe at the square.

Bo and Hope are affected by a big story and connect on a deeper level as a result.

Turns out Alice had several secrets that involve many unexpected Salemites.

Marlena's busy counseling her friends and family through rocky times. She works through her relationship with Sami.

EJ tries every trick in the book and Abe tries his best not to stoop to EJ's level.

Madison has a very big secret and a mystery in her past. Things between her and Brady heat up.

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