Having a voice that is so rich with soul is almost a crime. Singer Terrell Carter's voice is so full of range, power and soul that it weakens your knees. The way he delivers a song is a total masterpiece -- His voice is the paint brush and the song is the canvas. SayWhatNews sat down with Terrell to get to know that man behind the voice:

SayWhatNews: Good morning Terrell. Its such a pleasure to speak with you. First tell us who is Terrell Carter?

Terrell: I am a singer/songwriter/actor Originally from Buffalo, NY I have had the pleasure to work with some of the most talented, famous and amazing producers, singers, actors etc…

SayWhatNews: Your voice is amazing, so soulful and rich. At what age did you discover you had the gift of song?

Terrell: I discovered that I had the gift of song around age 5.

SayWhatNews: How did you go from Buffalo, New York (hometown) to singing in a gospel choir in Detroit?

Terrell: I went from Buffalo to Detroit by reaching out to the Wynan’s manager and setting up a meeting. I explained that I was a young 17-year-old singer that wanted to take my music to another level. He said, “Well if you can come up to Detroit then maybe we can do something”. I got in my little escort and drove up to Detroit. We met and worked on a song with J. Moss who at the time he was just starting out. We did a remake of Commissioned’s “The Ordinary just won’t do”.

SayWhatNews: Now Terrell, you were discovered singing in Church and auditioned for Fred Hammond. Tell us how that came to be?

Terrell: While up there, I had ran into a friend from Buffalo who ironically moved to Detroit to work with Fred Hammond at Perfecting Church. A few minutes later Fred Hammond walked in the door and invited me to come by the studio the next day to audition for a choir that he was starting called Radical For Christ. I went up to Fred’s studio the next day (Face To Face) during his rehearsal and he just passed me the mic on a song called “If My People”. (Which appeared on RFC’s first album “The inner court). Needless to say I was in the group after I finished the song. That was the beginning of four years of recording and touring with Fred Hammond and Radical for Christ.

SayWhatNews: What was your first experience like working in the studio?

Terrell: My first experience in the studio was and eye opening experience. When I first heard my voice back I realized how and what I needed to change and how I needed to master my sound and execute everything I was going for.

SayWhatNews: Who are you musical inspirations and why?

Terrell: My musical influences are Karen Clark Sheard, Donny Hathaway and Stevie Wonder. I love them for different reasons. I respect Karen for her daring note reaching and amazing control range for days, tone and powerful growls. I love Donny for his tone and just the sound of his voice is amazing. Stevie wonder is just a genius, from range to runs and some of the most amazing song writing ever.

SayWhatNews: I have to ask about your most recent album 'Crazy Lunatic Psycho Fool', where did the name come from and what can fans expect from this album?

Terrell: I got the name Crazy, Lunatic, Psycho, Fool, because of how the track made me feel. The message of the song is about not caring what people are saying about you or what they think about what you do, or who you are. You have to love it radically!This album is just an EP to get you ready for my next release that’s due to come out Valentines Day 2012.

SayWhatNews: Oh ok, well will most definitely have to marked that date down. How would you describe your sound?

Terrell: I describe my sound to be that of a soulful, sexy instrument. I strive to sound different than any other male artists. I think I have elements of all of the artists that I respect but I definitely know that I have made my mark enough that when people hear a song they know it’s Terrell Carter.

SayWhatNews: Your album 'Finally' and others can be downloaded on iTunes. Where can fans get a physical CD?

Terrell: Fans can get a physical copy of my cd on Cdbaby.com

SayWhatNews: You do more than just sing, you also arrange and write songs. Your song 'Finally' is one of my favorites. What inspires you when you are in the studio?

Terrell: What inspires me in the studio are the vocal arrangements and the delivery of the song. I get excited when I know what my fans are going to hear.

SayWhatNews: Are you working on any new music projects?

Terrell: Yes I’m in the process of working on my next album.

SayWhatNews: Terrell you have worked with some of the music industries best such as Patti LaBelle, India Arie, Faith Evans, Christina Aguilera and Sheila E. Who would you love to collaborate with and why?

Terrell: I would love to Collaborate with Aretha Franklin and Celine Dion. I think they have some of the most amazing voices.

SayWhatNews: Terrell your talent also expands into the acting arena. You have starred in several of Tyler Perry's productions like 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman', 'Madea's Class Reunion' and 'Meet the Brown's'. How did that come to be, did you have to audition?

Terrell: I came to work on Tyler Perry’s productions because of the Promoter. Ironically this was the same promoter from the “Tour of Life” which featured Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, and Yolanda Adams. They were looking for a Male actor vocalist for “Madea’s class Reunion” I accepted and was off on the next phase of my career.

SayWhatNews: Tyler Perry seems so down to earth and in touch with life and God. What is it like working with Tyler Perry?

Terrell: What was it like working with Tyler Perry? Like working with Madea all the time. Loads of fun but such a learning experience.

SayWhatNews: Being in the spot-light has its positive and negative sides. How hard is it for you when your name is the topic of rumors?

Terrell: When my name is the topic of rumors I celebrate that the day is still here when someone even cares.

SayWhatNews: I feel you on that. Now, can we talk about your amazing body? Your body has been admired all over the internet. How do you keep yourself in such great shape?

Terrell: I keep myself in great shape by eating as much cake and ice cream, as I want but working out like hell!

SayWhatNews: I guess for some its easy like that. Eating too much cake and ice cream just adds pounds to my hips. Besides working out, what do you like to do in your spare time for fun?

Terrell: In my spare times I love to watch horror movies. Thrillers like “Seven” and “High Tension” I also love to write, I love to ride up into the mountains and write music.

SayWhatNews: Tell us something your fans don't already know?

Terrell: Fan’s may not know how much I love to just be out of the spotlight and chill with good friends, which are hard to find. I think people think I live for the attention and it’s nice but sometimes you just want to relax with people who could care less about Terrell Carter the artist and Terrell Carter the person.

SayWhatNews: What is next in the future for Terrell Carter?

Terrell: Next in my future is producing my own films. I have written my first screenplay and we are in pre-production for it. I’m excited for all my fans to see what I have in store for them. Terrell Carter Website

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