True Blood Finale Disappoints Many Fans (Recap)

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After 7 years HBO's hit vampire series, True Blood has come to an end.  The series finale has left fans very disappointed and was basically considered a 1 hour snooze.  The last episode featured a wedding, funeral, a 3 years later sneak peek and a laughable infomercial featuring  Eric and Pam.  The main problem was that the major supporting characters like Lafayette were M.I.A. until the last few seconds.

Here is a quick recap:

Sookie goes to her brother Jason for advice about Bill's death request but ends up giving him some advice telling Jason its ok to sleep with Hoyt's ex. girlfriend because he is now married to Jessica.  Sookie finally comes to terms with Bill's request for her to kill him after getting some advice from Tara's mother's Reverend Husband.  Sookie makes her decision and calls and tells Bill to meet her at the cemetery at dusk because she has made all the arrangements with the cemetery.  Sookie gets dressed in her funeral attire and heads for the cemetery.  Bill and Sookie have this drawn out discussion and even share one last hug.  Bill jumps down in the grave and opens his original casket from many years before and finds an old picture book that had the picture of him and his daughter (the one he gave his daughter right before he left for the war).....Bill lays down and awaits Sookie's blast --and just when you think she is going to blast him with her energy ball she changes her mind and decides she wants to stay a fairy and keep her powers.  But, Bill still wants to die so Sookie breaks the stick of a shovel and jumps down into Bill's dug up grave and proceeds to stake him.  Her love for him keeps her from putting the stake in his chest but Bill then places his hands on the stake next to Sookie's and pushes it in himself.

So sadly Sookie kills Bill and promises to find love and have kids some day. 

Before Bill's huge burst of blood death at the cemetery...Bill and Jessica have a moment together talking about what should have been which puts some pressure on Jessica.  The baby vamp decides to marry Hoyt right away so that Bill could be there and walk her down the aisle.  Jessica calls Sookie and ask her if she has any dresses suitable for a wedding dress while Hoyt calls Jason and ask him to be his best man (all this happened while Sookie was visiting Jason trying to get advice about Bill).

During the ceremony Sookie heard Bill's thoughts for the first time.  He basically said that he loved Sookie and wanted to be with her forever but he knew it was best to not be selfish and set her free and allow her to have a full life one day with kids.

Jessica and Hoyt's wedding has made us True Blood fans happy.  We all love that these two reunited and went off into the night....vampire and human love.

The best part of the finale was that Eric and Pam teamed up and finally killed the wanna-be gangster cow-boy that had been pulling all the strings for the past couple of weeks.  Pam set Sarah free but first gave her a drink of her blood so she could track her down after they killed all the gun toting gangsters.  Pam later tracked Sarah down sitting in a Ferris-wheel and she begged Pam to turn her into a vampire and vowed to become Pam's lover.  Pam, quickly shut that idea down and said there was no way in hell she would ever go down on Sarah nor would she allow Sarah to do her.

Eric then decided to take the idea of selling the new version of TruBlood with Sarah's synthesized blood/Hep V-cure called NewBlood and make it his own to sell with Pam as his partner in crime. 

Poor Sarah was still locked in the basement of Fangtasia.  She was now the slave of Eric and Pam's.  They were even allowing vampires who were willing to pay big money for 1 minute with Sarah to take a taste of her blood.

Finally we get to see the other cast members:

3 Years Later...........

Sam returns with his girlfriend, daughter and baby son.  A very pregnant Sookie greets Jason and Hoyt's ex. girlfriend, baby boy and their daughter who looks to be much older then 3 years old.

Ok, Sookie's pregnant.....Immediately we ask who is the baby's father.  Finally they go to the dinner scene were everyone is sitting down for dinner and some bearded guy (only a inch of his profile is shown, all you see is his beard) greets Sookie with a kiss and sits down next to her but still his back is towards the camera (Ummm really, we want to know who the man is that Sookie decided to have kids with).  Andy is with his fiance and her sons (the one is still dating Andy's fairy daughter); Layafette is still with Jessica's ex. vampire dude; Hattie Mae and her hubby attend, Jessica and Hoyt come and that's it.

Maybe last week's episode and the final episode should have been a 2 hour finale so we wouldn't feel so jilted.  This episode was pretty much boring except for Eric and Pam killing that douche bag.  There was no sassy-ness from Layafette, no hot sex scenes, no exciting fight scenes and etc.

