Today’s R&B music has been missing some classic elements like pure soul and raw emotion of which music lovers have been craving to hear.  Singer/Songwriter/Producer TJ Boyce has brought back those elements mixed with his “New Houston R&B Sound” and soulful vocals.  With sexy hook-lines layered on-top of R&B beats, TJ Boyce is set to take the music industry by storm.  SayWhatNews sat down with the R&B hit maker and discussed his life, music and success in Europe with his #1 Independent chart single “No Panties”:

SayWhatNews: Good morning, TJ Boyce.  Thanks for sitting down and speaking with SayWhatNews.  First please tell us who is TJ Boyce?

TJ: TJ Boyce is a man on fire, destined for greatness & committed to excellence. I truly believe that I’m destined to be a power player in the music industry. I’m a Vocalist, Writer, & Producer.

SayWhatNews: For our readers who are meeting you for the first time, tell us where were you born and raised?

TJ: I was born in Houston, TX. I was raised both in Houston & Midland, TX.

SayWhatNews: Do you have any siblings?

TJ: I have a younger brother that was killed a few years ago.

SayWhatNews: Oh sorry to hear about your loss. TJ, your musical beginning’s started at the tender age of 3 when your Mother sat you in front of your Father (a Gospel Minister) church and had you sing.  Looking back how do you think that first initial experience prepared you for a career in music?

TJ: I think that the church gave me a great foundation. At my church, as a singer, you had to be on it. You had to have skills to stand out. I always wanted to be the best.

SayWhatNews:  At what age did you decide to pursue a career in music?

TJ: I started getting serious about music, as a freshman in college.

SayWhatNews:  In a recent interview you revealed that your younger brother is your inspiration and reason for working hard to make great music.  Tell us why that is?

TJ: My younger brother, Titus, was a singer & writer, as well. His dream was for us to make it in the music industry. He truly believed in me, and his support was always encouraging... He was robbed of an opportunity to fulfill his destiny, so I feel that he now lives within me. I can’t let him down.

SayWhatNews:  Growing up your musical influences included several genres of music like Gospel, Blues, Jazz and R&B; and the artists that inspired you were Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson.  How did these genres and artist inspire you vocally?

TJ: Those are some great singers, and they’re all different in their approach. They all have inspired me to find that greatness within myself. I’ve learned that as a singer, I have to be true to myself. If I’m true to myself, it transcends. People can feel it, when it’s real.

SayWhatNews: TJ, you have been quoted of saying you are the pioneer of the “New Houston R&B Sound”.  In words describe the “New Houston R&B Sound”?

TJ: Urban music from Houston, for the most part, has been associated with 1 particular sound, since the early 90’s. It’s the same sound and song subject matter that early UGK popularized. Like a lot of kids in the 90’s, I grew up on that music. I realize that in most major cities and regions across the country, there is a “local” sound. Houston’s sound has never progressed or transitioned. I’d like to be a part of a new way of thinking, moving, and grinding in terms of music in my city. I’d like to help usher in a new sound, as well as, a new energy; in terms of making records.

SayWhatNews: You are an independent artist who is a musician, producer, writer and vocalist.  What sets you apart from other independent artist?

TJ: There are a number of things that set me apart from other independent artists. I was offered my first major recording contract, when I was in high school. I have worked with some “greats” and “legends” in the business, as a writer & producer. Also, I am not only an artist, but I’m also the CEO of a major independent record company; ABDU Entertainment.

SayWhatNews: TJ in a recent interview you said, “Today’s music has no soul”.  Your singles, “No Panties” and “Burn Down the Bedroom” most definitely bring the sexy and seduction to your speakers.   Tell how you are able to bring back the raw emotion that has been missing for a while in today’s R&B music?

TJ: I’m honest in my records. I believe that raw emotion is what connects people to the music. To me, it’s not always about what was said, but it’s about how it was said.

SayWhatNews:  I have to ask, what inspired your song, “No Panties”?

TJ: I have a diverse taste in music. I wanted to create a record that was sexy, yet transcending. I think that the title is very “adult” and somewhat “straight forward”, but the concept is honest and very relatable. Who hasn’t felt like, “I don’t wanna see no panties tonight”?

SayWhatNews: In 2012, “No Panties” debuted at #1 on the UK’s Independent Chart Show and has been played on various radio stations in Europe.  How exciting was that for you to know your music has a growing fan base abroad?

TJ: It’s very exciting! The greatest reward for any recording artists is when your music is appreciated.

SayWhatNews: TJ, your music has been compared to artist like R. Kelly, Trey Songz and Chris Brown.  What are your thoughts on that?

TJ: I think that it’s a complement. Those guys have been at the top of R&B music charts. It’s in the nature of this business to compare and try to categorize artists, but I will eventually release enough material to create an obvious distinction. 

SayWhatNews: You have mentioned in several interviews that you would love to collaborate with Beyonce.  Tell us why you want to do a collabo with B?

TJ: B is a great singer, in which I believe her best music is still in front of her. In my opinion, she represents excellence. I feel like the soulfulness of our vocal tones lends to endless possibilities for great music. It’s a plus that we’re both native Houstonian’s.

SayWhatNews:  Are there any other artists you would love to write for and/or collaborate with?

TJ: Absolutely! I’m a fan of music. I’d love to collaborate with Rick Ross, Drake and Adam Levine from Maroon 5. I could go on and on.  I want to work with and be the go to “hit maker” in the industry.

SayWhatNews:  TJ, your upcoming EP titled, “The Life” is set to release sometime this year.  What can fans expect hear and do you have a release date?

TJ: “The Life” will be released later, this summer. It’s going to be a classic piece of work.

SayWhatNews:  What’s next in the future for TJ Boyce?

TJ: The future is bright for me. I have some extreme goals, but I know that they are all within my reach. I’m on my way…

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