The one true saying that has been told over and over and has rung true is never say never and give it your all regardless of how hard the task may be. Country singer Suzi Oravec is a perfect example of those sayings. At a young age she was told learning how to play a certain song on her guitar would be too hard for a beginner. Regardless of what Suzi's teacher said she gave it her all and taught herself how to play that song. Suzi went on to continue to strive for her dreams regardless of how hard or how unachievable it seemed. Suzi believed in herself and now we believe in her music. SayWhatNews spoke with Suzi one on one:

SayWhatNews: Good morning Suzi and Happy Friday to you. Thanks so much for sitting down and speaking with SayWhatNews. Tell us what one word best describe you and why?

Suzi: Hey! Of Course! I LOVE SayWhatNews and the pleasure is all mine. One word that best describes me, would have to be "random." I am very spontaneous. I am the type of person who will go on a week long road trip with no notice and only 10 minutes to pack. ha ha. I love writing different style of music with different sounding genres. I just love being "different."

SayWhatNews: At the age of 8 you discovered your passion for music, what age did you learn you had the gift of song and decide you wanted to be a singer?

Suzi: When I was 8 years old, my family and I went on a trip to Pigeon Forge, TN to Dollywood. There, I got to see Dolly Parton performing on stage, and just completely fell in love with the banjos and the fact that you could portray your feelings through a song. That hooked me, and I've been in love ever since.

SayWhatNews: Yeah, Dolly Parton has that type of warm, loving charm and talent that makes you love country music. She is the reason I started liking country music when I was a child. Suzi you also play the guitar, did you take lessons or are you self taught?

Suzi: I started playing the guitar at age 8, even before I realized that I wanted to sing. At first I took guitar lessons, then I was challenged by a teacher when I had stated I wanted to learn "Classical Gas" by Mason Williams. He replied, "No, that song is too hard for you." So, being the rebellious person I am, I went and taught it to myself on the internet, and it's been the same ever since.

SayWhatNews: Good for you. That is a perfect example of why you should never allow someone else to set your limitations. Never say never and give it your all regardless of how hard. Growing up who were your musical influences?

Suzi: I have always looked up to John Denver, Sheryl Crow, and Michelle Branch. They all have their own unique styles, and never were a copy of someone. I love that. I think that everyone should embrace the quality that makes them unique, and GO WITH IT!

SayWhatNews: Suzi, you won the competition. How did you hear about the contest and what gave you the courage to enter?

Suzi: They actually had found me on Myspace! And encouraged me to enter, So I uploaded my video -and bam! Before I knew it, I was being flown out to Los Angeles, California, performing at the HOUSE OF BLUES for industry professionals and got signed to a demo recording deal with Rodney Jerkins! The man behind Michael Jackson,Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, ett: I could go on forever with who Rodney has worked with. He is a genius! He is actually in the studio right now with Janet Jackson. After they are finished up recording, I'm going down to work on my recordings next. I could NOT be more thrilled. And as far as having courage, I try to not let anything ever scare me. Life is too short to be held-back, or hesitant. If it's something you want, you HAVE to give it your all. There is no room for holding back in the music industry!

SayWhatNews: Agree, Rodney Dark Child Jerkins is one of the best mega-producers out there. So back in February of 2009 you entered your music video for the song “Last Minute Miracle” which is dedicated to your Mother who passed away from cancer in 2007. Why did you choose that particular song to use to enter the contest?

Suzi: I used "Last Minute Miracle" because that song is the most special, personal, yet relate-able song I have wrote. My mom passed away from pancreatic cancer in March of '07, and I know that EVERYBODY has lost someone, or knows someone who has lost someone that they cared about in their lives. I wanted to relay a message that God doesn't give us anything we can't handle, and there is always hope. Every time I perform that song I imagine my mom in the front row as an angel. It comforts me.

SayWhatNews: Wow, that just pulls on your heart strings. I bet your Mom spirit is there when you perform. Tell us how you felt when you learned you were one of the four finalist going to compete live on stage at the House of Blues in West Hollywood.

Suzi: I didn't believe it. I didn't think that little old me was going to get the chance of a life time to perform for such people. I thought that was just something I could only dream about in a fairy tale. I wished my mom was there to experience that moment with me. It was surreal. And it was even more surreal during the performance. Ya'll Can check it out on Youtube!

SayWhatNews: What went through your mind right before your big performance at the House of Blues?