Here is what some fans had to say:

Sheldon Lyke Love you Deborah, but this episode was horrible.

Jomary Rivera Horrible final

We B Da Halpenny's Eric a smarmy infomercial spokeman?
Sookie knocked up by a nobody?
I hate you True Blood writers!!!

Becky DeLauder I'm happy for Jessica and Hoyt, but very disappointed in the series finale.

Crystal Ivey cant believe it ended like that , HBO said the show ended because there was nowhere to take the show with the ending plot they could have taken it very far.

Regardless of the disappointing final episode.  True Blood had an amazing 7 years run.  The show was filled with intense excitement, thrills, love, passion, drama, suspense and amazing special effects.  Our Sunday nights will never be the same.  Farewell Bon-Temp you will be missed.

Sending shout-outs to the cast for all their amazing talents and the 7 years they entertained us on the small screen:

Anna Paquin ...  Sookie Stackhouse 

Stephen Moyer ...  Bill Compton

Sam Trammell ...  Sam Merlotte 

Ryan Kwanten ...  Jason Stackhouse 

Rutina Wesley ...  Tara Thornton 

Chris Bauer ...  Andy Bellefleur 

Nelsan Ellis ...  Lafayette Reynolds 

Carrie Preston ...  Arlene Fowler 

Alexander Skarsgård ...  Eric Northman

Deborah Ann Woll ...  Jessica Hamby 

Kristin Bauer van Straten ...  Pam De Beaufort 

Todd Lowe ...  Terry Bellefleur

Jim Parrack ...  Hoyt Fortenberry

Lauren Bowles ...  Holly Cleary

Joe Manganiello ...  Alcide Herveaux

Michael McMillian ...  Steve Newlin 

Adina Porter ...  Lettie Mae Thornton 

Kevin Alejandro ...  Jesus Velasquez 

Janina Gavankar ...  Luna Garza 

Dale Raoul ...  Maxine Fortenberry 

Anna Camp ...  Sarah Newlin

and all the other cast members and crew that made this show a HIT!!!!!

Teen Wolf Recap: Monstrous Ep. 10

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Teen Wolf recap: Episode 4, Monstrous

Poor Lydia spent the entire episode camped out at the police station trying to get Meredith to talk about the Dead Pool.  Meredith reveals to Lydia that she started the Death Pool after she heard Lydia's scream after Allison's death. Just when you thought Meredith was going to spill the beans she politely says she will only speak to Peter Hale.

Huh???? Peter Hale? Hmmm......

Peter shows up to the police station and wants to know why he has been summoned.  He goes into the room......Meredith gently strokes Peter's face and is like don't you remember me.  Peter cool and collected says no as he grabs her hand off his face and roughly holds it down on the table.  He has no idea who this crazy girl is.  Meredith is confused, she just doesn't understand why Peter is acting like he has no idea who she is.  Finally Peter has had enough and he puts Meredith in a choke hold to read her mind.  Peter learns both he and Meredith were in the same emergency room when he was first burned from the house fire.  Meredith was in a coma but could hear Peter's delirious thoughts of revenge and how he was going to get rid of not only the hunters, he was going to hire hit men and kill all the super naturals in Beacon Hills and start over with his own clan.

Shocking news......Peter Hale is the real Benefactor and he had no clue.  Meredith as the acting Benefactor took his thoughts/money and put them into action.  Peter is stunned and so is Lydia and Sheriff Stillinski.  Stiles dad pulls a gun out on Peter and decides to allow him to leave but gives him a warning...this is the second time, the 3rd time I will kill you.

After Scott's mother, Melissa locks Stilles and Malia together in a room at the hospital; the two love birds kiss and make up.  Stilles and Malia head over to Lydia's cabin and discover three huge old computer like machines behind the wall and learn that this is where the Dead Pool list was originally generated from.  They call Lydia and show her the machines via cell phone chat and Lydia realizes the wine stain on the rug was gone.  Lydia has a aha moment and puts together if the ashes were really wolf ash then the wine must be something else.  She tells Stilles to look for a wine bottle and he finds it and finds the key to the 1970's computers.

All while this was going on.....Scott and Kira take the remaining survivors of the Dead Pool list to Argent for additional protection.  Derek and Braeden show up to help prepare the group for battle.  The assassins show up in full force coming from every where with guns blazing.  Scott after kicking some major behind saves a girl who was about to be gunned down.  He begins to beat the stew out of the armed assassin by clawing him to death.  Scott starts to transform into the Alpha Wolf and the more he claws the man to death and blood scatters in the air the more Scott's wolf turns into a ugly monster wolf with red eyes.  Scott knocks the man's mask off his face and see's the man and starts to calm down a bit when the alert rings loud on all the assassins phones telling them the dead pool contract has been terminated.

