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Doug Davidson Wins Big @ Daytime Emmy Awards After 35 Years

Doug Davidson won his first career trophy after 35 years of playing Paul Williams.  Davidson won Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series.  The actor had been nominated 7 times for different categories over the years.

"It suddenly occurs to me that the presenters are younger than my tux," he said. "I would like to thank the viewers. They have been more than fans, they've been like family to me. They've supported my character in some very difficult times."

Billy Miller Ties for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series w/ B&B Scott Clifton

Y&R's Billy Miller (Billy Abbott) tied with B&B's Scott Clifton (Liam Spencer) for the win for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series.  The two were so hyped that they played Star Wars on the red-carpet and used their Emmys as the laser swords with sound effects.  While visiting The Talk, Scott Clifton revealed that he had some scratches from Miller's award after their play fight.

"It's fantastic," Miller said about sharing. "I assumed it was Scott's. I didn't hear my name which is why I was trying to sit down when they were pulling me up."

Y&R Set to Pay Tribute to the Late Jeanne Cooper

Young and the Restless will pay tribute to Jeanne Cooper (Katherine Chancellor) on Tuesday, May 28th with a special tribute episode honoring the life of the legendary soap star. Cast members, friends and family of the beloved actress will gather on set next week to shoot a celebration of the life of Cooper, who passed away on May 8, 2013 at the age of 84. Cooper, who portrayed Katherine Chancellor for more than 39 years, was the show’s longest-running cast member.

CO-Creator of Y&R and Bold and the Beautiful, Lee Phillip Bell released this statement about the recent loss of the soap legend:

"JEANNE COOPER: respected colleague, industry icon, woman of passion and grandeur; most important, beloved friend. She was a shining beacon. Her love was un-expendable, and was given freely to all, from fans to great celebrities. She was not jaded by success, nor impressed by wealth and fame. Her crowning glory was her family: her children Corbin, Collin and Caren and her grandchildren, whom she adored, and all of whom adored her in return. Her presence resonated in the lives of all those around her. Through her personal and professional journey, she saved hundreds, possibly thousands, from the depths of alcoholism. She embodied compassion and forgiveness. No daytime icon has ever been more influential in the lives of millions. She will be terribly missed, but her light will shine on forever. May angels guide you on your journey, dear Jeanne. I will love you forever.

Y&R Has a New Lady Coming to Town

Young and the Restless has a new girl in town-actress Mishael Morgan (Supernatural and Total Recall) has signed on to play Hilary Curtis.  Her first scenes will be with Cane (Daniel Goddard) and Lily (Christel Khalil).  Morgan will make her debut on June 14.

Y&R Nick Newman Lies About Paternity

This week on Young and the Restless, we learn that good boy Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) may have lied about the paternity of his daughter Summer.  Nick feeling down, started thinking about his beloved Cassie and what could have been as he watched Summer prepare for prom.  He later pulls out a briefcase and picks up an envelope addressed to him.  At first the camera did not show who the letter was from but later when Nick had a flash back, we were reminded that Nick was the one who ordered the paternity test for Summer so Phyllis, Nick and Jack could learn who really is baby Summer's dad.  Nick looks at the letter which was the copy of the DNA test which said that it could not be proven he was the father.  Nick than glanced at a hair brush which we presume it belongs to Summer.  So it seems he will secretly have another test done to confirm what he already knows (that Jack is Summer's father). Wow, he has kept this secret for 18 years (um really only about 7 or 8 years because they aged Summer).

Now we all know why Nick kept saying if Summer hooks up with Kyle it would be a mistake she could never get over. Heck, I guess not because she would be sleeping with her half brother.

Joshua Morrow recently talked to TV Guide about this new dilemma:

TV Guide Magazine: Great story twist, but this is so not Nick. How can he justify what he's done?
It really worried me when I heard they were taking my character in a direction that was potentially evil. Nick takes being a father very seriously. It means the world to him. How could he deny another man the right to parent his own child? All those lost years! I expressed my concern about that but [head writer] Josh Griffith and [exec producer] Jill Phelps said, "We have a way of telling this story that won't make it as dastardly as it seems."

TV Guide Magazine: Which is?
By making it clear that, in Nick's heart, he didn't do anything wrong. He was so distraught about the death of his daughter Cassie that when the paternity test for Summer came back corrupted and inconclusive — something he shared with no one — he just couldn't bear the thought of losing Summer, too. He refused to do another test. He was that sure she was his, and that much in denial. He's lived with it for so long it became the truth. But there is definitely deception happening and that's so out of character for Nick. Hopefully, the audience will understand that he really needed Phyllis' little girl to be his. He needed to raise another daughter to replace the one he lost. He needed it for his sanity.

TV Guide Magazine: Did you have much warning about this?
Not really, but that's the way I like it. [Laughs] I'm not Michael Muhney [Adam] who needs to know his story six months in advance! I firmly believe that knowing too much too soon can color your performance in a not good way. I just don't want to know until I need to know. And then you just roll with it. There have been other times over the years where they handed me a story and I was like, "Really?" But you just strap it on like a football helmet and go.

Read interview here:

Recap for Week of May 13th

- After Chole gets arrested and spends the night in jail for Kevin's burglary crime. Kevin finally tells Michael he will take the fall and Michael arranges a work release deal for Kevin. Kevin tries to get Chloe to forgive him but she is not having it.

-Jack tells Nick to stop blaming Kyle for Summer's behavior.

- Fen ask Summer to prom, she says no because she wants Kyle to be her date.

- Dylan shows Chelsea a sketch of what the baby's nursery will look like at his new place.

-Michael reveals to Kevin that Carmine is sleeping with his wife.  Later Carmine tries to give Michael a piece of his mind but Michael flipped things when he one handedly choked Carmine. By the time Kevin came to save his brother from a felony murder case, Michael had Carmine by throat with both hands.

-Lauren tells Carmine she is going to fight for her marriage and to leave her alone.  Michael over hears and later goes home and says to Lauren they might be able to work things out.

-Someone watches Lily, Cane, Tyler, Leslie, and Neil after Gus’ funeral. Leslie remains determined to learn about Rose.

-After Phyllis talks with Nick and learns that he and Avery are no longer engaged and taking things slow; she goes home to Jack and tells him that the are moving too fast and she needs to movement.

-Kyle runs to save Summer at the after prom party she was throwing at Phyllis's penthouse after receiving an 911 text from Summer. He arrives just as Fen was attempting to do his dare from the truth or dare game to find Fen jumping Summer's bones as she yells stop. Fen gets a nice punch in the lip.  Poor kid just can't catch a break.

-Nick reveals to the camera that he lied about being Summer's dad by looking at the DNA results he has kept all those years.

-Billy continues to get deeper into his addiction of gambling and keeps lying to Victoria.

Y&R Teasers for the Week of May 20th

Teasers for the Week of May 20-24

  • Kyle makes a suprising admission to Jack.
  • Chelsea's pregnancy peaks Adam's curiosity.
  • Lily offers to make a deal with Tyler.
  • Lauren recalls happier times with Michael.
  • The anniversary of Cassie's death unites Nick and Sharon.

Y&R Comings and Goings

- Erin Chambers (ex. on GH) joins Y&R as Melanie Daniels and debuts on June 5th.

- B&B's Zack Conroy (Oliver) crosses over to Genoa City starting May 21st for a few episodes.

-Y&R casting for the role of 'Raven', an offbeat and quirky female in their 18 to 20 years-old range.