Suzi: I was freaking out. I was jogging in place, drinking water by the gallons, and doing breathing exercises to keep myself from falling over. Ha ha! I was seriously nuts. I was so excited I couldn't stand still. Oh, and I also took lots of pictures.

SayWhatNews: Suzi, how surreal was it to learn that you were crowned the winner of contest and that you had won a demo deal with Mega-producer Rodney Jerkins Dark Child Productions.

Suzi: Crying was definitely a huge part, along with girly high pitched screams and millions of phone calls going out after I found out I won. The Camera crew came to my apartment here in Nashville and surprised me. I was freaking out. Happiest girl in the world. Period!

SayWhatNews: I bet you were. Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins has been quoted of saying “ Suzi O is the whole package, she has a great voice, talented writer and an outgoing personality.” When you hear that coming from such a talented force in the music industry, how does that make you feel?

Suzi: Just knowing that Rodney Jerkins knows my name, makes chills go down my spine. The fact that he actually watched my performance, and gave me a review like that, blows me away. I'm so blessed, and thankful that Rodney feels that way about me. He is such a huge inspiration to me, and I will never forget those words. I am very Blessed.

SayWhatNews: Suzi, you’ve won a major music contest and have had great success on Myspace landing in the #3 spot for Top Artists Chart. Why do you feel your music has touched so many?

Suzi: Myspace has definitely been a huge outlet for me to really connect with my listeners. I think it's been effective on a lot of people's lives because I can relate to them. I write from the heart. Every song I've written, has been about some personal experience. I love to write about love. Whether you love to love it, or love to hate it. ha ha. There is nothing better in the world than to hear that your music has touched someone. That means the world to me. Thank you!

SayWhatNews: You have been quoted of saying that music is the “perfect therapy”. How has music been therapeutic for you?

Suzi: It's a release for my emotions. It beats seeing a counselor. Huh!? ha ha.

SayWhatNews: I feel you on that. Suzi, you were one of the artist who performed during CMA Festival week. How amazing was that for you being surrounded by some of Country music’s best?

Suzi: I had SO much fun at the CMA fest 2009. It was my first year being able to perform during it, and hopefully not the last! It was so amazing. Meeting artists that I've looked up to for so many years gives me even more determination and motivation to keep on going. They are so inspiring!

SayWhatNews: Suzi you said that performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in your home town of Cleveland was the most memorable performance. Why was it so memorable for you?

Suzi: When I performed at the Rock N Roll Hall of fame in my hometown of Cleveland, something hit me. The place was packed, the echo was crazy cool, and i just felt "right." It was a moment for me. (And knowing that Aerosmith, etc: and every other band inducted into the hall of fame there played on that same stage drove me wild!)

SayWhatNews: Tell us how you were invited to attend a party given by Faith Hill and who all was there?

Suzi: Faith Hill is one of my favorite artists that I have met. She is so down to earth and sweet, and I had so much fun celebrating her #1 single with her. It was held at BMI and ASCAP for the songwriters on the song, and it was really cool getting to hear a "behind the scenes" perspective of where the writers were coming from when they sat down to write. It was crazy cool.

SayWhatNews: You mentioned that Dark Child is working with Janet Jackson in the studio and after that you will begin working on your project with him. Have you had the opportunity to work with Rodney “Dark Child” Jerkins in the studio?

Suzi: I am flying out to L.A. within the next month to do just that. I can't wait for ya'll to hear the new music we're going to be working on together! I'll definitely keep everyone posted on twitter/myspace/facebook!! I have though had a tour of his studio and it's amazing. There is just platinum record after platinum record hanging on his wall. Lots of Beyonce! I loved it!

SayWhatNews: Your currently working on your album. Can you tell us about the project and do you have a name for the album?

Suzi: My debut album is still in the works right now, and there is no set Title yet, but definitely a lot of ideas! Nothing is in stone yet. You'll just have to wait and see! But it's going to be all original music, from the heart, and an exact summary of me as a person. When you listen to my music, you're getting to know me.

SayWhatNews: Ok, we will most definitely be waiting. What’s next for Suzi Oravec?

Suzi: What's next!? Fun! No matter what I always have fun. Whether it's a radio tour, performances, or recording, I just always want to stay true to myself, and remember where I came from. God has blessed me with so many things. I want to live my life thanking him! Suzi Oravec Myspace

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