Oh my what does this mean for Scott?  Has his wolf been changed/turned evil?

So we learn that Peter and Kate are now working together but from the looks of next week's episode, Peter not only wants Scott dead, he wants Kate Argent killed as well.


Originals Season 2 Spoilers

Its almost time for the TV's Fall season to kicks off and we all want the scoop on Season 2 of the CW's new hit show The Originals.  The new season which starts Monday, October 6th starts off with a lot of family drama for Klaus when both his mother Esther and father Mikael return from the dead and raise havoc.

If you remember Davina brought back Klaus estranged step-father from the dead to help bring down Klaus.  It looks like in Season 2, Mikael is finally released into the world to do some major damage.  Klaus is mother also returned in the last episode of season one 1 to get the blood of her grand-daughter.

So we really don't know much about Klaus parents except his mother was a powerful witch and she turned her kids and hubby into vampires to protect them from the werewolves who killed their youngest son.  But she forgot that Klaus was not her husband's child and the child of werewolf.  When Mikael learned of her betrayal he took all his anger out on Klaus.

Executive Producer Julie Plec talks Esther and Mikael's marriage to TVLine: “We know about their marriage, and we know that they made their kids into vampires, but do they like each other?” executive producer Julie Plec teased fans with a Season 2 spoiler. “Do they hate each other? We’re having so much fun writing the history of Esther and Mikael right now.”

Vampire provides more details about each character thanks to the cast insight to Season 2 at Comic Con:

  1. The Little Witch That Could: Watch out New Orleans, because Davina is her own woman now. The tiny spellcaster is done doing everyone’s bidding and is “playing by her own rules now.” Danielle Campbell explained. “She’s not being tossed around. She’s dishing it out.” And putting fools in their place is not the only activity Davina will be indulging in…apparently there’s a bit of romance on the horizon for her! Although she won’t be quick to trust him — especially considering how everyone just wants to use her powers — Davina develops a crush on the show’s newest witch, played by Daniel Sharman. “Davina meets Caleb and she’s a bit smitten,” the actress revealed ever so coyly. (Oh yea! Get your flirt on, girl!)
  2. Good Girl Gone Bad: Hayley, who was initiated into the exclusive “hybrid” club in episode 1×22, is going to feel a strange connection to Klaus. But don’t worry! Phoebe Tonkin teases that it’s not of the romantic variety — it’s more of a mentorship. “She’s just kind of a mess right now; she’s very lost and she doesn’t really know what her intention is right now. And she doesn’t really know what she’s fighting for or if anything is worth fighting for at all. She’s on a bit of like a kamikaze mission — she’s really got nothing to lose.” Executive producer Julie Plec adds “What do you do? You’re a mother without a child. You’re were a Mikaelson who can’t really accept where you fit in that family. And you were a prideful werewolf who now is a hybrid, which is the one they probably despite more than vampires. So, she doesn’t have a place and watching her try to find her own sense of strength and her own place in this universe is going to be a beautiful journey. As for Haylijah’s relationship? “I want to see them continue. I want to see what emerges and blossoms from there,” Daniel Gillies confessed.
  3. No More Mister Minion: Although Marcel is no longer king of New Orleans, he at least gets to remain in NOLA and has not been expelled or killed off by the supposedly extinct Guerrera werewolf family. According to Charles Michael Davis, Marcel is on Klaus’s good side (for now), and although there’s some romance in the works for him (perhaps with the lovely Cami), he’s going to focus his attention on rebuilding the local vampire community.
  4. The 411 on Klaroline: There’s potential for a crossover between TVD and The Originals — but it might not involve Caroline driving down to New Orleans to visit Klaus during fall break! According to Julie Plec, “there is a great pitch on the table right,” but fans shouldn’t get their hopes up just yet. “In order for Caroline to enter the New Orleans universe and engage with Klaus at any level, it’s got to be an organic fit, and that could take some time,” she explained.
  5. A Dark Place: What’s in store for the big bad hybrid? Well, he’s in a bit of a rut to say the least. After being forced to fake his daughter’s death and being weakened by the moonlight rings, a devastated Klaus locks himself away in the compound to brood in peace. “He’s like a caged animal waiting to make his move to seek revenge. He’s failing to control his emotions,” Joseph Morgan previewed. (Let’s just hope his alone time involves painting!) Daniel Gillies also pitched in his two cents about how Klaus and Elijah will struggle with the concept of “family” as they try to maintain a hold over their kingdom. “In fabricating this illusion of “we’ve lost a child,” they’ve been holed up in this place for 2-3 months — and goodness knows what this must have been like with the malevolence of Klaus and the restraint of Elijah wanting to exact his revenge somewhere to exact his revenge and Hayley somewhere in the middle of that.”
  6. Sidekick Lovin’: Wondering what’s going down for everyone’s favorite rave-seeking, hug-giving chap, Josh? According to executive producer Michael Narducci, Mister Josh will be embarking on a new journey aka stumbling upon a new love interest. Aww!
  7. Mommy and Daddy Dearest: Mikael and Esther are back and they mean business! As they set out to destroy their little abominations (aka their own flesh and blood), Elijah and Klaus join forces to take down their maniacal parents and figure out which one to kill first. Michael Narducci was on hand to assure fans that the return of Papa and Mama Mikaelson is going to be intense and contribute significantly to Season 2′s “warped fairytale” tone. “We talked a lot about the sins of the past coming back to haunt us in the present,” he responded. “Our heroes are dealing with the return of their monstrous parents and what it means to them.”
  8. The Bartender’s Journey: Just like Matt Donovan, Camille is one of the few humans on The Originals, and Season 2 will explore her dealing with that fact. Cami yearns to find her place in this city overflowing with powerful entities, and just wants to fit in. “I’m excited to see her be more comfortable in her environment or just more aware of her environment,” Leah Pipes responded.
  9. Baby Hope: While we won’t see too much of Klaus’s and Hayley’s miracle love child, Season 2 will definitely dedicate some time to exploring her arc — specifically, why she’s important the the supernatural world and whether the witches will find out the precious infant is indeed alive.

Persia White Shares Post Wedding Pic of Her & Hubby Joseph Morgan #TVD #Originals

TVD's Persia White shares a post wedding picture of herself and hubby Originals star Joseph Morgan.  Persia took to Twitter on Monday, August 19th to share a blissful wedding moment that was captured by photographer Elizabeth Messina — and she even included a sweet sentiment in the caption. “Beautiful moment with my love.”

The hot couple recently married in a ceremony in Rios, Jamaica - Independence Day weekend in front of 28 people which included family and close friends.

The couple met on the set of the Vampire Diaries (Season 2) and have been dating ever since.

Flashback: SayWhatNews spoke to Persia back in July, 2010:

read interview

First Look: The Vampire Diaries Season 6

First look: The Vampire Diaries Season 6

Season 5 ended with Damon and Bonnie being dead and stuck in the after-life where it was destroyed making it almost impossible for them to return to the real world.  From the looks of the teaser trailer for season 6, as everyone mourns Bonnie and Damon's death--Elena is finding another way to cope by using some witch match and killing innocent by-standers to get their blood to conjure up what she thinks is Damon so she can talk to him.


So while Elena has some type of "witchy drug problem".....Here is what we do know about Season 6:  A new mysterious character named 'Sarah' is set to join Mystic falls.  Gabrielle Walsh of Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones will play Sarah a new character "who comes to Mystic Falls with spunk, street smarts and a shady agenda."

Sarah will first show up in the Season 6 premiere, and the role is "possibly recurring."

Hmmmm will she be one of Elena's victims or is she a villain?

TVD Season 6 premieres on Thursday, October 2nd at 8PM on the CW.

Nina Dobrev Too Hot in Black/Red Dress - Trey Songz Gets Too Up Close & Personal @ 2014 VMAs

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           E! Online/ Kevin Winter/MTV1415/Getty Images for MTV

While presenting Best Rock Video at the 2014 MTV VMAs awards Nina Dobrev was too hot in her black/red dress that Trey Songz got up close and personal with the Vampire Diaries starlet who seemed a bit uncomfortable when the singer stepped behind her and well....just watch the video:

Trey " I can always get behind a lady"

Nina: Laughs uncomfortably - "Oh, um he didn't mean it like it sounded".

Songz wishes his Grandmother Happy 70th Birthday and the two announce that Lordes won for her video "Royals" which made her the first female ever to be awarded this award.